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  1. picked up a non working 5200 lota few days ago, my friends kid is learning how to repair electronics so I gave him the go ahead to try and fix it, but to run any ideas he has by me before trying it.  So a bit later he sends a message asking if  it is  the flip flop by the on off switch.  Well that is another 5200 saved from the scrap heap,  

    1. bluejay


      How did a flip flop end up in a 5200 in the first place?

  2. My daughter happened upon the megaman cartoon from 1994, I think it's easily the best video game cartoon I've seen

    1. Mord


      I don't know about -best- but I know I enjoyed it a lot both back in the day and recently.  I ended up buying the complete collection on DVD a few years back when HMV was still a thing in Canada.

    2. SlidellMan


      If there was one thing Capcom got right: they got the Beast Wars and ReBoot cast voicing their characters. Seriously, Scott McNeil as Dr. Wily and Protoman is near impossible to top. By the way, I can also impersonate Cut Man, Bright Man, Toad Man, and Pharaoh Man.

  3. found a copy of shadow war of succession for the 3do... much much worse than rise of the robots, a concept I find difficult to comprehend 

    1. Austin


      Congrats, you've officially reached the bottom of the barrel when it comes to 3DO games. 🤣

  4. smithereens might be the odyssey 2's best game, my daughter and her friends have been playing it for like an hour

    1. Machine


      Smithereens is the first game we play when we fire up the O2

  5. when did the mystique/playaround games get so common on ebay?

    1. Magmavision2000


      I heard somewhere that someone bought a warehouse filled with mystique games and sold them all through eBay.

    2. masschamber


      makes sense, wonder if they are going to be a brief period of availability like the us cd32 stock form china, or permanently available like the Venezuela rarities

  6. Just finished watching Joker, so unpleasant, but so engaging.  

  7. are there any easy ways to get games for the timex sinclair 2068 (like a multicart) as I have a working one, but can't really do much with it except basic

  8. Anyone want cloudburst and alien ambush cib (maybe nos) for 25 dollars shipped to the US

  9. anyone want a sean kelly vectrex multicart 3.0 for 50 shipped to the US, I already have one, and ended up with a spare.

    1. GoldLeader


      I'll take it!!   


      I'll PM you sometime tomorrow (Well, later today I guess) as I should be asleep now...

  10. anyone willing to trade learning fun II (cart only) for stadium mud buggies (also cart only, but with a small chip in the shell)

  11. if I only ever print black and white labels, in black and white mode, why am I running out of cyan?

    1. DragonGrafx-16


      My printer says my color and b&w carts are empty but I've printed like 20 pages since then and it's still printing well... lol

    2. BydoEmpire


      My ~20-year-old Brother laser printer is still going strong.  They can pry that thing from my cold, dead hands.  It's a little smudgy, and sometimes pulls in two sheets of paper instead of one, but it still works.  I've had good luck with Epson WF-36x0 series as far as color inkjets go, but they replaced them with worse models so I hope mine last a long time.  Not expecting 20 years, though...

    3. Keatah


      Printers love to work in cym-Black mode rather than true black only. Uses more ink. Driver settings often conflict with application settings. Then the default to cym-black happens.


      And more profit is made because of that!



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  12. Annual new years eve party with the kids this year, The odyssey 2 running smithereens is an excellent party game

  13. finished up Christmas by driving around and looking at Christmas lights around town.  I think it might actually be my wife and daughter's favorite part of the day

    1. GoldLeader


      I used to do that too...Usually when I was younger when my mom was still with us,...But also a few years back with my aunt and my Dad...It is fun.

  14. This is by far the most excited I've been for Christmas since I was a kid, my daughter is finally old enough to be excited l.  I can't wait to see her reaction. In the morning.  Plus one of the family friend kids is a huge transformers fan and bumblebee is his favorite character,  I got him a masterpiece bumble bee, I bet his jaw will hit the floor 

  15. are there any cheats for stay frosty 2, as those later levels are a bear

    1. Arenafoot


      ....page 152 of "The Atari 2600 Homebrew Companion: Volume 1" has the eggs listed ;-)




  16. does anyone actually like the set aside tabs feature of internet explorer, I mean totally not internet explorer, edge?  though I guess you have to use the program before you can be annoyed by the feature

    1. MrMaddog


      I only use Edge for having web based apps pinned on my Start menu, but that's about it.  That's what happens when MS focused more on their web browser than improving the app selection in the Microsoft Store...

  17. serious business 

    Outlaw or Gunslinger?

    1. masschamber


      actually they are the same game, outlaw was atari's release and gunslinger sears, basically the question was which cover do you prefer.  Gunslinger does have a picture label, it is just fairly hard to find, and like much of the sears art, AWESOME!

    2. save2600


      Art <> shmart. Gunfight for the win!  :grin:

    3. Rogerpoco


      Quick story on the game, there was a "fastest completion" on one of the target shoot tracks, and someone figured out you could slip past the barrier in the middle and just start nailing the target, was pretty funny, but totally stunk up the track.


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  18. just got the  email advertising the new releases on the  store, jokes on Al, I already bought a bunch of them

    1. masschamber


      I've been foiled!

    2. masschamber


      Just saw the full message, I've been doubled foiled!

    3. Kiwi
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  19. currently leaving positive feedback to all my ebay transactions, if ebay wants people to leave feedback, why is the process so tedious?

    1. Razzie.P


      Maybe they figure you'll appreciate it more if you have to work for it.  😂

    2. save2600


      Wasnt always that way. Internet today. Sooooooooooooooooo tedious.

  20. picked up a few snes games (nothing special, but all a few less common games I didn't own) the highlight though was a bootleg copy of Beethoven, can't quite figure out why it exists

  21. playing christmas nights with my daughter, she loves singing along to jingle bells

    1. Atarian7


      jingle bells, jingle bells, batman smells, robin laid an egg

  22. got a complete in box steeple chase today at a church rummage sale, love that sears art

  23. Woke up on Thanksgiving with severe back pain, it's been getting  better but man I could use a snow day tomorrow 

    1. masschamber


      thanks, I'm sure that call will go well, some guy on the internet said I can have the day off. Anyway a snow day seems like a  lock for tomorrow 

    2. D Train

      D Train

      I'm not just *some* guy on the internet; I'm *a* guy on the internet!

    3. masschamber


      neither here nor there now as I have a snow day, 

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  24. it's only rock n roll for the colecovision is some dwarf fortress style non sense, 

    1. Swami


      What did you expect from the cover, The Doobies or Three Dog Night? I know I did.😄

    2. masschamber


      I though it was Boston

    3. nanochess


      Probably the worst game for the Colecovision along Word Feud. Now I think I missed the chance to list all games in a table sorted by score in my Colecovision book.

  25. just found a galaga marquee and a game boy advance store display sign! keeping the marquee, but the gba sign is up for offers

    1. Atarian7


      How are you always finding stuff?    😃

    2. masschamber


      keep an eye on craigslist/facebook market/ 3 thrift shops on my way home from work, good garage sale area, plus I talk about things as much as possible, you'd be surprised home many people that have stuff they just store out of the way but will quickly sell if you ask

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