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  2. I am not at home, but when I get back I will take those measurements and let you know. Are you thinking of yet another use of it other than storing STs or 21 inch monitors?
  3. Thank you Lynxpro, this is very interesting information because, of course I opened it when I bought it and it was cut In fact I purchased it together with a 1040STF and now it makes all the sense in the world. I thought it was something that the original owner did but based on what you say this "mod" was more widespread than what I initially thought... I am really happy, learning all these anecdotes (especially for someone like me who started with an Atari back in the 80s but in Europe) is part of the pleasure of hunting and collecting... Out of curiosity, do you remember who was that Atari dealer?
  4. Please let me know if you have one.
  5. Hi all. The is a seller on Ebay named erosmarketing that sell constantly sealed copies of Eat'em Beat'em and Custer's Revenge. Do you know their background? Are they legit? I have been observing this for about 2 years and they have soled quite a few copies... are these originals or repros? When I asked them they said "originals". And we all know that nobody lies on Ebay, right? Thanks!
  6. Thank you, I will look it up!
  7. Thanks Allan, Did you mean to add a link? Do you know anything else about them? Like what years they have been produced? Is there one "version" for the 4 port and one for the 2 port of the 5200 (I am not sure if both 5200 models have exactly the same dimensions or not). Smithing else with mentioning about them? Sleep if you were to attach a dollar price what would you say it's fair price?
  8. Hi all! What do you know about this Atari 5200 case? Was it an official Atari product? Any history behind it? Is it rare? Thanks!
  9. Tjlazer I got a pair from Umberto, it arrived today, but thank you very much for offering!
  10. Yeah, apparently some buyers (*cough cough*) are as experts as the sellers @Umberto, I will PM you. I am in the west coast too. But @ParanoidLittleMan, thank you so much for offering!
  11. Well... i already contacted Kevin, the seller and he told me that this ROM set *most probably* is not for any Mega series... Is it? He actually suggested I post here and ask :-)
  12. Ok, it took me a while to get back here since the developer and i figured out that the issue was actually the power supply that was powering both the ICD and the scsi2sd. Although i had tested it with a multimeter and the voltages were within the right range, apparently the was ripple or some other noise that was breaking the sd2scsii (the ICD was immune to that noise when it was working with legacy mechanical hard drives). Now that i replaced the faulty power supply with a new one everything works without any issues. Thank you all for your input here!
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