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  1. Oh wow. I thought it was supposed to have come out earlier this year already. Well, it is GT, so it's a rule that it must be continually delayed...
  2. I've been trying to score an XBox just for the Flight Sim... XBox should be an excellent setup for it, and for way cheaper than building a PC to do it. If one could actually buy an XBox... Haven't seen a single S or X yet. I've heard rumors of locals stores getting an S or 2 and having it sell within seconds of hitting the shelf. Guess I either need to hang out next to the XBox display for the next month or just wait until next Summer when the supply chain might be closer to normal!
  3. Oh, GT7 still isn't out yet? Good to know. Now I don't feel so bad about not having been able to find a PS5 yet. I'm looking for one specifically for GT7. Odds are I will never buy any other games for it! I'm an old school Atari gamer that buys the various PS models JUST for the GT series!
  4. Found out about PLAster™/128 (PLA replacement for C128) – BackBit today, which sounds like a great solution for me using the BackBit cartridge in fast mode. I popped open my (flat) C128 to confirm the PLA was socketed and unfortunately I've got one that's soldered. That puts this mod out of my skill level. So, I'm going to have to find someone else to do it for me. If I'm going to have to hunt down someone to do more complicated mods than just swapping chips, what else should I look at (so I can just have it all done at once)? Are there any other common internal mods for C128s? RAM or video perhaps?
  5. How did I not hear about this until now! Time Pilot was one of my favorites from back in the day, I'm going to have to download this one and give it a try!
  6. Haven't used one recently, but back in the late '90's we used them for sensitive computer equipment.
  7. Awesome! I may have to pick up Bentley Bear when it's available again. Also, is there another drop of new games in the near future? I thought I remembered something about October, but I might have been dreaming...
  8. M-Network had some really great games, but Imagic just seemed to have a slight edge in production quality.
  9. Very cool project. Another one that is super tempting, but I really need to cut back. Too many systems around the house that I don't use already!
  10. Never played the original, but played a lot of Skyfox II on the PC back in the day. It was pretty impressive for what it did on that platform (8088 w/ CGA).
  11. Make that 1 & 2... For some reason I can't seem to edit my post to fix that typo...
  12. I'll have to give it a try too. Original part 3 ran (but with corrupted graphics) on Altirra, and wouldn't load at all on my 600XL w/64K upgrade and FujiNet. In the meantime 1 & 3 run great on my 600XL!
  13. Just checked Amazon and they show 2 available right now. Was sorely tempted to order one again, but there's really only 2 games on it that I want. I just can't get to spending $250 just for those 2 games...
  14. Yes, I still load my SuperCharger games off the original tapes. They all still work just fine which is more than I can say for any of my 5.25" and 3.5" media (and even most of my CDs!). I inherited an old full size Phillips cassette player that I use. Soft rewind and all so hopefully it'll help keep the tapes from breaking.
  15. I SO miss Populous. Would LOVE to see a game like that again! OTOH, I recently bought a C128 so I could run Elite because I really want to play that. Unfortunately though I haven't been able to get it to work on my hardware (was trying to use a BackBit)... Having something similar on the Atari would be really awesome.
  16. OK, I was going through the 7800 games in the store and I'm not seeing Dragon's Cache in the list. I can get to it from the new games link, but I don't see it listed under 7800. Am I losing my mind? A bug in the store?
  17. Yeah, Dragon's Cache is a great playing game. I'm still kicking myself for forgetting to add it to my cart on my pre-order - order. I'm definitely getting it on my next order!
  18. I had big plans to play it a bunch yesterday, then I got the e-mail that our entire server farm at work crashed... Big power outage overnight, automatic generator failed, battery backup system depleted, and nothing came back up automatically on power restoration. Fortunately got that all fixed, but I lost a whole day of (my far too infrequent) gaming!
  19. Finally had a chance to check earlier this week and I'm firmware current. I'll give the pulldown mode a try along with a local copy. Thanks!
  20. I had to open this thread just because I had no idea what a tulip connector might be...
  21. FujiNet 1.5 and aha... I didn't realize there was a webpage on board the device. It's set to B Button Press. I had printed out the guide (which must be out of date?), but it lists Button B as just being for print debug info, safe reset, and reset config! If I try Button B, I actually do get the orange light now. Solid for a bit, then starts cycling on/off slowly. Eventually it quits doing that and I end up frozen on the blue screen with a cursor, but at least it looks like it's trying to do something at the beginning now... I see there is an HSIO index thing in that web config too. Do I need to try experimenting with that as well? It's showing "6: 67Kb" currently.
  22. 13 minutes to beat game 1, 26 minutes to beat game 2 so far. Game 1 I got distracted by trying to do things the wrong way for awhile. Then I really got lost on game 2 for a few minutes! Love it. Glad there's a very random option. I'm nowhere near needing it, but long term I think that's really going to provide a lot of extra fun!
  23. On an Atari 600XL I get through step 2 OK, but then the machine just hangs. Pressing start as indicated in step 3 appears to have no effect. No indication of any loading or anything going on. White light only. Thoughts?
  24. 100% As I've mentioned elsewhere, I bought an Atari 8-bit computer specifically to run Adventure II. I was not disappointed. It's an amazing "upgrade" to a classic!
  25. Finally got to dig into mine and play them for the first time. Well worth the wait. Not only are the games great, but the boxes and manuals are just amazing. Everything is just perfect. Including the packaging for shipment. The attention to detail is evident all the way through every step of the process from development through graphics/sound, to artwork/manuals, and finally down to the way it was packed in the box that arrived at my doorstep. Even the labels on the shipping package were perfectly placed. Congrats to everyone involved and especially to Al who definitely had his hands full with such a large drop of games all at one time!
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