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  1. Oh well, I'm going to need to be very nice to the wife, could end up spending stupid amount of money on his auctions. 😉
  2. Hi I'm looking for Texas Instruments TI99 software. Mainly cassette or cartridges wanted. I'm from the UK. If you have any items that your looking to sell, please send me a message, with prices if possible.
  3. Hi Martin Have you kept any of the games you programmed for the TI99
  4. Recently Boxed ZeroZap sold for under £29.00. Few months back I bought Hangman cartridge only for £20.00. Hope this helps.
  5. Soon as I see your name, my heart missed a best hoping to see those thorn emi games up for sale 😁
  6. @INVISIBLE not sure what information you would like on the Texas Video card PHP1290, I do have manuals that came with it. The gentleman I brought it off, his uncle was part of the development team at Texas Instruments for this card.
  7. Some of you have probably got these boxed, I'm determined to get those for my collection. Hopefully 😁
  8. Here goes, I've not got that many items as rare as you guys, I mostly collect NOS original items.
  9. I have two Espial boxed, Been very lucky and paid reasonable prices for both.
  10. The Golden Voyage manual above it, not seen one of those either. Only Adventure International titles, with new style manuals I've seen, Adventureland and Mission Impossible.
  11. Had a PM from Zach a few weeks back, asking if I or someone I knew would be interested in buying large order or all of his inventory. I was honest and told him that the amount Zach has would be very difficult to sell, asked for inventory list and pictures, declined. How could I possibly consider his offer without knowing what stock he has to offer. I spoke to a friend of mine which buys warehouse stock, would he consider it, not unless he knows exactly what's on offer. Since those messages Zach only replied to one of my messages. I can see in the near future most of his stock either gathering a lot of dust, or landfill.
  12. Intrigue Software released one title for the Amstrad CPC 464 home computer.
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