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  1. That's awesome! I'll be playing this for a while. Still like to see Combat get some love.😉
  2. I can't really recommend anything, other than to try a different TV. I you have modern TVs, they work too. If I recall correctly, boxing only makes sounds when you punch o make contact while playing. There are other games which only make sounds while playing. I can check when I get home tonight. What other games have you tried that had no sound?
  3. Turtle Trouble is by far the best game people have never played.🐢
  4. That catapult looks like it would be more interested in smashing the princess than the castle. LOL
  5. This thread reminds me of Altered Beast. "Rise from your grave!" This thread died in 2014, came back in 2015 and was buried until 2017. I didn't think it would pull a Friday the 13th or Terminator, but here it is in 2020. Maybe this thread is a cat....😹
  6. Even the PSP, with it's more capable hardware, was only able to run an older version of Stella. While it supports many games, it can't run a lot of the homebrews I've tried. It does a really good job considering how old the emulators is.
  7. The concept works, but no emulators were released. The Atari and Activision collection GBA games were as close as it got. They didn't provide a large selection of games, but they did prove it could be done. If I recall correctly, one of the members here did a lot of the work on the code for one of those. With the right forum search, you can probably find the thread.
  8. I've had quite a few of the 4 switch models and never got a good picture from rf or modded systems. Never had my hands on a sixer, heavy or light, but most people say they have better picture quality when modded. My go to console is my 2600 Jr. The RF on it looks better than any of my modded 4 switchers ever did. I haven't had to replace any caps or anything in it. The only thing I did was add a ferrite core to the rf cable. I paid $30 for the Jr and got a bunch of games and joysticks. A Harmony Encore is a must have. I also recommend rebuilt original joysticks, driving controllers and paddles. An Atarivox is nice for high score saves and voice, but a SaveKey is all you need for just saving high scores on a lot of Homebrew games. Just do your research and don't overpay for anything. Post in the "wanted" forum or browse the "for sale" threads. It's pretty safe to deal with the members here, but eBay is a completely different story. The main thing is to research EVERYTHING. Joysticks are as important as the console, some people spend more on custom built controllers than on their 2600. You don't have to do that, unless you can afford it. I just rebuilt all mine with new parts. That should be plenty of info to get you started, but there's a lot more info on the forums that you need to read. It's just a lot of work to hunt it down.
  9. I've been quiet on the forums for a while, figuring no one needed my opinion, but I feel like I could contribute on this topic. My suggestion is get a Harmony Encore and download the entire library. Then you are prepared for any situation. As far as buying carts, you NEED Combat. Perfect two player game. Next, you need Medieval Mayhem. It's better than the original Warlords by leaps and bounds. You're also going to need a set or two of paddle controllers. When it comes to paddles, make sure you buy working ones. If you are going to get any Homebrew games or a Harmony cart, you can't go wrong with a save key (for games that save high scores or anything). If you feel comfortable with doing some work on the controllers, get a couple of old CX40s and rebuild them with new sticks and either Best Electronics Gold replacement PCBs or some of the replacement boards with tactile switches sold here on the forums. Honestly, rebuilt joysticks and paddles are the best investment, followed by a Harmony Encore and a SaveKey. That's just my opinion of course, but I'm sure there are plenty of people who will agree with me and plenty who won't. Original carts are great for collectors, but for gamers, the Harmony works much better.
  10. I get the idea of why we use the ARM and I'm glad we have it. It means we can have games that wouldn't have been possible otherwise. There are still a lot of old original games I love and a lot of new ones. I don't pay any attention to 4k or 32k or Melody boards. I only care about the games. If they are fun to play, then they are doing what they were meant to do. I just wan to say to all the great "Wizards" here, keep making games the way you want to, with the technology you choose to use. I figure most people playing the 2600 feel the same way.
  11. Get a Harmony cart. There's no reason to hunt down and buy original carts on eBay and such, unless you just want to have a collection of carts to deal with. Grab a Harmony cart and download all the games and play anything you want. The Harmony cart is by far the best purchase I made for the 2600. Next, you want some good original joysticks. You'll want to buy rebuilt ones or rebuild a set yourself. Same thing goes for paddles and driving controllers. I also got a save key from a fellow board member. It does what it says, it saves high scores and stuff. It only works on some games, so if you don't have a Harmony or some of the compatible Homebrews from the Atari Age store, it's not something you need. I could give my opinion on games and accessories all night, but it really comes down to you. The one purchase I can garantee you won't be disappointed with, is the Harmony Encore.
  12. So, without reading through 110 pages in that other thread, are paddle controllers and the Harmony cart working with the retro 77? I saw there had been issues at one point.
  13. My opinion is that the price is too high, but I guess it just comes down to what you can afford and how bad you want them.
  14. I haven't had time to take any pics. I was just wondering if the encoder wheels (I think that's what they are called), should be shiny or kind of a dull gray color? These seem to have a rough dull gray finish. I didn't know if that could be an issue or not.
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