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  1. went to pre-order an inellivision amico today, and  sold out!

    1. save2600


      He who hesitates...




    2. masschamber


      yep, I should have acted back when I first decided I wanted one.

    3. ls650


      I believe I've read that there may be one more pre-order run.   If you're interested, sign-up on their mailing list and you'll get notified right away.

  2. Got a package from atariage today, forgot is was coming.  Nice little surprise there.

    1. doctorclu


      Ah Senility where every day is like Christmas.

    2. Albert


      Glad the games arrived safely, hope you enjoy them!

    3. masschamber


      Oh I am, even the ones that don't have astro in the title.

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  3. My wife did a grocery run yesterday and I sent her to get 6 fresh bagels and 3 dozen packaged bagels, she miss understood and  brought back 4 dozen fresh bagel and 5 dozen prepackaged, so I'll be eating bagels in some for breakfast, lunch and dinner for the next few days until we use up the fresh ones.  That's not so bad and they're really good bagels.  

    1. Eltigro


      I'm sure in a different universe, I've had a lot of bagels.  I applied to work at a bagel place out of high school, but was not hired.  I like the asiago cheese bagels, but just eat them plain.  Nothing on them.  

    2. masschamber


      Bageltigro version, I only have sesame seed and cinnamon raisin among the fresh ones, so cinnamon raisin for breakfast, Use the sesame bagels for sandwiches and such for lunch and dinner.

    3. digdugnate


      so YOU were the reason they were out of friggin' bagels at the store! lol

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  4. Managed to get a copy of Daikatana for the nintendo 64, heard it was terrible and guess what?  It is!  Nice having that confirmed.

    1. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      I never played that one either,  the only thing I really ever knew about it was it had fantastic box art.

    2. MrMaddog


      GBC version is the best one to get since it plays like a Zelda game, no bad level design or buggy AI...

  5. down to my last ~25 loose intellivision carts, if anyone wants some cheap intellivision games let me know

    1. Theallknowingsause


      One time I found an Intellivision in someones garbage, even had a couple games with it!
      I took it home and dried it off and it worked perfectly, even both controllers worked!
      I really wish I still had it, we moved and we didn't have room for it 😕

    2. Cobra Kai

      Cobra Kai

      I would love to score an Inty setup in good shape

  6. Remember why I didn't fix that channel f months ago, that razor sharp rf shield

    1. RockyRaccoon


      Hope you didn't cut yourself! :(

  7. the channel f with the visual corruption did have the problem I expected, a bad ram chip, as a bonus I determined the other channel f might not power up, but all the socketed chips except 2 ram chips were good.

    1. Mikebloke


      What sort of visual corruption did you have? Mine has "dead pixels"of a kind, it displays dots in random colours on parts of the screen, but they do disappear when that part of the screen is refreshed, which to be fair isn't very often on a fairchild unless an object directly passes it. Its not enough to bother me, and I sold my second device which didn't have the issue.

    2. masschamber


      Some of the dots we're blank, that could be a ram issue 

  8. just played through double dragon on the lynx, shame they didn't use a 4 meg cart instead of 2 as it is just a bit too cut down...among other problems.  I still like it.

  9. Started the day with 5 bad Sega 32xs now I have 4 working one's

    the 5th av/power board is rusted through so no hope there, though the cpu board might be fine so it isn't use less

    1. wongojack


      I'm interested

  10. potentially great ebay coupon, paypalperks

    50 dollars off 300 (in your cart, not one item) plus, but you have to pay with paypal credit

  11. working from home certainly has resulted in lots of playing with my daughter, unfortunately I've run out of 2600s to fix, now I don't have any more chips for her to pull

  12. Does anyone remember a gum commercial from the mid 90s in which this guy chews a stick of gum then falls into a surreal world monochromatic world with women dressed in the same color, then when he tries a different color gum he falls into a world of that color (like falls into a pink world, a green world, a blue world)

    I remember it being a really neat commercial

  13. so I had a non working sears heavy sixer, and so I disassembled it and my daughter ran in asking to help.  So I let her pull and reseat the chips, and wouldn't you know it, the system just needed something reseated.  She was so pleased with herself

    1. bluejay


      @DoctorSpuds My CoCo won't load and save from cassettes after reseating all the RAM chips.

