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  1. Im pretty sure ebay can still cancel the sale as a flagrant policy violation and refund the buyers money
  2. my daughter built a time machine and travel back to 1983 to buy and original copy then to 2000, had a career, bought a house that I would eventually go to a garage sale to then told her younger self to tear off the end label before listing it after traveling through time some more
  3. Don't worry I'll share the sweet sweet lolz if he responds
  4. I offered him 1 cent demanding free shipping
  5. excellent, I reported it as well as questioning the validity of the item, which is against ebay policy as well. though for laughs I offered him 1 cent stating with one of my accounts saying it is clearly a bootleg and I'd take it off his hands if he gave me free shipping as well.
  6. I'll leave it up for the time being, but they definitely pay attention to items previously taken down
  7. Seems to have been taken down, though it is back as a buy it now item Saw i was beaten, Too slow on my post Should get taken down easily now, I can end my listing
  8. I've reported it on 2 of my 3 accounts ( the one with the eli's ladder listed I didn't) you'd think what seems like a dozen reports would get ebay to act.
  9. help prevent fraud, report this as a fake on ebay


    1. GoldLeader


      Done and Done!  (I mean I've already reported it earlier haha...)


      BTW,  I sent you an ebay question thanking you for showing a Real Eli's Ladder...At least I think I wrote something to that effect :)  Can you still show publicly, the questions you've received?

    2. masschamber
    3. GoldLeader


      No worries.  I just thought it might help the cause a bit if you displayed people's questions, IF it's still possible like in the old days...  I can't even find an email record of my question...Hell, maybe it didn't go through.

  10. Japanese title translates to gold rush, gooledo rasshu
  11. Since you have the tissue paper manual like 60 to 80 dollars
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