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  1. Hit the flea market yesterday got great deal on a. 7800 with some 2600 carts and what should have been an amazing Box of Genesis games (grind stormer, beyond oasis, and more) but they're all dead, no damaged traces or corrosion, just dead carts really odd, oh well that's the way the cookie crumbles 

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    2. masschamber


      well that might explain the high price on working carts of grindstormer

    3. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      nah easy fix, tengen made the traces too thin, just run jumper wires to the fingers from the chip or transplant the chip from the later tengen pcb to and earlier one before they cheaped out, or choose from a compatible pcb an move the chip there. No reason to throw them out or drive up the price on them, just fix them. This is super common... hmmm youtube plz


    4. masschamber


      well, I should definitely fix grindstormer

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