    2. _The Doctor__

      _The Doctor__

      were you grounded and static free? did you damage a socket or bend a leg? disturb an old solder joint, move corrosion in the way instead of out... the thing is to carefully clean and reseat !!

      Tray again only this time deoxit and straighten/slightly spread legs towards socket swipes...

    3. sramirez2008


      Beautiful story!  Thanks for sharing. If you haven't already done so, please add your H6'r to the following thread.


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  14. My daughter and I have been taking my time away from work to do really important things, reading books, play cooking, real cooking, and playing atari, everyday.  Every morning this week, wake up, daddy read this, we read a book, after a few books, "daddy can I play (in synthesizer voice) JUNO FIRST"

  15. my daughter really likes juno first, and she likes to tell everyone about she likes it by imitating the atarivox , 

  16. found zenji 5200, down to just bounty bob, though I think I'd rather just buy more 5200 homebrews (unless I find it in the wild) 

    they also had a 2003 masterpiece macross valkyrie, 

  17. so microsoft recently added rewards for playing game pass games, and if you completed everything it 5 dollars worth, I guess they decided they were giving away too much as this month it is now like 1 dollars worth of rewards  total

  18. really like playing wizard of war with the atari vox, my daughter does too, be we can't play together as she will not play it if there atari vox isn't in, 

    1. MrMaddog


      Would a joystick Y cable work with the AtariVox & controller or no?

    2. masschamber


      I actually don't know,

  19. I saw atarimania added the ebay picture of my copy of Eli's Ladder to their Eli's ladder page, that's kind of cool 

  20. I'm not one to usually collect variants, or worry about which variant I have, but I make a special exception for sears pictures labels,

    1. Atarian7


      Do you have a Sear's Superman picture label?

  21. I checked out the thrift store today after picking up my daughter, as we were walking around she starts pulling my hand and shouting superman superman, and in cheap storage chest there is a  complete in box copy of superman (she loves superman for the 2600 and noticed it instantly), the thing was full of atari games, they must have been in it  when it was donated, so I bought the entire box, (4.99 for the whole thing, so worth it just for the cib superman) I get home and start going through the box, there are a few boxes I don't have, which are nice and the there is a cart only halloween, so my daughter has now has a super awesome find at only 3 years old

    1. Stephen


      That is simply bad a**!  Way to go.

    2. masschamber


      It was her doing, I would haven't seen it if she hadn't seen that boxed superman, 

    3. Bratwurst


      That's fantastic.

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  22. So I bought a new chip puller and it arrived in the mail today,  My daughter saw it and asked if she could use it, so I let her pull chips on a few dead boards I have (only generic chips, I pulled anything proprietary or hard to find)

  23. bought the planescape tourment/icewind double pack for the switch, seems neat, but man that text is microscopic

    1. jamm


      The Switch's resolution is too high for the size screen it has. It's that high just to make it easier for devs to port games without having to make as many changes. That's why it has a built-in magnification function. 😕

  24. Frankly, outside of the terrible build quality, I don't think the 5200 controller is really that bad, plus there are games that it works outright great with.  Also I've been rebuilding controllers by soaking the flex circuit in mineral oil, and cleaning the carbon dots before painting the with silver conductive ink,  works really well

  25. snow day today, my daughter and I spent the whole day playing and watching cartoons, She really likes that megaman cartoon, her favorite episode is the one with megaman x, who she refers to as megaman x box

    plus she helped me take apart and refurbish all my bad 5200 controllers (tried silver ink, seems to work really well)

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