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  1. everything from 13502 ny usa Up first 2 working 1541s both include ac and serial cables, 60 plus shipping each all games are tested and working except law of the west, which can't get to gameplay due to disk damage (probably) some come with the company sleeves all include a sleeve they are all 4 dollars each plus shipping, except law of the west, which is 1 dollar or free with something else (it is basically for the manual) psi 5 law of the west castle wolfenstein summer games 2 1985 the day after outrun micro league wrestling space shuttle only one at a different price space pilot aka not time pilot, tested working c64 keyboard 50 epyx fast loader 20 other disk games all 5.25 floppy, untested but from the same source, so if the c64 stuff works, I'd imagine they were stored in the same conditions so they'll work too, but no guarantee I don't know on price, so make an offer, but I'm throwing prices out to get things started a train construction set 2 disks 5 out of this world 10 escape from hell 2 disks 10 pirates 2 disks 5 might and magic 3 isles of terra 3 disks 5 wizardry bane of the cosmic forge 5 disks 5 boulder dash construction kit 5 jordan vs bird 5 gemfire 2 disks 10 pics up shortly ti 99 4a editor assembler 5 if you're interested make an offer I'll be pretty flexible, especially with the untested disks, less so with the c64 hardware
  2. not only is it sold, but power lords has really jumped in value over the past year,
  3. alright, I got grand slam tennis for the arcadia 2001 (leisure vision label, but I don't worry about that) I think I'm down to just jump bug for north american releases, does anyone have a list of all the canadian leisure vision games?

  4. Is always interesting, but when they do show up, act, ikari seems to be creeping up in value again, custer's revenge went back up fast, remember when amiga cd32s could be had from like 150 dollars?
  5. how bizarre, I love it, wish more games came in neon colored shells.
  6. probably going to be the final score of the year, but someone was tossing an atari and a mountain of common games, 

    so I kept a heavy sixer telegames from the trash, but the sound doesn't work right now, going to look into it tomorrow

    1. joeatari1


      The goalie slides across the goal mouth.  Whoa! Kick save and a beauty!  Very nice to rescue a H6er from the garbage heap.  Congrats on the pickup.

    2. GoldLeader
  7. Does anyone know what to use for proof of value when payment was received through ebay managed payments? 

    The usps smashed one of my packages to bits and they claim the item receipt is insufficient proof of vallue.

    1. Shawn


      The receipt is all you need. That is a delay tactic cause they wanna see if they can brush you off without paying out the insurance. They are scum. Stick to your guns and you will be fine. Be sure to take names and ID numbers of the people who give you a hard time along the way towards getting exactly what you are entitled to and which you have paid for with your insured package they wrecked.

  8. the multicart is definitely good stuff, especially compared to 2 grand for checkers
  9. right after ready play one came out adventure was running 30-50 dollars cart only and cib was stupid expensive for a little while too
  10. found an odyssey game (as in odyssey 1!) at the flea market today. 

    1. high voltage

      high voltage

      did you buy it

    2. GoldLeader


      Jesus Breakdancing Christmas !  


      I don't think I've even seen an NES game at a flea market,  LOL.



    3. masschamber


      Guy wanted 3 bucks for it, needless to say I. Bought it, wipeout, no manual or pegs,  but still box, board and overlays are nice

  11. all on hold/sold all games are leisure vision games all the cart only games are 3 dollars each except hobo and super gobbler at 15 each space mission is 5 all cart only boxed games are complete except the 1 space attack (though the other is mismatched leisure vision cart and overlay, arcadia box/manual) the space attacks are 3 each the other cib games are 5, shipping not included, from the us 1 space attack and 1 hobo sold sold Space Attack (boxed), Space Vulture (boxed), Missile War (boxed), 3D Bowling, Super Gobbler & Space Mission
  12. hit a garage sale today, got a  prototype of enduro! (among some otherthings) unfortunately the proto is from late january 83 so probably no different from release

    1. masschamber


      yep, same as retail

    2. Rogerpoco


      I want it.


  13. Pretty sure the apf m 1000 uses the same Motorola graphics chip as the coco 1, the 6847, and I think the only difference on the cpu side is the 6803 has ram in the ic
  14. I think the only thing would be the rom, but the system is basically a worse coco 1
  15. the controller is just a matrix, everything can be repaired
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