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  1. An other NES Works on youtube and it did talked about that Kangaroo game from Hal -
  2. Nows thats a blast from the past.
  3. also need a Colecovision package styrofoam box
  4. Seem the guy who sold them never tested any and lucky I have the right TV and games and all works and my also work just had to trash my old brick power plug
  5. Good news just got some replacement Colecovisons systems and it turn out yes it was the power supply that died and I tested my old system wtih the other power plug from the ebay bi units and not only that all other three undated systems works as well with no issues
  6. And no I dont have anyone near me who can check the voltages
  7. Welp. My old Colecovision system seem to be dead. I had this for a long time and whats funny it was working some days ago only to just not turning on and I check the TV by using an other system the 2600 Vader and it works fine and seeing I dint have a multimeter to test anything. Im hoping to fine an other BOX Colecovision somewhere on ebay but Im dead broke so yeah. This suck as I found some Coleco games and yet to test them.
  8. In the end we all wanted play MONKIE
  9. Last I check this chat was started on January 28, 2015 and how many folks you think was waiting for the game to be uploaded passed on before they could play the game? So many prototype of unreleased games like Cloak and Dagger never saw the light of day.
  10. Why do I have a feeling that I wont live love enough to see this prototype ever surface.
  11. Last week me and my roommate wanted to plan out heading to Japan in 6 to 12 months and we are hellbent in trying to obtain your goals in saving as much as we could for the trip and hoping to fine stuff there to take back among them are retro games and systems and to help out I need to fine out where online to fine any and all info on gaming stores other then Super Potato where we hear that a lot of items there are in the high price range and thinking of landing somewhere Osaka and was wondering if anyone here has any good tips and or info on beat place to shop at in or near Osaka.
  12. I remember that label and need to redo a high res image of it soon. And to this day I still have my complete box set of Atari Flashback.
  13. I been collecting many Japanese Famicom game carts and my one wish they should had kept the cartridge size here then them lone grey BRICK like cartridges -
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