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    Vintage games, Transformers, Star Wars, and any other toys from the 70s and 80s. I make custom leather and wooden items. I really enjoy restoring vintage toys and stuff, but I'm on a fixed income, so most of the things I enjoy get put on the back burner.
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  2. I'd advise against painting them. There are a lot of variables when it comes to painting plastics. Especially those that will be handled often. Gold or metallic paints are even worse. Some paints won't dry properly, some rub off easily. It's just too much of a gamble in my opinion.
  3. One thing is to organize your roms. There's plenty of ways to do it and it will make things much easier when you go to play a specific game. Also try not to add duplicate roms or a bunch of versions of the same homebrew. It will just clutter things up. There's a tool that works with your computer to alphabetically arrange your roms on the SD card. It's the only way to do it that I know of, unless something has changed in the past year. I've had my Encore for quite a while now and I'm still refining my rom set. Just don't wear yourself out. Add a few games at a time and just enjoy playing them. If you go overboard and add every game ever created, you'll spend all your time looking for something you want to play, instead of playing. Also, if you don't have a savekey, get one. Quite a few homebrews use them to save your score and some even save your game progress. Just remember to have fun!
  4. I like the simplicity of the graphics. It allows your imagination to run wild. I didn't grow up with the 2600. I started with the NES and worked my way up from there. Later on, I tried some older systems, eventually leading me to the 2600. Even though I wasn't born until 1978, I have a strong connection to the 70s. Hell, I had an 8 track player in my car in the late 90s, on purpose! I guess overall, I never grew up. I'm sure a therapist would have an explanation. Anyway, back on track, I still collect Transformers (just like some other members here). Something about them takes me back to a time when I was happy and the world was full of possibilities. I've also gotten hooked on antique train sets from the 50s. I wasn't around when they came out, but when I run them around the track, It's like I'm right there. So I guess the 2600 somehow takes me back to a time when things weren't as depressing. I can't really call it nostalgia, since I didn't have one as a kid, but it's somehow equivalent. It just gives me an escape from now, to a place where I'm happy.
  5. I have to agree with Osgeld. It has nothing to do with you being a woman or anyone being jealous. The fact is, you hijacked this thread and made it about you and promoting your show. In real life you may be a great person, but all I can go by, is what you typed. Calling people trolls and losers (not to mention the foul-mouthed name you called a fellow board member) because they didn't like how you hijacked the thread, is rather inappropriate and childish.
  6. I don't have my 7800 anymore, but that one does look different somehow.. maybe it's just my imagination, I'm not sure.
  7. I've tried quite a few different ones and in my opinion, you can't beat upgraded CX-40s. I rebuilt a couple with the Best Gold parts and they are amazing. I want to build a set with the new micro switch boards, but I haven't had the cash. I'm not a fan of the Wico stick either. I have built a few controllers from NES and Genesis gamepads. They work pretty well, but don't have the same nostalgia. I do have a few other customs in the works that might turn out to be decent and I've got some vintage controllers I need to mess with a bit more before I decide how I feel about them.
  8. Sorry, double post. My internet connection is acting up.
  9. I tried to PM you. It said you couldn't receive messages.?? I'd be interested in a Mork & Mindy decal. Just "MORK" in red vinyl about 4 inches wide, with the "O" being a cracked egg. It shouldn't be hard to google a picture of it or I can find one and post it, if that helps.
  10. It's might be possible to vacuum form them. If so, the production cost could be kept fairly low. I'm not 100% sure they could be done that way, but I felt it worth mentioning.
  11. I've tried quite a few controllers, but I still like my rebuilt CX 40s the best. My issue with my hands is likely arthritis.
  12. I'm much better at games now, but they don't hold my interest as long now. Partly because I'm just older, but I think some of it has to do with my hands hurting after a while. I just wish I had at least one friend who was willing to play Combat with me. I managed to get my father to play it a couple of times, but he doesn't like any type of game, at all. Never has, never will. My friends refuse to play anything that isn't PS3 or newer. I really need to find better friends. LOL
  13. I'm still alive. It's been over a year since I posted anything.

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      Hey. I'm getting by. I posted a thread in the general chat to fill everyone in. Check it out.

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      Hi RamrodHare. That was interesting!

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  14. I sold him a 7800. He made the payment quickly and all communication was great. I wouldn't hesitate to buy/sell or trade with him in the future.
  15. I can vouch for RockyRaccoon. He's a good guy to deal with. He now has a feedback thread.
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