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  1. I recently picked up a Sonic Blast cartridge from a local used video game store. I had the worker there demonstrate that the cartridge works by playing it in a Game Gear at the store. I tried it in my Game Gear at home. I just get a blank screen. I've tried cleaning the cartridge with rubbing alcohol a couple of times with no change. My Game Gear plays the other games that I have with no trouble. So I have a Sonic Blast that plays in Game Gears besides mine and my Game Gear plays other games fine. Is Sonic Blast incompatible with some Game Gears? Do I need to try more cleaning? Does anyone have tips for getting this game to work? Your help is appreciated. Thank you!
  2. I am one of those rare people that likes reading game manuals, not just to learn how to play the game, but to get a better appreciation of the atmosphere and story. I recently started playing Ultima IV again. I felt that the detailed descriptions of classes, weapons, monsters, magic, and virtues all contributed well toward the experience of playing the game. (Don't forget about the nice cloth map...) Not to mention that certain information was essential, such as how to mix reagents. Even the introductions common in manuals for Atari's 2600 games, usually just a few paragraphs, were nice for establishing a setting. So, IMHO, flavor text is definitely valid.
  3. Thanks for passing along the news about the Wikipedia article. It's great to get notice for the many great homebrew games out there! As for screenshots, in case any of Euchre make their way into the article... I, Erik Eid, wrote this game ("Euchre", named "Video Euchre" in the Activision Anthology), took the screenshots, and release the screenshots with a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported license.
  4. If you press the button at the right time on the circuit selection screen, the ball will also appear on the trait purchasing screen, but it will be stationary.
  5. Hmmm. I don't see the dots. Any more information? It's a single dot that appears on the center of the top edge of the screen then moves diagonally down and right into the box in which the boss gladiator is running. It then goes from the lower-right corner of that box toward the lower-right corner of the screen. Next, it reappears at the lower-right corner of the box and again goes to the lower-right corner of the screen. The cycle then repeats. The dot's position along this path isn't consistent but the direction it takes is. I have attached a screen shot showing the dot. I am using Stella 3.0 on Windows 7 64-bit.
  6. This is an interesting puzzle concept. I like the levels that I've played so far. It reminds me of some of the block movement puzzles in the older Legend of Zelda games. The lightning and sound in the title screen are good effects. I would like to have more sound during the game itself. An occasional sound of waves would add to the atmosphere. It would also help to have a sound when you pick up or drop a piece. I agree with the other posters that some sort of signal that you've failed the level - an "uh-oh", the boat floating away, or something of that sort. I wonder if a move counter might be something good to include. It could add a dimension to the game, encouraging players to improve their performance in a level. It would depend on whether any levels have multiple solutions. I didn't encounter any bugs in my testing. Well done! I made it through level 5. I hope to see many more in the near future!
  7. I'm glad to see a new release of Circus Galacticus come around. I spent a bit of time playing it. The game is rather challenging; I've yet to beat the first boss! I like the addition of the traits. Customizing them at the beginning of the game is a good way to support different playing styles or preferences. I did encounter some bugs related to trait selection... There are dots on the circuit selection screens that float by diagonally. (They are a nice touch, by the way.) However, if one is on screen when you press Select, it will remain on the screen while you select traits. If you do press Select to change circuits - even if you cycle through A, B, and C back to A - you are given 8 points to spend instead of 4 points. A plus sign is displayed instead of a number until you get down to 5 points. While I presume this is a bug, it is handy for surviving while testing the game! If you spend all of your credits, press the button again, then navigate to the GO! page, the game automatically begins. It's as if the fact the button was pressed was never cleared from memory. (Normally you have to press the button on the GO! page to proceed.) I like that there is a distinct pose now for standing still and preparing a shot. I also found that after returning to the circuit selection screen after starting a new game, the running figure is in the same position as when you finished the previous game. The warp effect upon selecting the circuit is very nice. I didn't encounter any trouble during game play itself - just the circuit selection and trait purchasing screens. Please keep up development on the game! I'll like to see how it evolves.
