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  1. Hi Sounds to me like the eprom on the cart is F**Ked the only way i can think is to crack it open and replace it Regards albaki
  2. I have a jag cdrom devkit and the only way i can see of emulating a cd is to use the FALCON 030 conected to the butch chip pcb on the jag and scsi drive on the falcon. Just a note the item quotes "It replaces a small module inside the unit and downloads a new file to upgrade the flash memory. " The jag does not have flash memory only OTP boot rom in jag and CD.If i recall correctly is the HITACHI SH2(x2)the main prossesor in the sega saturn. However is i am wrong i stand corrected as i am going to have a closer look at that butch chip soon. Regards Albaki
  3. Thanks for the reply I take your point on the cost but i will still looking in to developing some form of cart in one form or another if anyone thinks this is a good idea please reply below and i will try to to get it off the ground........... Regards Albaki
  4. I was just looking at the 2600 section on atari age and they seem to offer Cartidge shells board etc. would this be available for the jag the boards would be no problem to make as the drawings for them are on the ATARI HQ cd And the roms should not be a problem at all. Any comments on this matter welcome as not every jag collector has a cdrom unit and smaller games could be released. this would stirr up code development for sure Regards, Albaki :!:
  5. above post is correct it is the butch asic daughter card for cd emulation conection to a falcon 030 as far as i know
  6. Just download nmake and replaced buggy atari version works great thanks for your help. one thought is how did ATARI manage to release a dev kit with one of the main tools so buggy.
  7. I am having trouble with the make command in the official jag dev kit most of the time under ms dos promt from win 98se when i type make i will just freeze after mac-fb etc is displayed if i go into dos from boot up it works about 50% of the time. has anyone else had this problem. n.b. same problem with old toshiba 4000cdt 233mhz or 166 mhz pc both with win 98se. I have tried various dev kits off various cds(starcat,atari hq) but with the same problem. Any help would be great cheers alan
  8. to atari guys above just a quick websit to look at i will add more later tell me what you think cheers alan http://www.abs-software.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/
  9. the update is quite easy as long as you send it the expensive recorded post (uk only as far as i know) and you trust the royal mail there will be no problem.if i fook it up at tis end then i will replace it no problem as i have 2 alpine boards. it would be a good thing to send board with 2meg game loaded from your side so i can test it b4 touching it. iv worked on 56 pin tsop chips without problems and have all the right tools for the job. hope this helps without trying to sound like a salesman...just an atari fan ps also can upgrade any retail jaguar to dev jaguar no problem(including stop cable)and suply boot roms of any kind cheers alan [email protected]
  10. I have jusr upgraded my 2mb alpine to 4mb at a cost of £113.00 for the cost of the chips tested all ok. if anyone else wants this mod carried out please email me for details.(small charge for work and postage as it takes around 2 hours) but if it helps all us jag developers to make better games and modify old ones for the jag users then i wil do it at minimum cost. cheers [email protected]
  11. I was the cusomer who phoned nick at 16/32 systems and now have the system working the cable is like an extesion cable with all pins through but a 25 pin male at both ends. thanks for quick reply it is goog to be back on the atari scene again i will have a websie up soon with all the hardware mods i have just done thanks again alan
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