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  1. Just to clarify, in his original post he says he is using an RCA adapter (like the one sold in the store here). So there is no switch box to worry about. My guess is the channel selection switch is bad.
  2. I think this entire thread should just be deleted.
  3. I never got an Atari until I was an adult, but I had the NES when it came out.
  4. I play on an un-modded 2600 Jr with a Harmony Encore hooked to a 42 inch Vizio TV. I have a small CRT, but the Big Vizio works just fine. I have a flashback or two laying around somewhere, but I never use them. I do sometimes play the games that will run on the old PSP emulator, if I'm away from the house and bored.
  5. I have a feeling that the language barrier here is the issue. I'm not sure if the point that people use the 7800 as a 2600 and that all 2600 games should work on it, is getting across. As far as the issue Crossbow is having, I understand it perfectly. His copy of of the game has a problem. Another member's copy works in the systems his did not.
  6. I can't answer all your questions, but maybe I can help a bit. The clones never have that many games. The number is always greater than the actual amount. I'm not sure about the switch or adding a UAV without seeing the internals of the console. I think I remember hearing of a dump from a clone system, but I don't know if which clone it came from, as there were many. I'd be very interested in this one, but I don't have the ability to dump it. While I do live in the USA, I don't even have a way to pay for shipping right now.
  7. You can find rebuild kits to replace the rubber outer, the inner nylon sticks, and the fire button and spring, in the originals. Then add the Best electronics "Gold" boards and have brand new joysticks. That's what I did anyway. I also have a few old aftermarket ones that aren't bad, but I'd stay away from modern joysticks. The durability just isn't up to par. I will admit that the Flashback joysticks will do, in a pinch, but nothing beats a restored original.
  8. I use the big plastic stackable storage bins for everything. Just be sure to store them in a good dry place. Here in East Tennessee there's a mold that's gotten pretty bad. It seems to affect fabrics, leather, rubber, and some plastics. Even in a dry temperature controlled environment I'm still having trouble with it getting on everything. It causes minimal damage to most things and can be wiped off. Leather is another story. The mold seems to eat into the surface of it and ruin it rather quickly. Sorry, I guess I went a little off topic there. That mold just gets on my nerves and every time I check on my spare controllers, I have to clean the cords.
  9. That power supply you bought might be fine. I would get the refresh kit from console-5. There's a good chance that will solve your problem, if not, you will at least have a console that's ready to run another 30 years or more. Also be sure to read through batari's post above. He's the guy that makes the the Harmony carts.
  10. I can't be much help, as I've never heard of this problem before. I've had my Encore for years and never had any problems at all. Sometimes the problems I've heard of were caused by issues with the console, such as the voltage regulator or a faulty power supply. Have you recapped the board in your console? If not, that might be the place to start. When those components get out of spec, it can cause issues. The harmony requires more power than the average cartridge, so a faulty voltage regulator or power supply will cause it to misbehave. The capacitors and stuff have a limited life span, so I'm sure your console is due for a once over and some new components, if that hasn't already been done. The power supply can also wear out over time, so that's something else to look into.
  11. A great man, with a huge heart. He helped me many times with color hacks and such. I'm sad to hear of his passing and also of the time it took to find out about it. This is a reminder that many of us may pass on with no way to get the news to our online "Family". I feel this is a good time to consider writing down our user names and the forums we're on, so that a family member or friend is able to let our communities know.
  12. You need to order an adapter that converts the Atari RCA cable to coaxial. Then you can just screw it to the back of the tv without a switch box. I'm sure someone here can point you to a link for ordering it, I use one and if I remember right, they only cost a few dollars. Your other option is one of the old manual switch boxes. The automatic boxes, such as the ones that came with the NES, don't play nice with the Atari. If the box you have is a manual switch, it may need to be cleaned with contact cleaner, if it's not just worn out.
  13. Some don't like him? His name shouldn't even be mentioned here. If you want a game made, just contact Albert.
  14. Just grab the Harmony Encore cart and load it with the entire Atari library. There are also some free homebrews you can download. For the homebrews that aren't free downloads, buy the cart here on AA, They are definitely worth the money. A save key is also a fairly cheap accessory. Some homebrew games use it to save high scores and such, which is a fun feature to have. That's just my opinion, but I'm very happy with my Harmony and my save key.
  15. I was born in 78, so I missed out on some of the first consoles when they were new. I was lucky to have friends who's parents were into games, so I did get to play Combat and Pong a lot. Combat was what hooked me. I want through almost every console that came out during my life. I only skipped the Jaguar, Dreamcast, and Saturn back in the day. More recently I've skipped all the Xbox stuff and everything from Nintendo since the GBA. Never was a big PC gamer either. Never Was very good with using a keyboard to play a game. I've always felt like I was born in the wrong time. I think if I had been born in the late 60s, I would have been a lot more happy and my life would have turned out better.
  16. I like the look of the pics! I downloaded all 3 and they will be going on my harmony cart tonight! I look forward to any other hacks you make!
  17. Any chance you could post some pictures? I don't have my Atari hooked up at the moment, so I'd like to see the graphics before I go out of my way to connect everything and load them onto my harmony cart.
  18. $150 seems really high for a Jr. I'd return it if possible. $30-50 is a much more reasonable price (in my opinion). If it already had color issues before the spill, something was wrong to begin with. You can find a much better console for a decent price here on the forums.
  19. I made one of these years ago. Mine is mostly plywood and holds 2 sticks for the 7800. It's been in storage for 2 years or longer. After I sold my 7800, I just didn't have a use for it.
  20. To be completely honest, my 2600 hasn't even been hooked up in a while now. It's not that I don't want to play, it just seems I don't have the motivation. If I were to play, I'd probably play a homebrew.
  21. I'm playing on a 2600 jr using RF and It's got better picture quality than either of the modded 4 switch consoles I had. My TV is a Vizio 42 inch flat screen and I've had no issues using it compared to my old CRT.
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