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  1. picked up a box of ds/gameboy stuff at a garage sale today, most of the cases turned out to be empty (no big deal as it was cheap) but it had zelda minish cap (real not a boot) and zelda oracle of seasons so really nice stuff to add to my collection

    then pokemon black 2 sealed! yeah I'm going to be  selling that, 

    1. jhd


      I have encountered people (and stores!) selling empty game cases before. That is why I always check before I make my purchase. I'm happy that you found at least something worthwhile. 

    2. masschamber


      believe me i always check cases at stores but this was 25 bucks with a ds and minish cap, it was already golden

      but yeah at like the salvation army or a thrift store, always check cases, as a good chunk of the time they are empty

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