  8. I spent some time playing version 0.27 tonight. I finally made it through levels 6 and 7. I'm struggling to even find an egg on level 8, but I'm probably just missing an area that I assumed that I went to. I'll admit that for testing purposes, I am creating save states, so that I don't have to play through lower levels. I noticed some fairly nasty surprises, such as how to get (or miss) the final egg on level 7 and a certain path on level 8 that should not be taken. In an earlier post you stated that the manual will warn of such things. I'm not able to access the manual at http://www.willnicholes.com/duck/; I am getting a "server not found" message. I did come across a couple of things that I wanted to mention. I'm not sure if they're by design or not, again because I can't get to the manual right now. If I am carrying the flashlight and another object and try to drop one item, both of them are dropped. I noticed this first while carrying the flashlight and magnet; upon dropping, the magnet was dropped with the flashlight attached to it. I also witnessed this with the flashlight and an egg. While carrying the zapper and an egg through the gray area in which you pick up the flashlight, when I collided with the flashlight, the egg was dropped such that it was completely enclosed in the bottom wall. This made it necessary to get the magnet, which was an irritant. Would it be possible to modify the drop logic so that items are dropped a minimum distance away from the outer walls? It probably would be difficult in odd-shaped rooms, though. Perhaps just a minimum distance away from the edges of the screen would be fine. Another alternative would be to always drop toward the center of the room (ex. if I'm in the lower-left quadrant of the room, the dropped item appears to my upper-right), but that could make it difficult to drop objects while moving toward the center, since the object would be positioned in front of your movement path. While in the pink diamond room, I launched the zapper toward the left side, where a door is. The zapper wedged itself to the left of the door. Due to the position of the door and the surrounding walls, it was impossible to get the zapper out without the magnet. What do you think of having doors stop the zapper in its flight? Finally, if you launch the zapper while the magnet is in the room, the magnet affects the zapper's movements. Is this by design? I expected that the zapper would be unaffected while in flight but would then come back it hit something. Perhaps I just need to learn more about Duck Attack physics. Please keep up the good work and the enhancements! (By the way, thank you for adding the indicator that a duck has been permanently stopped by the super zapper. It does help.)
  9. That does indeed ring a bell! Thanks for continuing to look for such an obscure bug with little information from me as to where it was occurring.
  10. Sorry to post again after mine was the last post... I haven't been able to recreate the garbled pause message, but I have made progress. I've managed to make it to level 6 without warping! This game is definitely getting more challenging, both in avoiding a horde of ducks, tanks, and bees, and in remembering where all the doors are. The darker bees are difficult to avoid. I'm curious to hear how other players manage to not get hit by them. It seems they home in on you if you get too close. I found that in rooms that have two exits on the top, that when you go through the leftmost one, there is a bee in the lower-left corner of the room, essentially appearing directly on top of you. Like when the snake appears right at the edge of the screen where you enter in earlier versions, this is a frustrating way to lose a life. Could the bee start closer to the middle, or could you be given a grace period upon entering a room? If a duck is at the edge of the screen and you go off that edge and try to reenter the screen, you might get bounced back as if you hit a wall. Is this by design? Normally you can pass through a duck as it attacks. If you are carrying an egg and the shield at the same time and press the trigger to drop an item, both get dropped in the same location. Since they're both roughly the same size, it's difficult to then pick one up without picking the other up. When dropping two items, could they be placed near each other instead of right on top of each other? I can see myself using the super zapper with so many ducks around! I think in all of the chaos of several ducks around, it might be useful to have a signal as to which duck was hit with the super zapper so that it won't revive. Maybe a different set of symbols, or a "ZZZ", or X's for eyes - just something so you know it's not waking up, unlike the other ducks. On level 6 some of the rooms that were previously lit turned dark. Was this intentional? (This might be particularly tricky in the black diamond-shaped room, as it obscures the parts of the robot that are already black.) After losing my last life on level 6, I was presented with "Continue? 9". It's nice that there is a continue option! I can see it taking several attempts to get through each of the higher levels. I noticed that the 9 didn't count down either as a timer or when I was defeated on level 6 after continuing. Has decrementing the continue counter not been implemented yet? Thanks for listening, again!
  11. I'm having trouble getting it to do that. Do you recall any other details, like which level, which room, what objects you were carrying, etc.? --Will Unfortunately, I don't. It's only happened to me twice. The first time I didn't mention it since I thought it might be a fluke in Stella; the "BW Mode" message from Stella appears on top of the "PAUSED" message from the game. Since it happened a second time, I figured I would mention it. If it happens again, I'll make note of the room, level, and other circumstances. By the way, the forum system converted the colon and D at the end of "AUSED: " into a smiley. There aren't random smileys appearing in Duck Attack... unless you hid Evil Otto in the Berzerk rooms.
