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  1. To improve the "ebay bucks" experience, Basing our decision on user feedback, we have decided to remove the 1% on everyday purchases.  Now you will only earn them on our exciting limited time offers.

    1. Keatah


      Typical corporate america. Making something less desirable while telling you it's more desirable.


      And "experience" is becoming overused in communications from company-to-customer.

    2. Shawn


      So users said they would prefer not to get 1 percent on all purchases? Ya right.

    3. zylon


      I used to use that for my factory's stuff, lol. I avg'd 100+ every time.

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  2. So I know where there is a original copy of kevtris for about 150 dollars, kind of tempted to buy it.  

    1. CPUWIZ


      Why don't you just ask Kevin to make you one?

    2. masschamber


      that's a good point, why pay 150 for a 16/100 on a label

    3. CPUWIZ


      Maybe he'll make you a signed 101.

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  3. Do you want to build a snowman from frozen is clearly a rip off of let's build a snow man from cannibal the musical, only the lyrics, tune, rhythm, and theme are different.

  4. got bounty bob 5200, it was in a local lot for 150 dollars (guy would not move or seperate, but oh well), the rest of the games are probably only worth about 50-60 dollars so I had to pay about 100 for bounty bob, but I can live with that. Unfortunately this leaves me with nothing new atari related to find in the wild unless it is an r7 2600 game or higher or boxes.

    1. CPUWIZ
    2. MegaManFan


      Congrats! And now to sell off the extras (a problem we all routinely have).

  5. anyone else find the not intellivision 2 stickers on coleco's intellivision games funny?

  6. the street fighter cartoon from the 90s is the best type of terrible, 

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    2. retrorussell


      I thought the guy that played Bison was terrific-- absolutely cheesy and hammy, which was perfect for the show.  Otherwise.. yuck!  Great "worst clips" montages on YouTube.

    3. Charlie Cat
    4. frankodragon


      The only memorable scene was Sagat saying to a kid, "You like some corn flakes, ha ha ha!"

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  7. my last place to find old game stuff has decided to crank the prices up to 11, they had a few common atari games in box for 50 dollars each, still checked incase of like sears superman or cannon man but well probably won't be finding anything cool locally much anymore.

    1. CyranoJ


      Welcome to literally everywhere in Australia

    2. Atarian7


      "These go to 11."      

    3. Rogerpoco


      Man, I think mentioned to you once the chain that closed around here relatively recently-I had really just started "serious collecting", now I am kicking myself at all the things I passed up, for reasonable prices, ugh.

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  8. Hate the current rainbow six siege title screen, what is it doing that's causing the system's fan to scream loader than even the most intense gameplay (on ps4)?

  9. it's too cold today

    1. Wally1


      Agreed.  NYC is like 20 something, real feel.

  10. finished my taxes, absolutely tiny refunds from both state and fed, mission accomplished, I minimized the excess income withheld in taxes.

    1. cvga


      Holy cow. Way to be on it! I always plan on getting mine done early but I'm sure I'll be finishing them up the second week of April lol.

    2. Rhomaios


      Waiting on unemployment documents before filing mine. I'm not looking forward to paying the taxes on that. Luckily I wasn't out that long before my company reopened.

  11. when my sister was in like 3rd grade a friend was visiting and she wanted my sister to play checkers,  My sister had never played checkers, only chess, though I think my daughter will actually one up that as right now she only knows how to play shogi.

    1. Rogerpoco



      Tho I totally get the sentiment, and DO agree, some dummy(...raises hand)kinda forced us to play Checkers in the 2600 HSC this year, and I think most of us developed a new found respect for the game-it's certainly NOT chess, but when played properly, with the enforced jump rule, it's a very strategic game, and beating the AI on even the easiest difficulty is a big challenge!

      As for me?

      I got two versions of Clue for Christmas, the new one and the classic one.

      I guess they are "decorations", because I can't, for the life of me, remember how to play it...


  12. man, washing machines are one of the best inventions ever.

  13. why does it always seem things that are prone to breaking suddenly become extremely resilient to breaking when you want them to break?

  14. judging by the selection, I think it is safe to say gamestop's current foray into used classic games is over.

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      @cybercylon The store in my area is doing great. Always people in it when I'm there.

