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  1. Man why do I have a feeling I would LOVE to do some label and box art on this but then again Ive done so many Pac-Man art for Atariage plus I love Pac-Land so much I made a Pac-Man movie fanfic story art on it. Back in 2013 I drew a full Pac-Land story but in a classic 1930s Black & White toon style I still have these in full color if you like any of them for manual and create a full box art for it.
  2. In the 1982 The Thing you can see a 2600 system on top of there rec room TV.
  3. Cool Video! I drew three of the box art on your video Tyre Trax, Scramble and Baby Pac-Man. Im not a good programmer but I wanted to help out on on anything Atari classic and been drawing box art for Atariage for years heres some other OI drew over the years .
  4. I have a huge wish list of box games I need to get made this poster on what I have and dont have. Games I have are both GAME ONLY are just carts and HAVE IT mean CIB game. ANy that dont have any texts are games I dont have yet.
  5. I drew the Sonic from 90s Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog but with two characters one from The Ace Ventura animated cartoon and one from x men cartoon Scott Summers/Cyclops from the 90s X-Men: The Animated Series. So I hand drew every screens here from the trailer of the film into the classic 90s cartoon. Fun Fact: James Marsden the actor who played the town's police officer also played the live action Scott Mummers (aka Cyclops) in four X-Men movies. So why not uses the 1990s Cyclops character. It all fits. I hand drew these on Wacom and Clip Studio Paint Pro.
  6. here’s a old photo boxed Atari 2800 on the floor at Super Potato in Tokyo. If only I was there paying itXD
  7. Hey gang is there any Coleco Label for Atari 2600? As well as for Intellivision? By now our old Coleco labels tend to scratch up to hell and hate using black markers to fit them edges.
  8. Im also done doing the label and box art for this game. Dan said it's okay to show here.
  9. In case you cant fine these video on here:
  10. heres the list. Asteroids 1981. Berzerk 1982. Yars' Revenge 1981. Centipede 1982. Ms. Pac-Man 1982. Raiders of the Lost Ark 1982. Mario Bros. 1983. Pitfall 1982. Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back 1982. Star Trek 1983.
  11. My other wish is seeing anything from Star Wars like an arcade port or even the CD Rom games like Star Wars: Rebel Assault
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