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  1. Im looking for a colecovision but Im thinking shipping to Canada would be impractical unfortunately.
  2. Where are you located? Somewhere in the states? Just trying to get an idea of how much shipping would be, thanks!
  3. Guys I got it, 100% working. No bouncing video, color is right everything looks good! I ended up building the Svideo circuit Roxburry posted on AussieArcade. He explains how to wire it into a PAL Atari Jr but I figured I would take the risk and build it and wire it into the NTSC 4 Switch Woody. I built the circuit and then got one of these I bent up the Luma and Sync pins ( 2 5 7 8 ) up on that socket (not on the TIA chip but on the socket) and soldered leads directly to the bent pins. I did not solder to the socket with the TIA chip in it because I was paranoid about overheating the TIA. For Chroma I actually soldered a lead to the board on the 2600 directly below the socket where Pin 9 is (again I had the TIA out when I soldered). Originally I did the same thing with the Chroma pin on the socket that I did for the Luma and Sync pins but it did not work for whatever reason but wiring Chroma (pin 9) to the board worked. I am using the channel 3 and 4 switch to switch between Svideo and Component. Yes the color from Component even works on the Sharp TV (so it may be relevant to dphirschler). Is it worth building the circuit? Probably. Was it easy? Not particularly. I have not soldered something that complex in years (I realize it's not that complex of a circuit but it's a lot more in depth and complex than the 2 resistor transistor mod). Was this whole experience fun and extremely rewarding? You bet your ass it was. Thanks again Osgeld for sending me your circuit and for your suggestions, I will definitely try that in another 2600 in the future so it won't go to waste. Thanks SignGuy81 as well for all your suggestions. I would have probably given up without the feedback.
  4. Well I realize it wasn't what you were talking about, but I tried swapping it out before I got this message, I put a whole bunch of different ones in place of the 15k R222. I was still not able to get solid picture from it. I am in the process of building the svideo circuit that I showed above (not the Ben Heck one but the other one) I will let you guys know how it goes. I am hoping to get it done in the next couple of days, still waiting on some of the components.
  5. So you're suggesting swapping out R222 from the 15k to something smaller? Maybe the 4k7? Then I can try with the pots to see if I can get a stronger signal?
  6. I tried it on 2 different tvs, one is a Sharp and one is a Dynex (Best Buy house brand) both are LCD tvs. On the Dynex it seems to only work some times, if I turn it on and off a bunch of times. On the Sharp I get picture always but with the results explained above. I think part of it is the TV and it refusing the go color for a non perfect signal. But I have no room for a CRT
  7. I am going to try to get another 2600 to install it on in the future, I am sure it works, I guess something must be messed up on my console. I am also still planning to build that other Svideo circuit I posted here earlier, I am just having a hard time finding some of the resistor values locally and don't really want to do it with a ton of series resistors
  8. I'd rather grab it off the board to avoid risking heating the TIA, I think I'm going to build this circuit rather than the Ben Heck one as this gives svideo which can be easily combined to make Composite (svideo will probably look better anyway) and also goes straight off the TIA so I can avoid any other issues on my board. If this mod doesn't work then yes, bad TIA for sure.
  9. I am also strongly considering doing this mod here tomorrow A bit more complex but not that bad Just need to find the best place to grab pin 9 I guess
  10. I tried cutting the resistance of R210 down to 3k3 earlier today with no success, also checked and am getting 5V where I should. I'm really not sure what is going on here but I am getting very disheartened at this point haha. The ben heck mod ties directly to pin 2 (CSync) 5 (Lum 1) 7 (Lum 2) and 8 (Lum 0) off the TIA and adds its own resistors, it gets Chroma from a mystery spot, but this page here ( to get Chroma from between C210 and R210 You tie in to TIA pin 2 5 7 and 8 directly by removing resistors 216, 215, 214 and 217 as he shows here, they go straight to the TIA from there My board looks the same as that on the back, I confirmed they go straight to the TIA. This was his old mod This is his new mod I am thinking I will connect the Chroma wire here where I put the dot Honestly though at this point I'm feeling like the project is becoming hopeless, until tomorrow.
  11. Sorry to keep replying to myself, it seems I can only edit for a few minutes then I lose the ability. Either way reading closer on Ben Heck site I just noticed he says "And that's it! So simple even I can do it! Remember you'll still need to hook up the Atari 2600's color delay potentiometer, which basically lets you set the picture's tint (but without it you're in black & white land). Rewiring that thing is covered in my book.". I guess it is more of an advertisement for his book, leaves me a bit disappointed.
  12. Ok so back to the drawing board, the 5 games I played yesterday worked pretty well some games still bounce uncontrollably, I am thinking that I will do Ben Hecks composite video Rev 2 as found here http://benheck.com/book/support/Atari2600VidMod.htm
  13. Ok so the 3k3 has been replaced with a 1k8 And the 2k2 and been replaced with 11k2 (I truly though 10k pots only went to 10) I de-soldered the pots to check their values so they were isolated from the circuit.
  14. Knowing myself there is a good chance I am going to swap those resistors today or in the next couple of days, I can't let it go.
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