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  1. If anyone could help out, need Fun Pac 2 to complete my virgin games collection, would be extremely grateful, willing to pay fair price for it.
  2. Andrewmacattack


  3. Looking carefully at that brochure, surely Texas Instruments must have made a prototype monitor, the logo on the monitor is in the corner, below the screen, instead of on the door panel. 🤔
  4. Wow, what I would give just to have one in my collection 🤗🤗🤗
  5. Hoping one day come across texas Instruments, stackable storage boxes Would post a picture, but can't find one anywhere.
  6. Updated list, added few new items required. If you have something not on list in new sealed condition, please let me know.
  7. Ok no worries, look forward seeing what's on offer
  8. Certainly be interested in the mint boxed ti games, depending on titles Also possible for boxed Henhouse please.
  9. My intrigue software collection, looking for two titles complete the collection. BENEATH THE STARS PANIC ON THE TITANIC (never even seen this one ) Hoping someone may have a spare copy willing to sell
  10. Just added some more ti99 cassette titles to my collection. Always looking out for others to add
  11. TI99/4a Intrigue Software Cassette's for sale or trade. Looking for new sealed TI99 software. LIONEL AND THE LADDERS £30.00 QUASIMODO £45.00 SNOUT OF SPOUT £65.00 All items excluding shipping, please ask for shipping costs.
  12. Do anyone know who actually have those Thorn EMI prototype cartridges, other than Toucan.
  13. Looking for cassette software for the TEXAS TI99/4a. Please PM with your prices and pictures of items you want to sell. I'm from the UK.
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