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  1. anyone want a mcwill moded, recapped, power components replaced lynx 1 with 4 games and a power supply for 265 dollars shipped to the US?

    1. joeatari1


      Unfortunately I just spent $300 at Songbird so I am out.  Would love this though as I have a Lynx II that was recapped and McWilled.:_(

    2. Magmavision2000


      What's a Mcwill? Is that something Ronald McDonald's kids are gonna get when he kicks the bucket?

  2. My daughter has decided that sorthing then counting my lynx games is a fun activity,

    counting to 82 is pretty good for her age as well,

    then she usually adds a little bit then asks if she can play pac man girl or pac man boy

  3. https://www.ebay.com/itm/164281936592 if you want it, contact me here directly and I'll ship it for 290 to the US, and I'll include 4 more games, pac land, basket brawl, warbirds and fussball plus a compatible power supply.
  4. I"m going to open it this evening, so if you want a sealed copy of super asteroids/missile command and you have a cib copy, let me know before like 8 on the east coast us.
  5. the rarer sears picture labels sure are getting really expensive.

  6. found a copy of super asteroids/missile command for the lynx, however, it is new.  Any sealed that wants a sealed one have a cib one to make a exchange of some sort?

  7. basically all atari and intellivision manuals a 25 cents a piece unless noted, overlays are 50 cents a pair, 25 cents for individuals also extra open to offers, shipping not included, starts 3 dollars for 1 item and grows really slowly (like 1 manual or 10 manuals will be 3 dollars) 2600 manuals available armor ambush atlantis barn storming battlezone ice hockey indy 500 pole position slot racer space attack street racer sword quest earth world sword quest fire world vanguard video pinball warlords atlantis frogger riddle of the sphinx (black and white) et space invaders breakout asteroids kangaroo ms pacman chopper command solaris donkey kong q bert atari secret quest dark chambers sprint master 7800 50 cents each pole position 2 jinks xevious joust ms pacman centipede desert falcom 1 dollar manuals mash, mountain king intellivision manuals ad&d atlantis b 17 bomber bomb squad demon attack donkey kong dragon fire lock n chase mission x nba night stalker poker/blackjack us ski team skiing tripple action tron deadly disk uptopia river raid 3 dollars intellivision 2 system manual 3 dollars overlays, pair unless their is a * add treasures* auto racing atlantis* basketball b17 bomb squad* burger time demon attack dragon fire lock n chase mission x * motocross night stalker pitfall poker black jack skiing snafu sub hunt * triple action tron deadly discs utopia colecovision moon sweeper manual 1 dollar war room overlay set 2 dollars spy hunter, 2 standard overlays, 1 super action 3 dollars lynx 2 dollar manuals slime world shanghai (2 av) rampart (2av) kung food chips challenge warbirds hold 3 dollar manuals klax toki blue lightning (small) paper boy lynx box and manual chips challenge 3 lynx manuals super asteroids missile command 15 lemmings (includes dead card) 15 hold
  8. well, I preordered the purple one, looking forward to supporting a video game console made by a video game company that actually looks like a console instead of a dull block intended to "fit in" with an entertainment system
  9. gunslinger sears picture label went for a bit much https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gunslinger-by-Sears-Tele-Games-for-Atari-2600-Picture-Label/274427226110?hash=item3fe52327fe:g:IK8AAOSw1H1fDPsA love that label though, another is listed should be interesting to see if it is a fluke or that joins checkers channel f in crazy town https://www.ebay.com/itm/Gunslinger-by-Sears-Tele-Games-for-Atari-2600-Picture-Label/392893972081?hash=item5b7a4e3e71:g:PiIAAOSwX3BfJJL4
  10. First stop is an Atari 65xe with three games 2 cx40 joysticks power supply and switch box Everything's checking out find keyboards fully functional passed the ram tests $75 plus shipping located in New York I have two sio cables available $10 each plus shipping
  11. as long as you didn't fry anything you might still be okay, how are the grommits on the ac adapter pass thru?
  12. that doesn't mean it's hopeless, are there any obvious shorts? I mean the traces aren't exactly hard to follow on it, also, I don't think anything on the board is hard to find except the f8 chips and even then I think you can still find 3850s, they're not super cheap but they aren't super expensive either, so as long as those aren't fried you should be able to save it.
  13. anyone else ever tempted to click on spam just for the engrish contained within?

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    2. OldSchoolRetroGamer


      Apparently just earlier today I had a big payout from Fortune Casino, they just wanted to confirm my "infos" 😆

    3. Zoyous


      I keep a list of bizarre spam sender names... Minerva Hutchcroft, Mrs. Gavra Rossman, Blondelle Sylvain... these sound legit, right?

    4. MrMaddog


      More for the simple Asian erotic literture...

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