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    fleamarkets and redheads. pabst and german cars. neo rausch and clove cigarettes. other peoples old home movies and gregory crewdson. homebrewed beer and atari 2600. refinishing furniture and turkey pot pies.
  1. here's all my doubles and extra stuff and crap i don't need or want. make an offer. the more you buy the cheaper. only actual cost will be charged for shipping. paypal preferred. pics available upon request. check "gremlin76" for ebay feedback. 1>i need to get rid of this stuff! 2>don't insult me with 10 cent offers, everything's worth more than that. Atari 2600 carts- Asteroids, Atari Astroblast, m.i. Beany bopper, fox Bermuda triangle, data age Combat, atari Donkeykong, nintendo Fire fighter, imagic Gangster alley, spectravision (x2) g.i.joe cobra strike, parker bros haunted house, Atari human cannonball, atari kaboom!, activision koolaid man, m.i. lock’n’chase, m.i. (x2) mad, us games outlaw, Atari (x2) popeye, parker bros (x2) q-bert, parker bros revenge of the beefstake tomatoes, fox space attack, m.i. thunderground, sega turmoil, fox atari 2600 boxes- Summer games, epyx Midnight magic, Atari Pitfall II, atari Atari 2600 hardware- Joystick, aftermarket, doesn’t work (x2) Paddles, sears?, shaky The joyboard, amiga, boxed, no cart Tv connector box, generic Atari 7800 carts- Dig dug, atari Pole position II, Atari (x2) Atari 7800 hardware- Stock joysticks, Atari (x2) Stock power supply Atari 5200 carts- Centipede, Atari, 2 overlays Defender, atari, 2 overlays Digdug, atari, no overlay Galaxian, atari, 2 overlays Kangaroo, Atari, 1 overlay Pac-man, Atari, 2 overlays Pengo, Atari, no overlays q-bert, parker bros, no overlays Qix, Atari, 1 overlay Realsports soccer, Atari, 2 overlays Realsports tennis, Atari, 1 overlay River raid, activision, no overlays Space dungeon, atari, no overlay Super breakout, atari, 1 overlay Atari 5200 hardware- Atari 5200 console, no accessories Stock joystick controller, atari (x2) Stock trak-ball controller, atari Tv connecting box Colecovision carts- Carnival, sega Cosmic avenger, universal Donkeykong junior, Nintendo (x2) Mr. do!, universal Pitfall!, activision The heist, microfun Colecovision hardware- Colecovision console, no accessories Power supply (x2) Stock controller (x4) Nintendo NES carts- Baseball, nintendo Blaster master, sunsoft Breakthrough, data east Captain skyhawk, mb Commando, capcom Dance aerobics, nintendo Dragonspirit the new legend, bandai Ducktales, capcom F117a stealth fighter, microprose Football, nintendo Ice hockey, Nintendo Ikari warriors, snk Karate champ, data east Knight rider, acclaim Magic darts, romstar Operation wolf, taito Orb 3d, hi tech Pipe dream, bullet-proof software Punchout!!, nintendo Rygar, tecmo Sky shark, taito Taboo the sixth sense, tradewest (w/manual) Tag team wrestling, data east The black bass, hot-b The legend of kage, taito The mafat conspiracy, tokai The terminator, mindscape (w/manual) Tiger-heli, taito Top gun the second mission, konami Turbo racing, data east Twin eagle, romstar Wizards and warriors, acclaim Nintendo NES hardware- Ac adaptor (x2) Stock controller (x3) Playstation 1 hardware- Rfu adaptor (x2) V3fx racing wheel 2, steering wheels and pedals Sega ? hardware- Light phaser gun, sega Misc.- Apollo 2001, enterprex, self contained vgs Mattel electronics football I handheld game, 1977 Odyssey 500, Magnavox, self contained vgs, no ac adaptor Telstar alpha, coleco, self contained vgs
  2. horseboy- not this site, i've tried. fibrofreak78- thank you! that's the site i remembered. i can now get rid of many rare-ish carts that don't sell on ebay. $57 for waterworld that i paid $1 for woo hoo! not to mention frogger 2, pitfall 2, color bar generator (just kidding), etc. a few weeks ago i put out a pile of uncommon carts at a yard sale for $1 each and sold none. i guess ya'll missed the chance of a lifetime. i was trying to hook you guys up and give you some stories to post here.
  3. my hardrive crashed and i lost my bookmarks. what is the website that buys 2600 carts? i've tried google with no luck. thanks!
