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  1. so a constant low baller messaged me on ebay mad that I blocked them from bidding/sending offers.

    1. joeatari1


      Damn it man!  Why'd you block me!  I really want that Neo Geo AES for $100!  You gotta sell it while you can, nobody else gonna bid on this thing.

    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      heh, imagine that, an auction site where people bid low or attempt to get a low price. man... ban them all. Only Big Coin rich COLLECTION graded people should exist there!!! [email protected]@k super duper RARE VINTAGE HIGH BALLERS only need press that button!!!   How dare poor peons plead a case or DARE to attempt to haggle and deal    :)    The shear audacity of a person to even consider an item could possibly be less than msrp or asking price more than once!  Maybe just don't set up best offer, or state the price is firm, perhaps setting a reserve or higher starting price... you know, like it's been done on other auction, bid, or sales platforms going back to the classifieds in the newspaper days. Maybe it costs a couple pennies more or some sort of fee to set it up that way, THUS causing a person not willing to pay for that set up to field such atrocities !!!   Did I nail it? Did I get the perfect ranter of the year award?  Armies of Low ballers unite and Make ebay Cheap Again. :mwah ha ha ha ha!!  evil laughter !!!  The MeCA movement lives!! Make eBay Cheap Again!     OK, I think I get the Academy Award now... thank you thank you!  I'd like to thank....

    3. thanatos


      I hope he wasn't wanting any HOLY GRAIL!s or LAUNCH EDITION!s


      So you can still get messaged if you block a bidder?   That seems odd.



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