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  1. I think Glacier Belle is the most readable... and pretty! (and the name is "cool" too... catch that?) 😀
  2. I was wondering if this has the "safe" space like the arcade? I tried it in the same general location in the maze and it doesn't seem to work for me.
  3. Thanks again! Fantastic job on this game... cant imagine having this back in the day.
  4. Thanks so much! Is this the same as RC4?
  5. Ive been playing this the past couple of days (mainly mapping), and I know where the secret passages are, but cannot enter them. For example on level 5, I have pushed every single direction on every move space (especially the lower right corner). Do I have to have some type of item to pass through them? I have the Stella 6.0.1 and playing Dungeon v28. Also I was wondering if there is a way to view your inventory? Update: I just loaded the previous version (v27) and I am noticing torches now (cool! was not getting those in v28) and the secret passages work (at least on level 5). Strange. Update Plus: Never mind... I did some more digging and found RC4 (torches and passages work fine). Don't know where I grabbed those two previous versions! Great game... really enjoy playing this and Dungeon II!
  6. I am loving this game! I have mapped out the whole thing, although I think the Temple of the Crow changes shape depending of the character I am playing What demon and what princess? When I win by returning the mistletoe (with either of the four characters), I just get flashing and a short tune. Am I missing a secret entrance to a hell level or some other object?
  7. Just caught this thread... amazing work. The storyboard animation for the prince and princess is beautiful! Love the flowing hair, skirt, and cape... that might just be the best animation I have seen on the 2600.
  8. Thank you, thank you! Loving it! I know it was very late in the game to ask for this, so very kind of you to oblige. 😀
  9. I know it is probably too late to ask for the addition you did on your fabulous Pro Golf (and Pro Bowling) game... female tennis player option? 👧
  10. Definitely agreed... that looks much better! 👍😀 Your new algorithm I think is much more logical for LOS.
  11. D'oh... that was it... ugh! I played around with it last night and I like the pulling down to cancel a menu. My vote would be to keep that option (and it's faster than moving over to a "cancel" option). I did find the spell you can learn! Cool.
  12. Thanks! But Demo6 doesn't recognize my saved game, so I didn't want to go any further into it (I'm working my way up to level 4 now). As far as pulling down to cancel menu's... to which menu's are you referring? (the menu's when fighting?)
  13. Just two quick things: With Demo5, I can't go into Acadia... even if starting a saved game and I start off at "Home", as soon as I exit the town, I cannot get back in. Secondly, I was wondering if you eventually will have both "New Game" and "Continue" options available if you have a game saved instead of the just "Continue" option? I know I can go into Stella and erase the EEPROM if I wanted to start a fresh character, but wondered if that was intended to be incorporated into the game. Sorry, I don't know Ultima handled that. Okay, I do have a third... really like the way you reworked the new game menus! Excellent!
  14. I finally had a chance to really play this weekend and totally blown away... great job. I have a few notes if you are interested. Regarding saving, when at "HOME", it says it is "saved", but when I pull the game up again, I can never get the "Continue" option selected. None of the joystick moves will move off of New Game and starting over. Is there some trick I do not know about? I love the multi-color tiles, with a quick glance you can see exactly what is going on with the map instead of carefully looking at the pattern of each tile. And the different color of each castle/city is nice. Someone else did mention the menu system. I would only have fire button active on "Done" to move to next page. All other movements are up/down for menu choice and left/right to change setting. I would like to have an option to "run away" from battles (maybe you can incur some type penalty)... but if I am far away from home and very low on hit points, I really donit want to fight multiple battles when trying to get to a healer... 😀 Anyway, great job on this, it is still hard to believe an Ultima on a 2600
  15. If you have Windows-10... there is a built-in video recorder (Windows key -> G). It's very adequate for taking game footage (that's actually its intended use) and has an option for 60 frames a second. I've used it with both Stella and MAME... and it seems to work quite well.
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