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  1. Cart is SOLD to gospeedde pending payment. Thanks to everyone for their interest and if I every come across anything else along the same lines I will be sure to post it here.
  2. That's a very generous offer. Since that is the highest offer so far and to be fair to the people here I will give them a chance to match the $300 offer by the end of the day (my deadline for selling here). If no one matches it then I will list it tomorrow on Gamegavel. Also, if it ends up going on Gamegavel tomorrow, anyone who wins it there and is a member of the Atariage forum, you will get 5% off the purchase price. Thanks to everyone for their interest in the item.
  3. I will accept best offers until Monday. So far I have one good offer on the table so if anyone else is interested feel free to make an offer.
  4. I know I don't have a ton of posts here and haven't really been around for a long time, but I thought this would be the best place to post this. I recently have acquired a Lochjaw cart and am looking to sell it. The first thing I will do is post references so you guys know who I am. My name is Nick and I am the owner of Next Level Videogames in Blackwood, NJ. I have been a long standing member of Digital Press and have great feedback on eBay (both under drexel923). Some of you know me personally and if you ask around you will know that I am legit (two people you can ask are Carey85 and Joe Santulli). Anyway, I don't want to deal with eBay on something is rare and I would rather help out other collectors so I'm selling this item here. Since the item is so rare and a finite price is hard to determine I am willing to open this cart up to best offer. Payment can be made via confirmed Paypal or in person if you are local to my store in NJ. I am also going to have a table at Too Many Games next month if the buyer would like to purchase the game there from me. At this moment I am only willing to sell this game to someone in the US. Anyway, here is a three shot image of the cart: Also here is a video I shot a couple of weeks ago when I got the cart to show that it's working: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6stZMoOXJ9I I didn't post this till now because of the timing with April Fools Day and then I got really busy with work. Anyway, I will try and answer any questions you may have and I thank anyone who shows interest.
  5. I have a model 1 Genesis manual if you want it. Send me a PM with your address and I'll send it out no charge.
  6. Just played the demo today at Gamestop and it was a lot of fun. Pretty much cemented my position on getting this game. BTW, the cube demo this month has a lot of good playables on it...Donkey Konga, Paper Mario 2, Pikmin 2, Mario Pinball. Great to get to play some of these before they come out.
  7. I just actually read that list after I posted the link and some of those songs are hilarious...the Locomotion Should be fun regardless.
  8. Here you go: http://cube.ign.com/articles/513/513953p1.html
  9. Vinyl.. Plastic. Same thing. Yeah, my Wario is like that. Damn the Nintendo Rep for not putting one in our section. I wonder if there were other characters? A pixellated Link and a Mario would rock. I have that same paper "Pikmin and Smash Bros" long advertisement. Funny they were the two games I got when I got my Cube. I LOVE the huge poster for "Who are You?" and the WaveBird. I wish I had that Mario lunch box. A kid in school had one of those back in the day. You have your MegaMan shirt still wrapped. What's the one under it? I have a K-Mart exclusive "Player" shirt that I snagged and I'm wearing it right now. I want that kick-ass Game Boy Color kiosk. I wish I had as much Nintendo memorabilia as you. When you said stiff plastic, I thought you were talking about the real thick stuff. They actually do have a Zelda one...its the pose where he's holding the triforce...unfortunately its really small, like 3 inch by 3 inch. Anyway, the shirt under the megaman one is the Zelda Swordplay shirt that was a preorder for Four Swords. The other shirt there is another zelda one, but from Oot. I actually had that lunchbox when I was a kid, but it was throw out by the parents...had to buy it back. Those posters were a steal I got from ebay. They are for those big light boxes you see in malls. I think I got both of them $15. I got a couple others but gave them to my cousin.
  10. I got it from a friend who's a manager at gamestop. I believe it is related to the NES Classics on GBA. It does have a sticky back also, but its more like a thin vinyl paper.
  11. Just finally took pics of my gameroom... CLICK HERE A list of my games can be found in the link in my sig.
  12. It looks like a lot fun and I will definitely be picking it up when it comes out. As far as other games using the controller, they already announced (and showed at E3) Donkey Kong Jungle Beat...its basically a side scrolling beat em up but you use the Kongas to move and punch. Also there is a pinball game coming out by Nintendo, called Odama...its a pinball game centered around ancient Jap warfare...basically your bouncing a cannonball around trying to kill your enemies. But you also have soldiers or your own, and you can plug the Kongas in the port 2 and when someone beats on them it rallys your troops. I'm,sure we'll see some others games announced too.
  13. I have the xbox version and I think it's the best football game I've ever played. I'm not a huge sports fan who buys sports games every year, so the $20 price tag helped in my purchase. But the graphics are amazing, the gameplay is solid, and the presentation is cool. I also think that the animations blow away anything I've seen with Madden. If you are getting it I would reccommend the Xbox version only though. The game was built off the Xbox, so the PS2 graphics are pretty bad compared to it...also at halftime (on the Xbox) they use the HD to do a Berman report showing actual replays from the first half...in the PS2 version, its just stills they show. I haven't played too much of the PS2 version so I don't know what other differences there are...I'm sure the online play is better on the Xbox too though.
  14. Your question sparked my insterest in the subject also, which then prompted me to search various terms in search engines for the past 30 minutes...and I only found that one game holder you saw. I figured they made holders for those mini-cds that were out for a short time (I think they may still be around), but I couldn't find anything.
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