    2. GoldLeader


      I've Never known GS to carry anything retro except Online.  Did your GS have classic games?  Ours and others I've seen never had any, but I always wondered if some stores actually had them.

    3. DragonGrafx-16


      @GoldLeader I haven't seen classic games (like NES/SNES/Genesis) in Game Stop since around 2007.

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  15. man I love ny's new toll system, the desktop site doesn't work for me and the mobile site is a pain to use, 

  16. my daughter is getting pretty good at mancala, she's been playing it online the switch for a few weeks now.

  17. so my mother got my daughter an american girls doll arcade for christmas, at first I assumed it was some cheesey mini game collection and thought oh that's cute.  Turns out american girl's licensed the quater arcade pac man and sold it in their packaging and an american girls splash screen at the start up, otherwise its identical to the normal release.  My daughter loves it, and frankly it's really nice.


  18. my daughter currently loves river city girls, she currently loves belting out the theme song at the top of her lungs.


    1. Zoyous


      The art and animation in that is excellent!

    2. Amstari


      My girls (and me) are loving it too! 

    3. digdugnate


      such a great game! (and the title song is pretty dang catchy)

  19. This only goes for "low ball offer" as proof here is one that went for less "links to bootleg knock off of the item"

    1. GoldLeader


      That happened?  ..  Hahaa...I shouldn't be too surprised.  At least it's an easy reply.  Mine's real, that one's a bootleg so of course its cheaper.  Mind if I ask what game? (I'm assuming a game or thereabouts).

    2. masschamber


      It was a g1 transformer, swoop, eBay is flooded with bootlegs 

  20. Replaced the internal speaker on my laptop (the original one died), added 16gb of ram (at 24), and installed migrated windows to a modest sized ssd, for about 60 bucks my computer will continue to be useful for quite a while longer.

    1. joeatari1


      Sounds like some nice upgrades there, congratulations.  Just got a computer with an SSD at work this year.  I had no idea they were so much faster than a standard hard drive.  I liked it so much that I made it a necessity for my new home rig.  Good luck and enjoy.

    2. masschamber


      I'm using the ssd for windows and basically nothing else, its a small drive but way more than enough for windows and to give it the life preserving overhead,  but speeding up windows is probably the best thing I can do to keep the computer fast

    3. jd_1138


      If you really want the beast to shine, put Linux or Chrome OS on it. :) But yeah those upgrades will certainly make it faster. An old HDD is a non-starter these days. I am loving my Google Pixelbook with Chrome. Even with only 8 GB of RAM, it's lightning fast. It has an SSD.

  21. anyone remember when video games didn't have their own category on ebay and where under camera and other electronics (or something like that)?

    1. cedropoole


      No, but I remember when Video Games were under the main catagory of Electronics and Computers. Video Games still don't have their own catagory. They are a subcatagory within the main catagory of Video Games and Consoles.

      1995 ebay website.jpg

    2. DragonGrafx-16


      LQQK might be gone but [email protected]@K replaced it lol

    3. Cebus Capucinis

      Cebus Capucinis

      And oh those golden days being the first Shopgoodwill users.....for the first six months of that site I got so much for pennies on the dollar.

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  22. I think the kimball z 50 might be one of the craziest/most awesome things ever, an organce with a complete (complete with 5 inch monitor) built in.  Total pain to find information about it, but I have a cartridge for it, it is in a data age case for some reason.

  23. Went to the junk stores today, pre christmas cleaning yielded some really good sears games complete in box, 

  24. triminous arrived today, really impressive stuff for the channel f, plays well too, but my model 1 controllers failed while playing, regardless @atari2600landdid a great job with this one, if he has any left you should definitely buy it.  worth it for the title screens alone!

  25. so I think I'm going to pick up solar chargers for a few people for Christmas, they never work as well as advertised, but it's a good way to have some spare power on the go.  First result on ebay advertises 900000 mah, yeah sure I believe that.

    1. joeatari1


      Maybe on Venus!

    2. carlsson


      Isn't that the battery capacity once it is charged? Yes, 900 Ah is like nine times a decent car battery.


      However I do see solar cell battery banks that do up to 1000 Ah but those are in the range of $1500-2000, which is a rather impressive Christmas gift, usually not a stocking filler.

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