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  1. Hmmm... never heard of that one... is there a thread I can have a look at please?
  2. I hope so too, but what does the Atari TT030 have to do with anything? I saw some references in @PeterG's post above but didn't make much sense...
  3. Sorry people, had a busy weekend... Thanks for all the posts, extremely interesting!!! The gameplay on the video that @phoboz shared looks very similar to mine but I would like to check my cart out again and verify that it is the same. Interestingly I think at some point I pressed "Option" and started going through the walls, and at some point I ended up at the end of level 1. And then the rocket took off bit this time for level 2, in contrary to the video above where the game ends at the end of level 1... Or maybe that "entrance to level 2" was hidden and I discovered it while the youtuber didn't? Unfortunately I am away from my Jaguar this week so I cannot confirm or not all the above. I will when I get back though. I think comparing the content of my ROMs and the one that the video uses will be interesting exercise because this will be the definitive way to say if it is the same or now. @phoboz do you have a link to that ROM shown on the video? I live near Portland, OR. If there is someone local I will be more than happy to meet them and make a dump. Unfortunately San Diego is a bit too far 😞
  4. Sure, but why solder it? Because they have the means to write it on the cartridge? Wouldn't be much easier to just use sockets and just remove, erase, write, sit, test (in a loop) the eprom?
  5. I do have a desoldering tool but it is not the best, and I really want to protect this cart and chips from damaging them since the count of pins is pretty high... I won't crack the champagne just yet. As @Mitch mentioned above this tape doesn't give much confidence this is a prototype, but who knows... maybe someone will get on this thread and shed some more light in the puzzle...
  6. I see... interesting... I found the atarimania page above, saw the title and the logo (the colorful target with the two bunnies and tough this the ROM I have in this cart... but apparently that is not the case... Unfortunately the ROMs on my cartridge are soldered, otherwise I would offer to make a dump... is there any device that can read the jaguar cart and dump it directly? Now am again curious about this cart... if anybody recognizes the game from my pictures please let us know...
  7. Yes, mine works fine as a game (at least for the 10mins I played it). There were bugs too. However what you describe happens only when I press "Option" button. Then my character walks through walls and the game will crash at some point. Are you running the ROM on a real jaguar or on an emulator?
  8. You can find it on atarimania.
  9. PMed for windows and pc tools disks.
  10. I have recapped a bunch of those... Not an expert nor a pro, just the casual dude who likes to spend some time with his soldering iron and breathing a healthy amount of fumes... I do not know why you get a white screen, but I suppose a faulty power board might well be the reason. From my experience about 60-70% of these game gears survive after recap, why not sure. The bubbles is a concern because underneath that piece of rubber there is a thermal fuse, but if that was blown you wouldn't have backlight. Also the caps might look ok (I guess they didn't smell ok) but it is almost guaranteed they were bad. Sega clearly chose the absolutely worst quality capacitors for the GG. Even worse than the ones Commodore choose for their Amigas... My suggestion is either just wait for the power board caps to arrive (safest) or look at the schematics and see what kind of voltages the power board provides to the motherboard. Then carefully use a good power supply to provide those voltages yourself and see if your GG is happier. I assume you do install a cartridge when you power on, because if I am not mistaken you would get a white screen without a game...
  11. Hello. I came across a jaguar cart with no labels and it appears to be "Tiny Toons". I did a bit of a search on the internet, but the real experts are here. Any pointers to what this game is? It didn't feel fully baked for sure: no sound and when I pressed Option on my controller my character stopped animating but I could get them through walls. Possibly a dump download from atarimania and burnt into these eproms? Thanks!
  12. When we say ST machines we mean ST(F)(M)(E) only or include also TTs and Falcons?
  13. I purchased from x=usr(1536) a mylar for my atari 800xl. He offered a fair price, shipped fast and everything arrived intact and as expected. Recommended!
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