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  1. Thanks, you can tell I'm a newbie. I've now ordered UltraSatan and composite cable, now need to wait for delivery
  2. I've just managed to purchase an Atari 1040STFM. Growing up I started with a 600XL (which I still own) and then moved onto a 520ST, but sold it in the early 90s (always regretted selling). Picked it up yesterday, owner stated it had been in a cupboard since the mid 90's Cleaned it up last night, it's come up perfect, cleaned dust and grime from the ST and mouse. Owner said it powered on, but he couldn't get a picture on his modern LCD TV. Plugged it in via the RF cable as I don't have a composite cable (ordered yesterday) and immediately got a picture using the same VHF channel as my 600XL uses. It came with all the Powerpack games, loaded them and all works fine, but can't wait to ditch the RF cable. Can't remember many of the games I had when I was younger, but do remember, Test Drive, Outrun. Next task is to determine which solution is the best to bypass the floppy drive and use an SD/USB solution to load games. I note games are available at http://www.atarimania.com/pgemainsoft.awp?type=G&system=S Any other locations worth looking at?
  3. All, I'm wanting to purchase an XE system, don't really mind if it's an 65, 130 or 800XE. I'm located in Melbourne Australia. Preferably looking for a system that has not discoloured, but may choose this option if price is right. Also needs to be a PAL version
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