  12. Good evening. This time I played with version 0.22. The new sound effects really add to the game, bringing more "life" to the obstacles you face. They are a great addition. It's only easy if there's a door. It would be a useful method of escape, though, if you're in a room with tight corridors such that it's hard to fire the zapper. Also, I thought that since the duck was momentarily stopped while its mouth was open, it shouldn't be able to move into the next room. Speaking of ducks appearing at odd times, after I lost a life and went through the door to enter the first room, I was immediately attacked by a duck! On level 1, no less. I think it would be best for that first room to be "safe" if one comes in right after losing a life, if even for just a few seconds. Also on level 1, the yellow balloon appeared in the room that has an empty circle in the center. By being in the center, it was unreachable. This is unfortunate placement for a 5000 point bonus object. I was surprised to find out that if you shoot the zapper in a room in which the magnet is also present, the zapper's path is affected! I thought it might after the zapper landed. It's an interesting wrinkle that I think should be left in. On some occasions when pausing the game, the text at the bottom of the screen is "AUSED: ", with the left half of the "A" missing. I'm not sure what causes it, though it seems to be when there is a lot of objects on the screen. I found that you can go up the right-hand side of the Dodge 'Em room to the Video Pinball room to the bottom of the room with the oil barrel, but you're blocked once you're there. Would it be feasible to move the walls over by one playfield block to the right to prevent this? The death warp appeared on level 4, though the manual states it appears on level 7. Is the manual just behind on the updates? While carrying both the flashlight and the zapper, I touched the charging station with the flashlight. The zapper ended up charged! It was another interesting surprise. I've now made it past level 4, but only by using the warp. I hope to make it past without a sacrifice in future testing. Thank you again for all of your hard work on Duck Attack!
  13. Good morning! I just played a couple of games of version 0.19. I finally completed level 3! This game provides quite a bit of challenge! I wonder if I'll have the gaming skills to make it to the higher levels... I like the new death animation. It's clear that the robot has been defeated. There's even a bit of humor in that the robot's eyes still move if you move the joystick. I found it is possible to drop the magnet off-screen and have it be lost. Since the magnet appears on the left side of the robot, I moved to the left side of the screen, with the magnet off the left edge, and dropped the magnet. It was not on the screen to the left nor on the current screen. I noticed that if you're carrying the zapper and an egg and you press the trigger, the zapper is fired rather than you dropping the egg. This is definitely a good thing! When a duck tries to bite, it "quacks" and pauses for a few seconds. If you move through a door, the duck follows you to the next screen, still paused. I think it would be more natural for the duck to remain in the previous room since it had stopped moving. (I asked about ducks following you before, but this is a specific case - only when the duck just attacked and paused.) In the dark areas, while moving to the right, I came onto a screen on the left side and was placed on top of the snake. It's frustrating to die instantly upon entering a room. I suppose I could learn not to move along the snake's path in an upcoming room, but it is irritating to lose a life without having at least a chance to avoid it. (I'd rather fail through action rather than blundering.) I managed to shoot the zapper onto the next screen! I was in the center of a dark room and shot the zapper at a duck to my right. It hit the duck then seemed to disappear. I then went to the screen on the right and picked up the zapper there. Could this be because there was no wall to stop it? In dark rooms, the zapper when discharged is the same color as the background. Also, using the background color makes it look like the robot's antennae have fallen off. It may be good to change this so that it is apparent you are carrying a discharged zapper. The doorways on the left and right sides of the Berzerk room that has exits on those sides are wider than those in the Dodge 'Em room. This makes it possible to appear to get stuck, particularly when you leave the right side of the Berzerk room for the left side of the Dodge 'Em room. Hold the joystick right and you'll bounce between the two rooms. Animations are still looping while the game is paused. One annoyance I encountered is that when you go through a door, sometimes you are positioned in the next room such that it's very easy to move back through the same door by accident. This can be frustrating while trying to escape a duck. Is the program sending you to the next room as soon as you touch the door? If so, what would you think of having it require you touch the door for a certain amount of time - maybe a half-second or a second - or having to move to the center of the door? That might eliminate accidental moves through doors. (It might cause trouble with getting the black egg to the black door on Level 2, though.) This game keeps on improving! Thanks for the updates and for listening to these suggestions!
