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  1. Do you want to build a snowman from frozen is clearly a rip off of let's build a snow man from cannibal the musical, only the lyrics, tune, rhythm, and theme are different.

  2. got bounty bob 5200, it was in a local lot for 150 dollars (guy would not move or seperate, but oh well), the rest of the games are probably only worth about 50-60 dollars so I had to pay about 100 for bounty bob, but I can live with that. Unfortunately this leaves me with nothing new atari related to find in the wild unless it is an r7 2600 game or higher or boxes.

    1. CPUWIZ
    2. MegaManFan


      Congrats! And now to sell off the extras (a problem we all routinely have).

  3. You know almost every pizza I eat resembles pacman at one point, I should start listing those
  4. anyone else find the not intellivision 2 stickers on coleco's intellivision games funny?

  5. I ended up with spares of both of these, both in box with the original insert, 15 shipped for bomber man, 40 shipped for mario
  6. all sold berzerk 1 big bird egg catch 4 bump n jump 7 combat 0.5 cosmic creeps 3 cruise missile 5 death trap 50 desert falcon 5 dragon fire 2 dragster 1 et 3 fire fighter 2 x3 fire fly 3 front line 8 gi cobra strike 4 grand prix 1 x2 ice hockey 1 kung fu master 6 london blitz 30 mad 3 mario bros 10 maze picture 5 oscar trash 4 pacman 0.5 phoenix 2 piece of cake 5 racquetball 3 radar lock 5 real sports fb 1 riddle of the sphinx 2 rs baseball 1 sky skipper 2 solaris 3 solaris 4 space cavern 2 spider man 2 star fox 3 star raiders 1 super cobra 4 sword quest fire 2 vangaurd 2 video pinball 0.5 video pinball 1 wabbit 5 zaxxon 5 shipping on 1 game to the US is 3.50, price increase by like 75 cents a cart for the next 6 or so, then it has to be calculated, I think I can fit like 45 carts in a region b box, which is the equivalent of 4 pounds shipped from ny if you want a shipping ceiling. pics will be up in a minute
  7. the street fighter cartoon from the 90s is the best type of terrible, 

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    2. retrorussell


      I thought the guy that played Bison was terrific-- absolutely cheesy and hammy, which was perfect for the show.  Otherwise.. yuck!  Great "worst clips" montages on YouTube.

    3. fdurso224
    4. frankodragon


      The only memorable scene was Sagat saying to a kid, "You like some corn flakes, ha ha ha!"

  8. but you're awesome at making crazy homebrew games for odd ball systems
  9. my last place to find old game stuff has decided to crank the prices up to 11, they had a few common atari games in box for 50 dollars each, still checked incase of like sears superman or cannon man but well probably won't be finding anything cool locally much anymore.

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    2. CyranoJ


      Welcome to literally everywhere in Australia

    3. Atarian7


      "These go to 11."      

    4. Rogerpoco


      Man, I think mentioned to you once the chain that closed around here relatively recently-I had really just started "serious collecting", now I am kicking myself at all the things I passed up, for reasonable prices, ugh.

  10. I just watched the video on that, that so awesome
  11. beyond the fact that the gatefolds are so nice to begin with, I've collected atari for years and I've never actually had a hex disk despite owning a few dozen cx10s, wild score
  12. I think I have a spare jr. need to check on an ac adapter though (not sure if I have a good one), but anyway for a full setup (2 good cx 40 joysticks, switch box, paddles (your on your own with these) and ac adapter) with no games, 35 plus shipping, which given your in NY shouldn't be more than 7 or 8 dollars
  13. I always wonder what the journey of a console like this is, I mean , us console imported to a small market, complete with localized box, somehow ends up in italy decades later, really wild stuff
  14. Hate the current rainbow six siege title screen, what is it doing that's causing the system's fan to scream loader than even the most intense gameplay (on ps4)?

  15. it's too cold today

    1. Wally1


      Agreed.  NYC is like 20 something, real feel.

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