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  1. @Starwander could it be possible on your store to include the sizes of all your box protectors please.
  2. The shipping costs would be sky high with the weight of that lot. I'm missing the CC9900 micro expansion system out of that collection.
  3. Would like to obtain box protectors for Atarisoft and Romox titles. I collect TI99/4a I'm sure commodore and atari are the same size.
  4. My Funware titles came from French retailer artotasoft all shrink wrap. Tigervision titles from Teldec Germany those not sealed. All Romox titles I have are shrink wrap.
  5. I would message the seller and ask could you make a best offer. I'm from the UK I certainly would not pay £145. Unfortunately I don't have a spare at this time. Sold a mint working ti few months back for £80 including shipping.
  6. Missed out on one of these a few months back 😥 @dhe wouldn't have a spare you would like to part with 😁
  7. Video Controller Card letter and instructions leaflet. Adobe Scan 26 Apr 2021 (1).pdf
  8. Video Controller Card users guide booklet. @Ksarul Adobe Scan 26 Apr 2021.pdf
  9. Video controller course designer/Authorising package booklet. Will download others probably over the weekend. @Ksarul Adobe Scan 22 Apr 2021.pdf
  10. I'll try and scan those books over the weekend or early next week 👍. I've got a busy week ahead of me in work, so it's going to be long hours, time I get in, I'm totally drained.
  11. Oh well, I'm going to need to be very nice to the wife, could end up spending stupid amount of money on his auctions. 😉
  12. Hi I'm looking for Texas Instruments TI99 software. Mainly cassette or cartridges wanted. I'm from the UK. If you have any items that your looking to sell, please send me a message, with prices if possible.
  13. Hi Martin Have you kept any of the games you programmed for the TI99
  14. Recently Boxed ZeroZap sold for under £29.00. Few months back I bought Hangman cartridge only for £20.00. Hope this helps.
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