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  1. Congratulations and wow... quite a monumental achievement! This is the golf game the 2600 was waiting for all these years... now I have to find someone to go head to head with on the two-player option. 😀
  2. I think we have just found the secret for which games Johnny and Champs Games tackle... the very ones that we claim would be next to impossible for the 2600! Scramble and Galaga (let alone Mappy) show what still can be done, and Galaga is going to be a great addition to the ever growing library! Great job guys... I am so impressed with the quality of this game! Now I contend that Space Taxi is impossible for the 2600!
  3. This is looking fantastic! I am looking forward to see how it progresses! BTW, Didn't even notice that the hero was not centered.
  4. Yes... when I had the PIC chip and it hit, it was glitchy for my remaining time running the ROM (sounded like R2D2 ), and then if I did not reboot avox and restarted the ROM, it was silent from there on out.
  5. Some interesting results... and something I didn't try before. After Spell & Speak... instead of rebooting the AtariVox, I just restarted the ROM instead (remember using Stella here)... and everything worked perfectly again (until I used another "?"). I tried this several times and never once rebooted the avox... so it appears to be temporary until you restart the ROM. As far as the playback utility... I moved it quickly to different positions, hit the fire button quickly, and interrupted phrases, but could not get it to mess up. It did not queue all my movement but just the last phrase I stopped on. I imagine that is working the way you intended. If there is anything else you wanted tested here, let me know. Lastly, I did go back to Spell & Speak again and it responded as stated above. All this without rebooting the avox. When I had the PIC chip, it definitely stayed messed up until I rebooted avox... I know that for sure. What are you using for your testing with Spell & Speak... the original avox or the plus version?
  6. Sure... I can test it out this evening. I had tried the utilty in the zip file that plays different sounds with joystick and fire (I must say the Twiki sound is dead on!) I didn't test it out that much, but it seemed okay. I will try out the one linked here tonight and let you know how it goes. BTW, no problems with the different pitch changes on "Man Goes Down"... that appears to play and voice flawlessly.
  7. Okay, I did try the Spell and Speak this morning with the "?" at the end of a phrase... and it still puts it in a weird state where it needs to be reset. So apparently, that particular problem has nothing to do with the PIC chip. But otherwise, I have not seen any problems with it using any phrases or any other games using AtariVox (at least that I have encountered yet).
  8. I agree with RevEng, I would not cut out the chip either. Removing that specific chip requires a hot air station, KatTech is going to make a post for those interested. As far as the speech, I could get it to fail reliably with "Spell and Speak" by adding the "?" at the end of any sentence. So codes to change the pitch might be at least one thing that triggers the data lines to do weird things. I need to go back and see what that does now that he chip has been removed. I will try that tonight and see what happens and report back.
  9. It's been pretty quiet here, so I thought I would provide an quick update on mine. All has been fine since removing the PIC chip! Been playing lots of AtariVox games including the Wizard of Wor from Champ... and I found another Wizard of Wor hack from Nukey Shay and others using AtariVox... and the Wizard talks continuously! So much so, that in between level changes, he keeps on chatting to empty the buffer. Anyway, it is a somewhat easy fix if you are not concerned about the Vectrex part of the AtariVox+.
  10. Yeah, I guess it is only a fix for those of us who want a working AtariVox+ and don't care about the Vectrix side of things. Especially since the original AtariVox is not available to purchase anymore. Plus, we did narrow the problem down to the PIC, so hopefully that will help in coming up with a proper fix that will keep the 2600 *and* Vectrix users happy! The DIP switches should be used to configure the PIC, not bypass it (i.e. passing the pulses through in the 2600 mode and keeping Vectrix as is. The bypassing is where the problems come in). I think the fix will be to reroute all the lines into the DIP switch and reprogram the PIC to accept the configuration from it. Just a theory though!
  11. Hey guys, after continuous nights of testing and consulting with a friend with electronics experience... I have finally found the solution I was looking for! I don't care much for the Vectrex portions of AtariVox+, so we basically configured it as an AtariVox original and it's all quite simple... we just removed the PIC chip! Afterwards, I have played back to back games of WoW, and other AtariVox games with no gibberish and no resetting. See picture below. So removing the PIC chip works. What does that tell us? My electronics friend found the PIC Vss pin (gnd) connects to the ground through DIP switch number 3. Since that DIP switch is "off" in normal Atari 2600 mode, this leaves the PIC with a floating ground, essentially turning the PIC off. DIP switches 4 and 5 bypass the PIC, however the PIC is still attached to the circuit and in conjunction with the floating ground is causing unexpected behavior on the data lines. This is why the alcohol was working as it was trapped under the PIC thereby changing the behavior on a temporary basis. Best of all, if a solution is found to either reflash or replace the PIC chip, it can simply be soldered back on.
  12. Thanks for the information! BTW, love the AtarVox Berzerk! I have found another way to reproduce the problem for me. Spell & Speak ROM always goes weird when inserting a "?". Don't know why, it works with everything else including the "." punctuation. Just like WoW, I have to reset the AV+ and restart the ROM. With my little bit of serial coding, it almost appears as if there is a character that gets dropped and the chip is getting misaligned data after that resulting in the weird tones. Are there any kind of error detection coding (like CRC) to verify the data was received as sent? Of course, that shouldn't effect it when sending a new data string, so why it continues in that mode afterwards is unknown. You would think sending a new data string would clear the buffer.
  13. Hello all! Im am trying to see if I can help debug a problem cropping up with my AtariVox+ playing the new homebrew Wizard of Wor. After the first level (sometimes shortly afterward) the voice will get corrupted and start playing the non-voice tones (kind of sounds like R2D2!) Sounds like this is a known problem. There are no signs of oxidation (it is fairly new... only a couple of months now). RevEng... you added the AtariVox to Berzerk? AV+ works fine with that one... have you and Johnny from Champ Games exchanged notes on your implementation of the voices?
  14. Thanks for the link... I am definitely interested in going through and reading that thread! I'll move the rest of my posts/testing regarding AVox+ to that thread to keep from muddying the waters further... sorry for hijacking this thread.
  15. Let us know... unfortunately it is just a quick fix and only last for 30 minutes or so... at least for me.
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