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  1. I always wondered what SF Alpha would have sounded like on the Atari Jaguar, so I made a remix of the Adon Theme in 4-channel Amiga MOD format.
  2. TIA on percussion and white noise. DPC on everything else. Before anybody asks, the graphics are just a mockup GIF, there is no binary, sadly. Should be doable, I'd imagine, with a DPC/DPC+ chip, though!
  3. Ah, yea, I attempted to create all the graphical assets with 2600 limitations in mind. Stuff could always be moved around and/or omitted to get it running on real hardware. Better to over-create than under-create, lol
  4. A little something musical I made for the 2600. The title screen and animation are also mine, but sadly, I don't have a way to make a binary of this. :/
  5. Went ahead and compiled all these into a single video.
  6. Corrected an error in a couple of the patterns near the end Megalovania_POKEY01e.xex Megalovania_POKEY01e.zip
  7. Because I felt like having a bad time XEX and RMT attached below Megalovania_POKEY01d.zip Megalovania_POKEY01d.xex
  8. Hmm, maybe 3-4 days with a couple hours of work each day? Something like that. Lots of instruments in there...
  9. Cowabunga it is! 4-Channel, Mono, NTSC XEX and RMT file attached below... TMNT_Title01c.xex TMNT_Title01c.zip
  10. Does the MARIA chip have a set number of sprite/character pixels it can display per scanline before flicker/dropout starts occurring? Most older systems seem to have set limit on how many sprite pixels can be displayed per line? Does the 7800 work this way?
  11. That wasn't an insult, it was a general statement not directed at anyone in particular. But i guess that shoe fit, so you decided to put that thing right on, didn't you? 😆 Buh-bye!
  12. I see absolutely nothing wrong with creating (or not creating) games that take advantage of secondary expansion chips on the cartridge to enhance the experience. NES games did it (especially for sound), SNES games did it, and even a few commercial Atari games from the back in the day used expansion chips. If you feel it's needed for the type of game you're making, then do it. People who piss and moan about using or not using expansion chips are just elitists/purists fishing for something to bitch about...
  13. Just tried the demo... this might be the most insane thing I've ever seen pulled off on the 2600! 😮 And there's a lot of insane homebrew for ye olde VCS! How did you manage so many sprites on a horizontal line?! Even with flickering and the phosphor fade effect, it's still absolute madness!
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