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  1. If you have Windows-10... there is a built-in video recorder (Windows key -> G). It's very adequate for taking game footage (that's actually its intended use) and has an option for 60 frames a second. I've used it with both Stella and MAME... and it seems to work quite well.
  2. A third on that... the poodle with the flopping ears was really cute! 😀
  3. Yep, glad to hear someone else having the same results! Since I removed the PIC several months ago, not a single issue with WOW (or Man Goes Down), which is two I really wanted it to work with. And now I hear they are working on a new GORF (I think it is Champ Games)... really excited about the speech possibilities with that!😀
  4. This is way too cool! Thanks for posting it! 😀 Really fixed a lot of things that bugged me on the original 2600 release.
  5. Thank you very much... great additions to the 2600 sports line... a category that has been sorely lacking.
  6. After seeing the ZeroPage Twitch stream... I am more excited than ever about this game... fantastic job so far. Reminds me of my C64 adventure genre playing days!
  7. In appearance, in would be exactly the same as in his Pro Golf game... usually longer hair, skirt, brighter colors (maybe pink). It's not intrinsic to the gameplay, just a nice feature. 👧 BTW, I just notice the bowling ball going to the pins on the upper display... really cool! 😀
  8. Yeah... and I would be sure to be sending in lots of Proof Of Purchase's to get multiples of those games not available in stores! 😁
  9. Fantastic! Are female bowlers available in the latest ROM?
  10. Ads are a small price to pay for keeping AtariAge up and running and available to all us fans... we support the move Al. As a previous poster(s) said, I am surprised it has been ad-free thus far.
  11. Nukey Shay did do that! He made a three base missile command (using the second joystick I think) and added in the satellites. I just wish he had made the satellite option for the one base Missile Command... playing with two joysticks at one time is difficult!
  12. Thank you so much... I didn't even think about requesting a female golfer! This game gets better and better! 😁 Thank you!
  13. Yes, I also use the 2600II for my AtariVox+... the special firmware allows it be seen as a COM port on your computer which Stella can connect with. The 2600II can also be reflashed online so it can be used with a joystick/controller.
  14. No, you do have to have an AtariVox for the voices. I have mine hooked up through a 9-Pin/USB converter and my computer speakers have an audio mix in for the AtariVox out.
  15. Doh... thanks Groundtrooper. You got me to thinking about me using an emulator... 😜 I had forgot to set the second port to AtariVox. All is good now. 😀
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