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  1. bought the planescape tourment/icewind double pack for the switch, seems neat, but man that text is microscopic

    1. jamm


      The Switch's resolution is too high for the size screen it has. It's that high just to make it easier for devs to port games without having to make as many changes. That's why it has a built-in magnification function. 😕

  2. Frankly, outside of the terrible build quality, I don't think the 5200 controller is really that bad, plus there are games that it works outright great with.  Also I've been rebuilding controllers by soaking the flex circuit in mineral oil, and cleaning the carbon dots before painting the with silver conductive ink,  works really well

  3. I have a few free red box rental codes , They expire on February 29th. a state which one you are taking. Only take one at least until next week 7SMQRZR7 7ZN5SUPQ KQMW4CLN 7DX6K7YC DU584ZK3
  4. snow day today, my daughter and I spent the whole day playing and watching cartoons, She really likes that megaman cartoon, her favorite episode is the one with megaman x, who she refers to as megaman x box

    plus she helped me take apart and refurbish all my bad 5200 controllers (tried silver ink, seems to work really well)

  5. I played it with my friends kids, (10 and 8 ) they liked it game play is pretty simple, basically just search for the rings hidden under the caps
  6. picked up a non working 5200 lota few days ago, my friends kid is learning how to repair electronics so I gave him the go ahead to try and fix it, but to run any ideas he has by me before trying it.  So a bit later he sends a message asking if  it is  the flip flop by the on off switch.  Well that is another 5200 saved from the scrap heap,  

    1. bluejay


      How did a flip flop end up in a 5200 in the first place?

  7. My daughter happened upon the megaman cartoon from 1994, I think it's easily the best video game cartoon I've seen

    1. Mord


      I don't know about -best- but I know I enjoyed it a lot both back in the day and recently.  I ended up buying the complete collection on DVD a few years back when HMV was still a thing in Canada.

    2. SlidellMan


      If there was one thing Capcom got right: they got the Beast Wars and ReBoot cast voicing their characters. Seriously, Scott McNeil as Dr. Wily and Protoman is near impossible to top. By the way, I can also impersonate Cut Man, Bright Man, Toad Man, and Pharaoh Man.

  8. found a copy of shadow war of succession for the 3do... much much worse than rise of the robots, a concept I find difficult to comprehend 

    1. Austin


      Congrats, you've officially reached the bottom of the barrel when it comes to 3DO games. 🤣

  9. smithereens might be the odyssey 2's best game, my daughter and her friends have been playing it for like an hour

    1. Machine


      Smithereens is the first game we play when we fire up the O2

  10. I don't know which is more exciting this or tetras we know that tetris is great, but we know what to expect by this cart is new and exciting, plus golf definitely looks great
  11. I don't think you need to rush, it's not like they're going to unroll out this patch...
  12. His refund was done under false pretenses, which is fraud,
  13. don't care if it is going to be a while, it is also going to be AWESOME
  14. because he canceled the sale claiming lost in the mail, ebay stopped me from leaving feedback, but it was never even mailed, here's the original tracking, never even dropped off at the post office 9405508699939419103428 plus he blocked all communication with me before I ever contacted him here's the original listing https://www.ebay.com/itm/Vtg-Atari-Lynx-Hand-Held-Game-Console-see-Details-AS-IS/283681913829?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2649 plus the guy seems to be a car salesman for his full time job,
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