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  1. Sadly I never got the game even when I made the game cover. I dont know if I ever got it in the mail before we moved out. But its nice to see the label got some uses on it.
  2. You have the ZeroPage Homebrew's link?
  3. Question. Is there an animation where Popeye lost a Heart, Note or HELP Letters in the water and then Olive Oil gets angary at Popeye?
  4. BTW how soon do you need the box and manual art?
  5. I have some idea to add more illustrations of characters like Wimpy, Sweet Pea and Sea Hag for the back and manual.
  6. Also here's the final art on the box art tell me what you think?
  7. That why I could never program a game not having a clue how the setup is but just a pipe dream and yes I know about the other games done by PacManPlus and still don't have any of there games to play with on the 7800 plus I made these up years before he did any for real.
  8. You can tell how much I love the 7800 and what it could had beenXD
  9. And yes the mockup screen was done as a 7800 sprite size I know the colors are not the same uses from the 7800 but just an idea.
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