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  1. I went to order a FujiNet the other day and found that they are not currently available, so figured I'd grab something else for now until they become available again.
  2. Looking at possibly purchasing one or both, but one thing I'm not finding in all my googling is how software is loaded onto either device? Both use SD cards, do I need an SD card writer on my PC? Or, can I load them with applications directly via USB from the PC?
  3. I'd looked at the SD2IEC stuff out there and wasn't impressed. The Kung Fu Flash cart OTOH sounds like *exactly* what I want, but somehow I'd never run across it before! Hope I can get one for NTSC still! **edit** Ugh, sounds like NTSC is considered beta and may not work with some images. I live on the wrong continent, the PAL people get all the good toys.
  4. I really wish there was some kind of multi-cart out with all those games on it for actual hardware for a price like that. I'd order that right away.
  5. I've been kind of looking at that, but doesn't look like it support C128 disk images? Or does it? I'd really rather have something that targets 1571 than 1541 as I'm more interested in CP/M support than full gaming compatibility.
  6. I was kind of feeling the same, might as well get one to just mess around with. Unfortunately though, I don't see them available anywhere at the moment... Meh. Well, I want to get some kind of adapter for my C128 so I can load games on it, maybe I'll put my time into researching that and see if I can find one. It'd be more fun to play on the real hardware anyways instead of the repackaged emulator.
  7. I ended up getting my hands on a complete with box and manuals C128, so I'm good to go on C128 BASIC now! An expensive way to get that info, but well, I also have real hardware to test on. Hopefully some day I can find a way to save data though. 1571s seem to be hard to get at reasonable prices right now (and I don't trust ancient 5.25" disks anyways). Anyone make a "FujiNet" style device for the C128???
  8. That's the one I'm especially waiting for. 🙂 Went out and bought my first 8-bit Atari computer specifically for this one game!
  9. I've only had the chance to play it in A7800 for a couple hours, but did not encounter any issues there.
  10. I wish GitHub had come along a few years earlier. I lost probably 98% of the code I wrote back in the day due to media failure.
  11. Now I'm really kicking myself for failing to add that to my cart. Beautiful labels! Next order for sure!
  12. Man, it's tough waiting for these, but it'll be worth the wait! I know that when I receive my order it will be perfect!
  13. Oh, never heard of that one before. My Haunted House cart works fine on my 7800. I don't recall if it worked prior to modification, but definitely works post-Robot Tank mod.
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