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  1. It figures... I had a whole stack of those I didn't need anymore. Couldn't even give them away. Just recently sent them off to our wire recycler at work. 😞
  2. Ballblazer may be a great demonstration on what kind of 3D graphics could be done, but honestly the game play is pretty terrible. For having a POKEY chip in it the sound was unimpressive too. I'm not sure that graphics alone should be enough to make the top 10. I sought out and purchased a cart only to give it away after just a few weeks.
  3. Pitfall II worked on my 7800, but I already had done the Robot Tank mod before I even tried it, so not sure if it would have worked natively.
  4. nadir

    GoSub 7800 for sale

    It's really a cool little game. I tried out the WIP a while back and was very impressed. If I didn't currently have a home budget freeze on ordering more games, I'd already have ordered!
  5. Wow, looking really good! My memory of Captain Comic is coming back now! I definitely played it back in the day, just been so long that it took awhile to remember those screens!
  6. Wow. Brings back memories of DOS gaming. I very much remember the name, but looking at some of the graphics online have no recollection of those screens. Very cool!
  7. I enjoyed Arkanoid on PC, but I spent a lot more time on Arkanoid 2. Would love to see that as well eventually, but I wonder if the extra graphic and audio complexity would be an issue on the 7800? Sound requirements might even be beyond a POKEY to do it justice?
  8. Nice machine, back in the day I really wanted one of those. Used to run my website, dns, and e-mail on Sun hardware, with a Sun desktop. 🙂 I'm typing on one of those keyboards (attached to a whitebox PC) right now! Should have an official Sun mouse around here somewhere too...
  9. So, which did you choose? Balls makes it playable, but IIRC enemies would have been something new?
  10. I just really wish I could help out. I'm not super strong in electronics, but have some background there, but am strong in software development, especially low level (having done Device Drivers and TSRs in DOS as well as Assembly Language for DesqView up through Windows 32-bit. Some of it as a hobby, some professionally. Unfortunately none of it is Atari specific though. And there's this problem of having no spare time too. 😞
  11. 14" Zenith LCD TV that goes back to sometime in the early 2000's. Using RF. Some colors are a little dark on it, but overall does very good for a vintage LCD TV...
  12. Just ran across this. Very cool! Will have to see if I can work out getting a copy ordered!
  13. Very nice indeed. Oh so tempting. Would love to have one, but then I'd have to find software, and there goes all my money. 🙂 Wouldn't mind writing software on/for it too, but well, I don't have enough time to program the systems I already have... Time and money kill the best dreams!
  14. Nice collection! Wish I lived closer, I'd be all over that! But yeah, shipping stuff like that is challenging, risky, and expensive. Best to sell local.
  15. This is on my "must buy" list and it's not even complete yet. 🙂
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