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  1. 5 hours ago, phoenixdownita said:

    I have to ask .... why?

    You can send your money directly to them if you want to support in spite of anything etc... etc.... why would you buy no matter what or as you say "don't care"?


    What is it that you expect to buy? Something from Intellivision to reconnect to years bygone? Something from Tommy that I suppose sold you on the idea?

    There are tons of ways to throw one's money away, why this one? 

    And I really don't care where you decide to put your money, I really try to understand why such an extreme position of "I'll buy it anyway even if it may electrocute me" (I know I added the second part for dramatic purposes).



    One thing I learnt about "people" (me included) is that we hate being wrong and rather than admit and rectify at times we get so entangled with emotions and disbelief that we may have been wrong all along that we'd rather drive all the way against that wall face first rather than course correct, let the emotions calm down and regain some modicum of rationality and rethink all our strategy. There are impulse purchases, there are irrational purchases, there are drunk purchases but that doesn't mean one has to make them as a matter of pride ... or maybe I don't understand your angle hence the question.



    What difference does it make to you?  


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  2. got an email from GameStop explaining that the item was  canceled by the vendor

    shame, as I was really looking forward to it because I like silly novelties like it was shaping up to be (though probably not supposed to be) oh well,  if they manage to limp something out the gate, I'll buy one still (fully aware it will fail+ underdeliver, don't care)

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  3. 4 hours ago, wolfy62 said:

    They couldn't charge my expired credit card,so after 7 attempts by Gamestop they canceled my preorder. 

    Wherever else will I be able to get my purple Amico?

    Whoas me,my heavens!!!😯

    Screenshot_20220405-120236_Yahoo Mail.jpg

    i have current payment details, and mine was still cancelled I think gamestop is done with it

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  4. 3 hours ago, MrBeefy said:

    It's only real chance to be in the same space as the Switch was killed by the price. A lower price with small simple games could have helped. Kind of like a "kid's first console". It is 100% a retro nostalgia bait console which tacked on the 'casual gaming' talk as an investor talking point.


    It makes zero sense for a family to buy an Amico over a Switch at the price without the nostalgia being the main draw. The software they have shown isn't special or stand out enough at the same price as the Switch to make a dent in that market. Switch eshop has a bunch of similar games and will usually be as cheap or cheaper than Amico games.


    Take the name Intellivision out of it and it would be interesting to see how many of those 6000 would have preordered.

    Silly looking console with odd ball controllers called Tommy t's electric Boogaloo box?  I'd have bought it, but I also bought a philips in2it , not exactly a typical mainstream consumers

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  5. 8 hours ago, Rev said:

    Gamestop has listed Amico as Sold Out and is no longer accepting new pre orders. 

    Also, searching for Intellivision Amico on “shopping” no longer pulls up the Gamestop page. 



    gamestop attempted to process payment  on my order and kept giving errors,  I think gamestop is done with it

  6. shipped to the US

    c64 carts

    28 shipped for the lot


    omega race

    donkey kong 

    radar rate race

    story machine

    visible solar system


    vic 20 carts on hold

    35 shipped for the lot

    adventure land

    voodoo castle

    cosmic cruncher


    jupiter lander

    alien 2 copies

    donkey kong

    plus sargon chess 2, unpictured



    Ti-99/4a carts  35 shipped

    moon patrol

    pole position

    super demon attack

    ti invaders x3

    moon mine

    foot ball 


    car wars 


    early learning fun x2

    household budget

    ti writer


    both combined (ti and vic 20 carts) 60 shipped



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  7. 11 minutes ago, ClassicGMR said:

    I am so happy I claimed this. The software itself is useless but the box items and MAPS maps MaPs are exactly what I'd hoped for. Game room is getting some severely overdue MMO decorations. Hell the WoW boxes will look great on the computer desk - right above the monitor - in all its release order glory! :)


    Thanks Mass!

    glad you took them, always sweet to get something to someone that wants it rather than be forced to toss it.

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  8. ships from New York, shipping not included

    intellivision 2, working  good controllers with an atari 8 bit psu, intellivoice, and all the pictured games with it (I forget what they are but they'll be in the picture) 50

    tower of doom 25

    turbo 40

    Snap on sticks 15

    Channel f buttons 10

    lot of 2600 games, all pictured 30 








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  9. man korea's ban on japanese imports resulted in some of the best stuff (topped by brazil, but that's only because how absolutely nuts brazilian clones get)

    plus everyone should remember, korea is ntsc so those of us in the US can actually enjoy the stuff.  When I was in korea I showed my students an original atari and played it a bit. They thought it was the best thing ever. man I  miss teaching there.

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  10. I recently picked up a lot of stuff that had a bunch of mmo retail packages, complete in box

    wow base+first 3 expansion in retail packaging, everquest evolution and everquest 2, in full retail packaging, ultima online retail disks of 1, 2nd age and 3rd dawn

    everything is in really nice condition, but given they're mmos not exactly useful

    doom 3 and resurrection of evil are also included, doom 3 is disks and case, resurrection of evil is complete

    going to see if anyone want these before I toss them, 

    all or nothing, but the weight gets pretty high like 7 pounds or so, in New york, so nearby it will be 12 dollars to send them all , but further across the country and we are looking at a large flat rate box gets the best price to places like california and Washington at 20

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  11. 2 minutes ago, Keatah said:

    Ha! Yes indeed. There was a time when I was asked to NOT scan something for the Apple II, because value. Screw that! Can never have too much scanned documentation & manuals.

    well, it's scanned now, so archive away, and if any elitests rare material people don't like it, too bad, I'd rather get less money for it and see to it that anyone that wants the information can have it.

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