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  1. on the bright side with prices like that she'll never get a dime for it
  2. don't know why I can't accept pms, but I certainly took that ebay offer as soon as I saw it, hope you enjoy this stuff, some of it is likely 1 of a kind.
  3. well, it's scanned now, so archive away, and if any elitests rare material people don't like it, too bad, I'd rather get less money for it and see to it that anyone that wants the information can have it.
  4. okay here is everything I am going to list on ebay, the bin will be set at 1000, I don't expect to get that (then again I listed the printer interface and mic for 500 and didn't expect to get that either) , I'm going to make it quite clear I am very open to offers, but you know if they are worth that to someone, obviously I wouldn't be complaining yeah they are incredibly rare, but they are also just paper work, and given there is 0 data to go off of this is one of those I'm going to start with the absolute max I think I could get then work down from there If any of you guys make an offer, obviously I'd rather get it to someone here and am willing to take way less, and I mean way less, I guess I put out 200 and go from there, if that's too high I'll go lower, I am interested in trading, but the only intellivision game I don't have is well, spiker's intellivisionstuff.pdf
  5. also among the paper work was an alphacom inc warranty letter and sp40 manual, I think mattel just packaged the keyboard component printer with alphacom's existing manaul
  6. that's the plan, don't care if it hurts the value, if people want them archived then I'm in, I'm going to try to do so tomorrow,
  7. So I ended up with crosswords 1,2, and 3s manuals, plus some bulletins, updates and what seems to be internal Mattel materials for the keyboard component does anyone want me to get some scans of this stuff before I try to sell it?
  8. well, this was a neat score, an intellivision keyboard component parallel interface, a bunch of internal Mattel paper work, a keyboard component microphone and a bunch of keyboard component game manuals

  9. pretty sure  "improve user experience" means increase spying while removing features people like.

    1. BydoEmpire


      Don't forget having the opportunity to re-buy software and hardware you already bought and works fine, but is no longer compatible.

  10. don't worry it's all about improving user experience, like when they got rid of ebay bucks, or when they got rid of general discount coupons, buyers only like buying from ebay's hand selected "deals" sellers trying to find things in the action figures section went to garbage last week when they removed basically all categories for just a generic action figures, being able to specify transformers, or gi joe or star wars etc categories made it harder to find you what you want according to ebay.
  11. So I'm trying to complete an original transformers skystalker, I'm just missing the right shuttle wing, but they are basically unobtainable, yet the left wing, which is mirrored, but otherwise identical is readily available.  How bizarre. 

    1. ClassicGMR


      And until just now I had never heard of Skystalker. Nice. Learned something new today. :)

    2. IntelliMission


      I suggest you keep on searching, I'm sure there's...


      ...more than meets the eye.



  12. looks like the odyssey 2 is slowly creeping up in price and with it the last vestige of affordable classic gaming

    1. ClassicGMR


      What's wrong with a left nut and a right pinky for an E.T. cartridge?

    2. Frozone212


      I go to the VideoGameCritic for my reviews. the Odyssey has mostly F's and D's with the occasionally rare A title.


      Still, curiosity is a good thing, just don't expect arcade quality

    3. Rogerpoco


      Man-Wife is way too good to me(I got a Conure a couple days ago, she insisted, lol. "For me". Ok, Thanks!), you know I've been putting off that one a couple towns away from me, but I'm trying to work it out now, don't want to miss out, thanks for the heads up!!!


      @Frozone212 - I have/play almost every system, haha, pretty lucky-TOTALLY get what you are saying, but tbh, if I want arcade, I play MAME, haha, etc, etc-I don't play too much modern stuff, but still a good time-range of technology, and I honestly don't compare games, say, side by side on different systems, I just assume/take them all as "different", since I have almost any option to play, and just enjoy it for what it is.

      I swear, not poo-pooing on your sentiment, haha, what I am saying is that I don't mind to adjust to "bad games", squeeze what I can out of them!


  13. Like the title says, a virtual boy, I've reflowed the leds using a sealing iron , so it is 100% working, and should continue to for years, There is an exposed patch on the controller cable, but it works fine, includes a thrid party stand, shader and shader bracket, psu is third party but the tap is nintendo made. includes a japanese mario tennis 230 shipped to the US
  14. To improve the "ebay bucks" experience, Basing our decision on user feedback, we have decided to remove the 1% on everyday purchases.  Now you will only earn them on our exciting limited time offers.

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Keatah


      Typical corporate america. Making something less desirable while telling you it's more desirable.


      And "experience" is becoming overused in communications from company-to-customer.

    3. RandomPerson


      So users said they would prefer not to get 1 percent on all purchases? Ya right.

    4. zylon


      I used to use that for my factory's stuff, lol. I avg'd 100+ every time.

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