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  1. Good news? Power Supply works after testing it with the Multimeter, bad news I think it could be the switch box.
  2. I just got an Atari 5200 and I can't understand what I am doing wrong. I followed the manual, it's being hooked up to an CRT TV of course, and I can't tell if it's the Switch Box or the PSU that is giving me issues. There is no signal. Maybe I'm hooking it up incorrectly?
  3. Excellent seller with superb communication during the entire transaction. This gentlemen sold me a Sega Nomad in awesome condition.
  4. Even the PS3, Xbox 360, and PC editions of certain Silent Hill games are included. Each game was purchased brand new by me over the years. Complete with their proper manuals, mint condition (Disc, Cases, and manuals), and comes from a smoke-free home. PS1: Silent Hill (Original and excellent jewel case)- $20 shipped PS2: Silent Hill Origins- SOLD Silent Hill Shattered Memories- SOLD Silent Hill 2- $20 shipped Silent Hill 3- $20 shipped Silent Hill 4: The Room- SOLD Xbox: Silent Hill 2 Restless Dreams-$20 shipped Silent Hill 4: The Room-$15 shipped PC: Silent Hill 4: The Room- $15 shipped Xbox 360: Silent Hill Home Coming-$10 shipped PS3: Silent Hill Home Coming- SOLD The only guide book here that is used is Silent Hill 2 guide book. The others were brand new when I purchased them. One guide per customer is FREE if you buy more than three Silent Hill games from me. Unless you wish to buy one I accept paypal. If you need any feedback on my seller status, I am MegaDrive20XX of Digitpress.com or Ebay under the name "dogbonenes"
  5. Delete please, item sold.
  6. is addicted to Sunset Riders

  7. is addicted to Sunset Riders

  8. I found an INTV, but the directional disk are missing on both controllers. It's a model 1 and is there anyway to fix this?
  9. Are you sure it wasn't a monkey wrench!? Okay, bad joke. Okay I lowered the price, because I never shop at GameStop sadly, yet thank you for the headsup
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