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  1. I found a mach32, but still interested in a mach64. Still ISA bus is a requirement. And of course we can trade too... Thank you
  2. Hi all, I am looking for a mach32 or even better mach64 VGA card but it has to be ISA. Can not use a VLB or PCI version. I have a few things to trade. Such as an atari 800, an 800XL, a pentium laptop, a few other vintage PC cards, a few pcmcia network cards, home ethernet switches etc etc... Just let me know if you have such a card and we can figure out the rest.
  3. Did a trade with @eightbit. Great communication, great packaging items as described. Absolutely awesome to deal with!
  4. Oh, sorry, I forgot an important aspect, didn't I? $175 (shipped as I mentioned) will also edit the initial post...
  5. MSX Megaflashrom + 512MB + SD slot for $175 shipped in USA. Works great, I have been using it very little as you can see. Other than running ROMs on your MSX (or MSX2 or TurboMSX) from it (like am everdrive) it will add 512MB of memory and it also implements the SSC+ sound chip so you can run these ROMs too. You will need to use your own SD card I will only send you the cartridge. They normally come from Europe at that price + shipping, get it from US priority mail with shipping included (+PayPal fees if not f&f) and save money and time as getting stuff from EU these days takes for ever. Thanks for looking!
  6. If shipping is with the Ebay international program I would do it. It is very efficient and the least delay in customs (at least pre-covid19): usual 2-3 days where buying directly from a seller in EU I had a recent experience having my package waiting for a month in the US customs...
  7. Also things might get a bit more complicated if you have other devices on the ascsi bus (for example with a mega ste you have the built in hard drive) and you need to make sure that the device ID doesn't clash with another device ID on the same bus... But playing a bit around with the utilities and googling around you should be able to find your way...
  8. First of all, the driver will make OS "see" US as a hard drive. But then no matter which driver you use you will need to create partitions on that drive. All 3 drivers come with such a utility but you need to be paying attention to the size of the partition because depending on the TOS version you will have different limits. This is also important if you connect the same US to more than one STs with different vTOS version. I think Jookie in his page had a comparison of the drivers. I bought both PP's and HDDR because I want to support maintainers to keep doing what they doing. I am pretty sure both have trail versions with limitations.
  9. Hi folks, Looking to buy or trade for an original OS/2 package with original disks and manuals. Version 4.xx is ideal, but 3.xx also works. Thanks for looking.
  10. I have two of those and although they are nice and fit the computer beautifully I am not really using them as I keep my STs in a cupboard. You can get them from Poland for $33.83, pay $22 shipping and who knows when they are going to arrive with this stupid virus that is delaying everything, or you can have them shipped within US for $30 + shipping each, or both for $60 shipped. Let me know if you are interested, you are getting the high quality plastic dust cover and the original box. The Atari 1040STF shown is NOT included in the deal 😉 Thanks for looking
  11. The same way you can have a floppy drive and a hard disk, exactly the same way things work with a gotek and a cf. In my a4000 I have a CF, a 3.5inch floppy (df0:) and a gotek (df1:). They all work happily together.
  12. PM sent. Unfortunately no spare a1000 mouse in case someone else can help...
  13. I can't remember but I will check my amiga mice at when I get back home and PM you. Do you live in US?
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