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  1. So far as I can see its only have a X and Y axis like any old RC and no other buttons.
  2. Okay I try plugging this on my 2600 and yet cant play any games in Joystick or paddle games and when I open the back battery on the RC controllers and the inner chip broad pops out and I see what used to house the C Battery but cant fit in there from all the wires and seem some wireds are broken so I don't know if you need any battery to play just the joystick part so if any one here like to take a crack at it let me know
  3. It has that TI looking logo on the end of the joystick port plug.
  4. I got a ton of old retro games and systems from a friend from Canada and one came a Archer Joystick that looks like its made by Texas Instruments BUT I never seen one that has a RC controller wired with the joystick. I been collecting joysticks for over 40 years and for the life of me I never seen this model before. Had any one else seen this?
  5. Just wanted to give a howdy to anything here in case this is still a thing?
  6. Yeah I try to see how they WOULD had done it back then when the classic artwork was from the past on Atari 2600 and 5200 and seeing they wanted to stay away from anything ATARI yes they would had done more Saturday Morning cartoon style.
  7. Dont know if its too late to do any fan art on the game but I wanted to see if I could do a classic 1950's/ 80s style label box art with it.
  8. For the life of me why no one asking for Activision's Ghostbusters for the 5200? I would love to see someone posted the Atari 8-Bit version to the 5200 and I even made mockup box and label for the game.
  9. Forgot to post this my old mockup from 2017 on what if Hal made the Kangaroo port for the NES box and cart label. I used some of my clipart of the Kangaroo, Joey and the monkeys as well as making the background from Photoshop
  10. WIP on what the front box may look like
  11. So far here's a color one may need to replace some colors in case needed.
  12. WOw been so long I seen this and was hoping someone would help out on making this game for real^_^;;;
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