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  1. I'm looking forward to the upgrade. In my financial situation carts are out of my price range. I even got rid of most of my original carts, just to save space. I use my Harmony encore for every game. So being able to purchase ROMs should make it easier on my limited income and still allow me to own the quality Homebrews that keep coming out.
  2. It's looking good. I'm a big fan of chess, so I'll be watching this thread closely.
  3. I had this video come up in my YouTube feed and I checked it out. I wasn't impressed. Also the gameplay at the end looks fake as does the cart he has plugged into the 2600. I watch a lot of the restoration videos and I see a lot of them where the "dirt" looks like someone put it there. This one was no exception. His way of "restoring" the joysticks was pretty bad too. Maybe he thought he did a good job, if so, more power to him.
  4. I've had bad luck with both trackballs I've bought. Neither of them worked at all. One was used, the other was NOS. I ended up returning them to the seller for a refund. After that experience, I just gave up on owning one.
  5. As mentioned, it's probably the cable. Simple fix, just replace the cable. I never toss any controller that can be repaired, especially one that only needs a cable.
  6. Yes. Exactly what AtariLeaf said. The RF cable on the Atari looks like it's a RCA video input cable, but it's not. You need the adapter that converts it to coax or a switch box.
  7. I added a ferrite core and use a coax adapter instead of a switch box and all my games play great, with extremely good picture quality on my 2600 JR. I composite modded 3 different 4 switch models (Vader's seem to be the worst) and never got the kind of picture quality I expected, even with different types of mods. The UAV board was the mod I always wanted to try, but I never had the extra cash. It's got great reviews and I intend to grab one. I just have to get my hands on another 2600 first. Try the ferrite core before anything else, they are cheap and work like magic when it comes to cleaning up the interference. If you have some old USB cables laying around, chances are you might have one you can pull a core from. I got mine from an old Sony cable. It had a two-piece core with a nice clamp on plastic shell.
  8. I'm guessing someone has by now, but it's up to eBay to follow through and I don't see that happening. I just hope anyone considering buying it has the sense to do their research first.
  9. I sent a couple of messages to the seller, with links and photos to prove it's a repro and instead of replying, he sent 2 offers. The first was $2,000 and when I told him he was crazy, he sent a second offer, $500. He knows what he has isn't worth anything. He's just a trying to sucker someone who doesn't know any better.
  10. My Jr is still in excellent shape. Probably looks as good now as when it was new. I tote it around in a bag with the controllers and my Harmony, have yet to see any chips or scratches. I so intend to get a small laptop bag for it one of these days, since I often carry it to friend's homes.
  11. I'm really thrilled about this game. I've been following along for a while now with the progress and it's amazing how you keep thinking of new things. This is going to be an excellent game and one I'm looking forward to playing.
  12. I'm keeping an eye on this for sure.
  13. Grab a SaveKey. You won't regret it. There's a decent number of homebrews that use it. I feel it enhances the experience and adds to the fun. It keeps me interested trying to beat my earlier score. Plus it's awesome to be able to use what feels like a fairly modern "memory card" with a 2600!
  14. Might as well throw my opinion in. Go Fish, Space Cactus Canyon, Wall Jump Ninja, and anything by Darrell Spice Jr. (as Albert said.) I also advise getting a save key and any homebrews that take advantage of it. You might want to look into rebuilding your joysticks, if they haven't been already. It makes a HUGE difference.
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