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  1. Interested mostly in the old titles... police quest, Larry, Manhunter etc... PC only please. PM me if you want to part with any of the above for a non eBay price 🙂 Thanks
  2. Thank you @oakcitycomics I updated the title.
  3. Thanks a lot for the offer but I also have an FZ-1... I thought the cartridge would be universal, isn't it? If not I'd better update this post...
  4. Title says it all 😀 Please let me know of you have one to sell. Thanks!
  5. Thank you all for the input and for sharing thoughts and/or memories. This is all part of enjoying collecting and using our beloved Atari (and maybe other computers and gaming consoles from the previous century), and also the fun being in such a lovely forum as the AtariAge!
  6. Oh, and also for completion, I had captured a picture of the messed up screen that I thought I had uploaded but apparently not. So here it is.
  7. You are right! Moments like this need to be captured! So here it is: - Falcon Speed running - Booting into DOS 6.20 - Slash screen of win 3.1 (not sure why black and white...) - Win 3.1 running - Win 3.1 screen saver kicking in! My wife is so proud of me right now! 😎
  8. I cracked it... 🙂 Windows was using falcxvga.drv driver (set in system.ini) and as soon as I changed it to falc_vga.drv and added that driver from the zip in c:\windows\system it all starts up nice and crisp! Maybe the falcxvga.drv was corrupted. It got too late last night after I figured things out and I just declared victory and stopped... As for the monitor, I have a modern LCD but I get the vga signal from the Atari falcon->vga adapter, feed it to a scan doubler/scaler and then into the monitor. Works great with all my retro computers.
  9. Yes! Thank you. I did manage to identify this card and in fact the software needed (other than DOS or Win) has been discussed previously here: http://www.atari-forum.com/viewtopic.php?t=29235 The version of the files I have seems to have an issue with VGA, it starts windows 3.1 but the screen is distorted. I can barely see the windows and the icons... I will replace with the files in the link above and try again...
  10. Hi experts! Can someone tell ne what this card is? I guess since it has an Intel 286 processor it is a 286 emulator for the falcon? Thanks
  11. Does anybody have a recommendation for repair service for a turbografx CD? Thanks!
  12. Yeah, sorry, I do realize now that my original post was ambiguous at best... I am after a Spectrum. I updated the original post now. Which do you have?
  13. Hello, Does anybody have a Sinclair Spectrum ZX computer and willing to sell it? If so please let me know. I am also open to trades, I have quite a bit of Atari, Commodore and Amiga stuff to trade you for. Thanks!
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