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  1. got back from the flea market today, got a mountain  of 7800 games, nothing new for me (I have the complete library) but I got fatal runs box and manual out of the deal, so I should turn a profit and got one major box out of the deal (plus some less substantial ones) plus there was some sort of expansion card selector in the box, anyone hear of a comp bh-1 or know of an 80s computer  company with a cube containing 3 p's as a logo?

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    2. masschamber


      I do thoroughly scour flea markets, garage sales, junk stores etc,

    3. AAA177


      What is the best way to search for flea markets in any given area? Is there a website dedicated to something like this? And is there any way to narrow down ones that have older games for sale, perhaps even by system? 

    4. masschamber


      my main rule is talk to every seller that has reasonable prices or stuff from the era, you'd be surprised out how many times I've  gotten flea  market sellers to bring the games they have next time, by talking to them.  Other than that, hit everything

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