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  1. Very nice indeed. Oh so tempting. Would love to have one, but then I'd have to find software, and there goes all my money. 🙂 Wouldn't mind writing software on/for it too, but well, I don't have enough time to program the systems I already have... Time and money kill the best dreams!
  2. Nice collection! Wish I lived closer, I'd be all over that! But yeah, shipping stuff like that is challenging, risky, and expensive. Best to sell local.
  3. This is on my "must buy" list and it's not even complete yet. 🙂
  4. Gave it thought and test fit other carts I have and may not have tried on my 7800 (an A3 model). They all fit reasonably well (including the Imagics, which are a little tighter, but not bad at all). I just couldn't justify the Lock-On 2600 for only the 3 Tigervision games. So, I went ahead and clipped a little off the posts with a pair of sidecuts. I may have given up some value, but I can live with that. They still look good enough for me and no intent to sell. Love Polaris and Threshold! Miner 2049 is nothing to get excited about, but is worth a little play time too...
  5. I can't believe it, but apparently I have not played any of my Tigervision games in a VERY long time (since my 2600 went up in smoke, MANY years ago)... Just found out they don't fit in my 7800. I did some searching around the site and it sounds like it's just the posts being too long. I'd prefer not to try clipping them if I can avoid it. Saw a recommendation to NOT disassemble the cartridge due to the labels being fragile. Either way, all the information I found was quite old. What's the cleanest mod people are using to make them fit these days? For the curious, it's Miner 2049er, Polaris, and Threshold.
  6. OK, mine is an A3. I know it was purchased very late. My cousin got it as a Xmas gift back IIRC in '92? Doesn't mean that it wasn't sitting on a shelf for a long time though... I guess one of these days I'll have to pop the case and check the chip dates to satisfy my curiosity.
  7. I don't have Stargate, but Secret Quest does work on mine at least. Forgot about that game, time to get it back out!
  8. My 2600 went up in smoke a number of years ago and all I currently have left is a 7800, so that's what I use for everything as so far it's working for everything. 🙂
  9. I've got a 7800 that was purchased very late, but don't know the build date. Is there a serial number to date conversion list somewhere? Anyways, it had C64, but after clipping it I've yet to find any game so far that won't run. I don't have any homebrew yet (I have 2 on order right now, I'd imagine they'll be in a batch going out in the next couple of weeks), but I've got a number of the other troublesome ones (Robot Tank, Supercharger, etc).
  10. How has nobody snapped up that 600XL yet? Sooo tempting. I really, really don't need to be spending any more money right now though!
  11. Never ran across them before. They've got a couple games I'm interested in listed on the site, but the main page says the store is closed? Wonder what happened?
  12. This is really odd, but on the latest version (have not gone back to see which version it started on yet), I no longer have enhanced sound with the XM cart on A7800. I'm getting TIA music again. I double checked with the Arkanoid WIP to make sure that the XM cart in A7800 does still work. *Edit* XM sound in A7800 worked back in the versions in posts 177 and 186. All subsequent versions play TIA music on my system. Not sure if this impacts real hardware, or even is a "just me" problem...
  13. I would have pre-ordered I'm sure, but I went inactive on here back in 2007 and just came back now in 2020. 🙂 Hope there are some left over for those of us late to the game!
  14. I'm sure I had the Light Phaser. I remember playing Marksman Shooting & Trap Shooting game and the picture of the Light Phaser looks exactly like I remember. Never had a real Mastersystem, just the Genesis with converter.
  15. It's been a looong time now, but IIRC it does work? I think I had one?
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