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  1. Don't give up, keep fighting. Doctors are like weathermen, they end up being wrong as much as they are right. I really don't know what else to say.
  2. I never had the pleasure to talk to Curt. I knew his name and knew he had greatly contributed to this community. It saddens me to hear that his family and friends have lost such a great guy. I also feel bad for the Atari community. This year has been nothing but tragedy and loss for everyone. Just know that Curt is in a better place than we are now.
  3. Not to hijack the thread, but I wanted to share something. On the subject of old phones, up until sometime after 2000, we still had a rotary phone. When I got dial-up internet, I had to pay for the touch-tone upgrade. It added between $1-2 a month. After I moved back to my house, my father wanted to drop the touch-tone and go back to rotary and the phone company said they couldn't change it back. Of course everything had went to "PRESS 1" crap by then, so rotary would have been useless for a lot of calls. But my father was all about saving money, so his frustration grew with each phone bill as they snuck in small amounts for things. He'd call and complain, they remove a charge, then the next month here was something new. A few years ago he had enough and told them he wasn't paying, just cut the service off. Then he got a prepaid flip phone. He still blames me for not having his land line anymore. LOL
  4. I went on a quick run to my local Walmart to do some shopping and checked prices while there, since it's been a bit since I made a lamp. My estimate, including tax for the hardware, epoxy and the shade comes to about $15. That's with a 12 ft. cord. You save about $2 if you go with a 6 ft. cord. Depending on cart prices and availability, I can see $35 in materials, buying hardware in bulk lowers the cost. My actual labor time would be less than an hour per lamp, if working on multiple lamps, I could speed that up. Waiting on the epoxy to dry would take more time than the assembly. If I were to say my time was worth $20 an hour, (which it's not for a project like this), that puts my total at price at $55. I would consider my $20 labor as pure profit. I'd consider $60 plus shipping to be a fair deal for buyer and seller. Based on the other posts, I feel like interest would be low even at that price. If you wanted to make them to sell, buy the supplies and make one as an experiment. Figure up your material cost, including tax. Once you know your cost, calculate your time and effort. Then you have a baseline to work with. Keep in mind that people always put too high of a value on their time. When it comes to a lamp like this, there really isn't any skill required, so you can't charge like you're writing computer code or building a high performance jet engine. When you do multiple lamps, you can lay out the parts and streamline the assembly process, cutting down the time. You'll also get faster as you get used to each step. I'd also route the cord out the bottom, it looks "cheap" coming out like it does on the one in the photos. You can't get rich doing something basic, but you can use it as a starting point. I'd consider a lamp like this as a flea market item, taking away the cost of shipping makes it cheaper on the buyer, which makes it easier to sell. However, it's still a niche lamp. Other than the price you mentioned in the first post (and the lack of demand) the issue I see is that the design is very simple, there's no hidden secret to making it. One picture gives away the entire design. That means anyone who wants a lamp like this can easily make one for nothing more than the cost of materials once they see it.
  5. I'll be honest, most people with even minimal skills can make these. The lamp hardware is fairly cheap and the construction is simple. Also I feel it's a waste of carts, even non working games can be used a source for cart shells for homebrews. As far as price goes, I estimate I could make a similar lamp for $40, which is still more than I'd pay for one. Edit: I can see how my post may come across as being rude, which is not my intention. I was only stating my position. I've made quite a few custom lamps and hanging lanterns from brass, wood, steel, glass, and other assorted materials. The lamp hardware can be bought at hardware stores, online, or even at Walmart for almost nothing. The lamp shades can get a little pricey. Standards shades can be bought for $5 or less at discount stores. The amount of time and effort to put a lamp together varies based on how intricate the lamp is. I've made lamps that only took minutes to assemble. Some took an hour or so. I know there would be added time and a little work in connecting the carts, but this depends highly on how they are attached to each other. I would probably use screws and a thin plywood interior. The easy way out would be to epoxy them. Either way is quick and relatively hassle free, making the labor cost minimal. If this project required skills beyond using basic tools and connecting a two wire cord, then the price of labor would go up. As it stands, based on the price of needed parts and the skill required, I stand behind my initial cost estimate. That said, there are people who have no clue how to use a screwdriver or wrench and have massive disposable incomes, ready to jump on this at $125. If you can find buyers, sell as many as you can.
  6. I just use my Vizio flat screen using RF from my stock 2600 Jr. I have an old Sanyo CRT, but I don't have the room for it right now.
  7. I've got a sealed copy of Warlords, but it's been mashed a little. I had thought about selling it, but I wouldn't get enough from it to make it worth the aggravation of shipping it. LOL
  8. That's awesome! I'll be playing this for a while. Still like to see Combat get some love.😉
  9. I can't really recommend anything, other than to try a different TV. I you have modern TVs, they work too. If I recall correctly, boxing only makes sounds when you punch o make contact while playing. There are other games which only make sounds while playing. I can check when I get home tonight. What other games have you tried that had no sound?
  10. Turtle Trouble is by far the best game people have never played.🐢
  11. That catapult looks like it would be more interested in smashing the princess than the castle. LOL
  12. This thread reminds me of Altered Beast. "Rise from your grave!" This thread died in 2014, came back in 2015 and was buried until 2017. I didn't think it would pull a Friday the 13th or Terminator, but here it is in 2020. Maybe this thread is a cat....😹
  13. Even the PSP, with it's more capable hardware, was only able to run an older version of Stella. While it supports many games, it can't run a lot of the homebrews I've tried. It does a really good job considering how old the emulators is.
  14. The concept works, but no emulators were released. The Atari and Activision collection GBA games were as close as it got. They didn't provide a large selection of games, but they did prove it could be done. If I recall correctly, one of the members here did a lot of the work on the code for one of those. With the right forum search, you can probably find the thread.
  15. I've had quite a few of the 4 switch models and never got a good picture from rf or modded systems. Never had my hands on a sixer, heavy or light, but most people say they have better picture quality when modded. My go to console is my 2600 Jr. The RF on it looks better than any of my modded 4 switchers ever did. I haven't had to replace any caps or anything in it. The only thing I did was add a ferrite core to the rf cable. I paid $30 for the Jr and got a bunch of games and joysticks. A Harmony Encore is a must have. I also recommend rebuilt original joysticks, driving controllers and paddles. An Atarivox is nice for high score saves and voice, but a SaveKey is all you need for just saving high scores on a lot of Homebrew games. Just do your research and don't overpay for anything. Post in the "wanted" forum or browse the "for sale" threads. It's pretty safe to deal with the members here, but eBay is a completely different story. The main thing is to research EVERYTHING. Joysticks are as important as the console, some people spend more on custom built controllers than on their 2600. You don't have to do that, unless you can afford it. I just rebuilt all mine with new parts. That should be plenty of info to get you started, but there's a lot more info on the forums that you need to read. It's just a lot of work to hunt it down.
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