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  1. You called it! Removing C9 made that variable inductor stop effecting the video. It also removed noise from the cvideo out. The schematics are wrong. C9 feeds to pin 9 and not pin 10.
  2. Kevtris. Here's a tweet I just posted with a picture of the pot I'm talking about. Not sure it's purpose but it fixed it for me. https://twitter.com/leonkiriliuk/status/1213148122404343808?s=20
  3. I think I figured it out. For some reason the luminance pin 9 was exhibiting the same behavior. Metering it resulted in color coming back. So I traced that pin back to a trim can. When I started adjusting it, color came back. The only schematics on the Internet are different on the internet so not sure what this is. A metal can with 2 pins on one side connected to ground 3 pins on the other for input/output. Black flat plastic screw in middle deep inside can.
  4. Just tried that. 220uF 10V capacitor. +ve leg on 75ohm out, -ve to RCA port. No change. I did notice that if I remove the diode from the RF tank (1N4148 between pin 13 and 14) there is no change in behavior. Could the mc1372 be damaged? Stuck in RF mode?
  5. Hey Kevtris I built the circuit you linked to earlier. I wasn’t able to find trim resistors close to the values shown so I went with the recommended values as fixed resistors. When I measured voltages, they’re bang on. Except I have 1 strange issue. When first turned on, the picture is grainy and in black and while. If I connect my DMM to pin 12 (video out pin) magically color appears. Even in the DMM is off!! The IC is in a new socket and I made sure to remove all components in that “RF block”. Thoughts on what it might be? Did you use any variable trim pots?
  6. You're right.. which would be the worst of both worlds!! The best of both would be PAL60. If I understand this correctly, the system sets colors/encoding (PAL vs NTSC) The ANTIC sets the frequency (50 vs 60hz) So for best compatibility, you'd want a PAL60 which means NTSC ANTIC in a PAL system. Sure, some things will still not work correctly, but it sounds like there is no "solution" that will work with every game and every demo, at correct speed, and full size screen.
  7. Interesting. So if I install the Sofia RGB mod. And the PAL ANTIC I should get video color back on the PVM and have Pseudo PAL / PAL60?? without changing the GTIA?
  8. I just found an XEGS PAL picture online. Oh my. The PAL system has 2 crystal and resistors around it (ntsc has 1 resistor that connects the empty space to the existing crystal) And as far as chips are concerned. Yes. GTIA differs as well. hmmmm So. a better question then is. Is it worth converting a system (XL or XE) to PAL vs NTSC for games?
  9. In order to increase game compatibility, I've converted older consoles from NTSC to PAL with great success. This is especially true for the C64 and Amiga line of computers. My next retro computer of choice is the Atari XE .. in particular, I've purchased an Atari XE GS. I then installed a 40 pin socket where the ANTIC goes, and replaced the C021697-31 (NTSC) with a C021698-07 (PAL) which I purchased from Best Electronics. I have a PVM that can show PAL/NTSC as well as XRGB mini. - When I turn the system on, before any modifications, I get Missile Command (XRGB reports 240p NTSC). - When I swap ANTIC to PAL version, I still see Missile Command - but in Black and White on the composite out port! (XRGB reports 288p PAL) So my questions are: 1) Is swapping ANTIC the only required procedure for XEGS? Or am I missing something (like crystal on C64 and Amiga) 2) Why would the picture be black and white on PAL and color on NTSC ANTIC? Composite out from C64/Amiga in PAL mode show perfectly fine on my display devices. I know they can handle it. 3) Am I doing the right thing by converting to PAL? I recently purchased an AVG cart and my goal is to play as many Atari 8 bit games as possible on it.
  10. Small update to AVGcart cost - it seems to have gone up to 50EUR from 40EUR
  11. I got 2 Mega ST 4 units but no keyboards. Let me know if you got one for sale.
  12. would the TF328 work in an NTSC console? if so, how does one convert the video output to PAL using this device? Is there an option to automatically convert to PAL mode on bootup?
  13. Happy 2018 McWill!!! Now where is that Nomad LCD screen you were working on back in 2016?
  14. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/270282-the-uav-blog-install-uav-ac-in-the-6-switch-2600/
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