  14. Hello once again. I spent some time playing version 0.15 tonight. Thank you for considering my comments and implementing some changes as a result! I'm glad that I was able to help. I have some more comments and questions about the latest version... Having the blue balloon available in Level 2 can really change how one plays the game! I spent a lot of time traveling over low walls, almost as if the bat from Adventure was carrying me in the belly of a dragon, but with me in control. It was nice to see the layout of the level, but I wonder if something is lost by having such free movement instead of wandering through mazes, especially in the early levels. (Getting past them in later levels would be a nice convenience.) I'm not saying having the blue balloon early is bad - just different. What motivated you to make it appear earlier? That said, I learned it's also possible to get stuck while ballooning without pressing the button to drop the balloon - bump into another object. I found this out the hard way on Level 3 by ballooning into the room containing the shield while also carrying an egg. Touching the shield caused me to drop one of my two carried objects, which turned out to be the balloon. This caused me to get stuck in the lower wall. What would you think of setting up a priority system for dropping objects, so that when you're carrying the balloon and something else, the something else always gets dropped first? It would help avoid this situation. Can ducks travel through doors or was it only my imagination? I tried running through doors on several occasions to escape a duck attack only to find the duck on the same screen I went to! I wonder if it might be good to delay a duck slightly - even if only a couple of seconds - when it travels through a door. After all, it's a huge duck pushing itself through a small door! I do like that there is a pause after the robot is defeated, but I think it would be helpful to have something more than simply disappearing. This could be misinterpreted as a glitch. (I see that you've posted some possible alternatives, but I haven't had a chance to look at them yet.) I did find a glitch in the death process, though. I was carrying the magnet, which appears at near the lower left of the robot, and ran into a tank. When the robot disappeared, the magnet jumped to the top of the screen. When the robot is killed, does it just get positioned out of view? Is the duck supposed to be able to swallow you while you're carrying the zapper? I was a little surprised when it happened. Wouldn't the duck get a rather nasty case of heartburn? (It's fine if this was intentional; it would just be helpful to know this can happen.) Please keep it up! I was pleasantly surprised to see a couple of updates come out this week. Edit: I looked at the three death animations. I prefer the fade out - it's clear that something bad happened to the robot since it disappears completely at the end. However, I noticed that the robot's shape is still visible. Its color matches the background, but if what hit it slides "under" the dying robot, you can still see the robot's silhouette. (Try this out with the first tank you encounter.)
  15. I played some rounds of Duck Attack over the past couple of weeks. I like the quirky story and characters and my fondness for the original Adventure helps me appreciate this game, its spiritual descendant, or perhaps a second cousin. Here are some comments about the game. I hope that they help you out in developing future builds. I like how within a few screens you can create the feeling of a large maze by placing walls strategically. However, the series of rooms with only exits at the top and bottom, doors, and walls that change color between rooms had a disquieting resemblance to Earthworld. The robot sprite is a well-constructed figure. I like that the antenna, legs, and eyes all change when you change direction. I did notice that the antenna and boots are white during the game but black in the score screen, egg shelf, and credits screens. It took me a little while to figure out that collisions are only focused upon the robot's body. That would be a good tip for newer players. The duck sprite is also impressive. I noticed there are different-colored ducks - will they have different names and personalities? I do think at times that the ducks are almost too large, since they can fill a quarter of a screen and there are some tight spaces to move through. However, I'm not sure you could shrink them vertically much and still have them look right. The robot also tends to get overly large when he is carrying two items, stacked one atop another. However, to have them side-by-side on the robot's head would require even more flicker, so I'm not sure if you'd want to do that. It confused me at first to see walls that change color when the robot moves! I eventually figured out that it's because the missile used as a wall has to be the same color as the player sprite, but someone not versed in 2600 technical issues might not know that. Maybe it can be explained away as a "mirror wall." On level 1, even if you save yourself from the river, you may be stuck. If you go to the screen with the small river, then let it take you to the medium river, then escape, you're above a screen that has a barrier at the top. You won't be able to pass the barrier. On earlier levels it would be kinder to the player to not make such a deadly trap. I noticed in some rooms there's a light gray wall where colored barriers might appear, but the light gray wall is still passable. I think it would be better if these matched the color of the floor so that it's immediately apparent the robot can pass through. There shouldn't be a question as to whether you can go on to the next room. I finished level 2 by having the robot touch the black door with the black egg even though I couldn't move the robot to the door. (This is in the all-purple room with invisible walls.) Is this a good playing technique or something the level design shouldn't have allowed? I saw that when there are a lot of objects flickering, it looks like the door sprite moves up and down by a pixel or two. I noticed this in a dark room when I wasn't carrying the flashlight and there was a snake and a door both in the room. When the robot loses a life, it is immediately bounced back to the score screen, and you can start moving immediately after that. It would be better to have a bit of a transition, so the player doesn't start wondering why he is suddenly back at the score screen. Pausing for a couple of seconds on the screen in which the robot loses a life could help that. So could a death animation and having the player press the trigger to go back to the score screen. When the robot is super-charged and/or shielded, in addition to changing the color of the body, I suggest having an icon at the bottom of the screen. This would make it so a player wouldn't have to remember what color body is associated with super-charging and shielding, as well as having both, and would help in cases in which another object overrides the color of the robot's body. There's good humor in here, with the punctuation marks above the angry duck and the homages to other games. Thank you for including a manual with these early builds! For an adventure game this is particularly important, since it lets testers know how to use items, navigate, and so on. This is a fun game and it will be interesting to see later builds and later levels. Please keep up the good work!
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