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  1. Well done SainT! I guess quite a few people have been waiting for this, but nice to see progress and things are getting ever closer to an end point. Hope the UK is represented somewhere in terms of retailers etc... EU at worst from a shipment perspective, but good work, it is appreciated.
  2. These are selling like hot cakes, or maybe we need to re-define that term...these are selling like RetroHQ Jaguar SD Cartridges. Good to see this kick off and a flurry of activity! 👍
  3. Good work, fair price in my opinion for what it will offer! Good work on the above move too for the same reasons for those that like to 'cash in' on the Atari community, on eBay and beyond!
  4. That's cool, appreciate that response Al. Please keep them coming, through all of your combined efforts, it does not go unnoticed for sure! Can't resist Speedball 2, in beautiful red, ordered.
  5. Curious, is there anything in the pipeline for someone like Gaztee to stock any of these new titles for European customers. As much as I am wanting Speedball 2, I am not sure I can justify $100 inclusive of shipping for a Jaguar cart, as much as I am pleased new conversions and the Jaguar is being supported. I have had no issues with supporting the new titles, but purchasing direct from the US only option, with the possibility of import charges is for me meaning customers outside of the US are being priced out. Just thought I'd ask, and food for thought. I am not b1tching here in the slightest, just curious.
  6. Hands down it has to be Xenon 2 for me, but then anything Bitmap Brothers I am a sucker for, beautiful games. My least favourite Bitmap Brothers title was Cadaver, but the rest were gold! Speedball 2 or Gods anyone...drool!
  7. Looking very good, the wait will certainly be worth it. The menu is starting to look really polished, great news, great work!
  8. So yes, any ST with M in it's title will have a modulator by and large, E for enhanced and amongst other things as standard have the stereo RCAs, but also a modulator. Power supply, all STs from the STF onwards had a built in power supply, 3 pronged kettled cord. Those prior to the STF (260ST / 520ST / 520ST+/ 520STM) had an external power supply and used DIN style power to connect to the external brick.
  9. That's correct, because it plugs into the ACSI port.
  10. No worries, actually for the Unicorn, see Alan's thread at Atari Forum, some useful info: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=25276
  11. Arguably the Unicorn, for my purposes at least as it essentially allows me to use a USB stick for transferring for >1 file transfers. However the PARCP-USB is easier to set up, the Unicorn is cool, but was tedious to set up, probably because I had / have a GigaFile connected to the thru port. This guy's blog and vlogs are handy and informative: https://www.youtube.com/user/jamesfmackenzie/videos?shelf_id=0&sort=dd&view=0 In terms of transfer rates, I have not measured, measuring rates, connection speeds, MIDI timing is just not my interest, if it feels fast or I can hear things are in time in terms of MIDI, that's all the measurement I need for my personal uses. Can't vouch for anything LibUSB, can't help with that I am afraid.
  12. ...PARCP-USB as you say: https://joy.sophics.cz/parcp/parcp-usb.html, this is pretty good! I tend to use both Unicorn and PARCP, as and when.
  13. Hi, I believe it was IMS who made the Protezoa editor. Interval Music Systems were formally Drumware. Here we go: http://www.muzines.co.uk/articles/proteus-editors-dr-t-s-editor-ims-protezoa/312
  14. Cool, I like Chis' (aka Exxos) stuff. Bought a whole load of stuff for my ST, inc. PSU, a wise choice!
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