  4. damn you to hell recycled! after my fb2 wouldn't work, we tried to use the nes which kept flashing on and off. i took this as a sign and didn't try to use my 2600. eventually we got the nes to work and my wife kicked my butt at dr. mario. and duck tales, too. and she then schooled me at super mario 3. so what could be wrong with my fb2? i searched the forums, with no luck. maybe the heavy snow screwed it up like our direct tv dish? why do i just get a garbled screen? it worked last time. and i just found out how to get to warlords on the fb2, i have a brand new set of paddles i am dying to use. it's killing me since we have a weeks vacation, video games are in order. we live in snowy vermont where there is nothing to do but play video games and drink. good combination, if you ask me. barrett
  5. we had a snow day yesterday, and my wife wanted to play some video games. hooked up the fb2, and the screen was just garbled images from different games and parts of words. i tried everything, but no luck. any ideas? it's only the second time i ever hooked it up, worked perfect the first! barrett
  6. there was only 1 time my huge collection helped my love life. my friend and i were at a bar and we bumped into a chick i met once before. we all went back to my place to play atari and drink more. after a half hour or so me and the girl retire to my room while my friend continues to play atari by himself. needless to say i got a high score. even though my friend smoked all of my al capone chocolate cigarillos. it was worth it. but back on topic, i never got smiles from the ladies because of my collection, even if they did like playing some games for a few minutes. my wife used to like having a drink and playing atari or dreamcast, but she doesn't drink anymore so we rarely bust out the 2600.
  7. i have a good idear. hear me out now. 1. buy a few thousand et carts. but not on ebay since they are collectible there. 2. find some place private in the desert, doesn't matter where, it all looks the same. 3. encase those carts in some big chunk of cement. maybe add some period correct trash like coca-cola classic cans and old rotary dial phones to make it more realistic. bury it a few fet under the sand. 4. get a few friends, some cheap beer, and a video camera. 5. go for a drive and tape yourself discovering the et landfill when you get out of the car to take a leak. 6. sell the video to a major news network. 7. use the cash to buy the 'bmx airmaster eat my ass' cart! who could prove you wrong? i'll go if you buy the beer, and bring my camcorder too. i like pabst or old style. this is why i rarely post... barrett
  8. the rarest i got is a waterworld cart. never played it. anybody wanna buy it? i'm starting to focus on games i like to play rather than rarity. my times they are a changing. barrett
  9. my wife got a glossy full color 31 page catalog from ebay in the mail yesterday! woo-hoo! (that's sarcasm...). it doesn't really sell anything, it just shows things you can buy on ebay. what a waste of paper. everything is new stuff, except for- on page 12 is a picture of a 4 switch 2600 with 1 joystick, and an asteroids, pac-man, dig dug, and space invaders cart laying around it, no power supply or anything else. it says "bring back the fun you remember with systems that play like new. avg. price $47.99. search: atari". so much to say about this, that i'll leave it to ya'll. barrett
  10. i bought a projector a few years ago to use in making my artwork. does anybody have a problem with the bulbs only lasting 1,000 hours, and they cost almost as much as a new projector! i'm kinda scared to use it too much for movies and games. seriously, $400 for a new bulb?! but it is so cool, on the other hand... barrett
  11. i actually got an 'atari touch me' today at a tag sale (yard/garage sale). anybody want it? no ac power connector, but it also works off a 9v battery. it's in good shape, but i haven't tried it out yet. my wife actually found it, and she knows i love atari. i have no need to keep it, maybe somebody wants it for their collection? if you want pics, just let me know on here. barrett
  12. i just think of any game that i could play with a significant other. especially after we have had a few drinks on a weekend night and nothing is on tv. let her win a few times, and who knows what will happen afterwards... dr. mario is good for nintendo if you don't want to hook up the old atari. so yeah, frogs and flies especially (that is soooo much fun), and maybe warlords. fishing derby is good too. but what about dragster? 2 player at the same time games are awesome. they should have made more. i still think frogs and flies is the best date game ever! it is so weird and both parties get equal play and the best player wins. it lets you you know who is more dominant and controlling (and who will be on top, if you know what i mean). barrett
  13. we recently bought a farmhouse built in 1850. i am dying to get a ladder to get up to the loft above the garage/barn. i am also waiting for the heat to go down to get into the attic and look around. if i find anything atari related ya'll will be the first to know! barrett
  14. swordquest waterworld for $2 at a flea market. cart only. it's for sale, make an offer. the game is lame. i collect for playability, but i couldn't pass it up since it's rare. i gotta pay the student loans this summer while i have no job. mfa degrees can be so useless... barrett
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