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  1. I'll throw my hat in the ring as well. I'm just getting back into things and I'm a bit fuzzy on everything, so hopefully this will be an exercise to help me reconnect. I present my ten selections in no particular order: # Pressure Cooker # Pitfall! # Spacemaster X-7 # Taz # Maze Craze # Dragonfire # Lock N' Chase # Riddle of the Sphinx # BMX Airmaster # Motorodeo
  2. Fellow San Antonioan checking in. I am definitely planning on attending Classic Game Fest this year, it will be my first. It's at the end of July so hopefully my partner will have moved down here by then so I'll have a buddy to go with me. Otherwise maybe I'll just hover around the AtariAge booth annoying everyone!
  3. Looking to get an Atari 2600 repaired and/or modded. PM me if interested! :)

  4. Greetings. I own a small number of Atari 2600 consoles, most of which in working order to some degree. I have one that is in need of repair (more on that in a bit), and while I could take/send it to someone who fixes consoles I thought I'd inquire here first just in case there's anyone as eccentric as I am who'd like to do a "special" job. I'll pay of course, PM me and we can work it out. The Repair: The on/off switch is a bit gummy and it doesn't click, so I suspect this is the source of the problem. The console "turns on" and is able to output video and audio but it seems like the power switch has no effect on what power state the console is in. This results in the system being unstable and flickering, etc. I do not have a comprehensive background in console repair and modding, but my best guess is that a new set of switches is all it needs. The "Special" Job: Go nuts with it. Literally. I want you to do whatever crazy things you've wanted to try on an Atari but haven't to this console. Make it light up. Paint it blinding neon green and pink. Put two cartridge slots on it. Put a spring-loaded eject button on the cartridge slot. Put extra switches on there that mess with the video output or glitch the game. Make it say Macho Man quotes when you turn it on. That's not an exhaustive list, just a point of reference to prove a point that anything goes. Basically, as long as you can restore the console to working order so that it plays games you can do whatever you want to it. Take the Pimp My Ride philosophy, dial it up to 11, and then double it. I host a live gaming show every week and I would love to have something bizarre and unique to show off, especially if you can get the console to do wacky corruption things because then I can bring it out far more often. If you repair consoles and deal in games as a business or hobby I'll also gladly do what I can to send some more business your way every time we use it. Also just a reminder, this isn't a "do it for free and I'll plug you on YouTube" thing, I'll pay you both to fix the console and then to "fit" it. I figure it's worth a shot to post here first before just taking it to someone local, since I know there's tons of unique talents all congregated here. I've only recently begun posting here again so I do not have any recent Marketplace transactions or profile karma to back up my word, so instead here is my eBay profile that I've had for 10 years without any issues, hopefully this will suffice: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=twilightfoundry&ftab=AllFeedback If you're interested in getting a "blank check" to try out some wacky ideas on, PM me and we'll figure out a deal! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ edit: I guess I should also provide a sample of the aforementioned show, again just so you know I'm real. We do games and geek stuff and sometimes we'll put together wacky imitations of popular things, like this fake Lootcrate: [CLICK] And as far as games go we like to play weird stuff that people either hate or forgot about, like the ill-fated Game.com: [CLICK] So the Atari 2600 I'm posting about would be something that lands perfectly in the middle of these two themes of ours.
  5. Hey everyone. I'm working on a web series right now and I am presently in the middle of working on props for everything. It's a humor show about games and each installment is going to have a recurring bit called "The Golden E.T. Awards" where the hosts reflect back on the game featured that episode and recount the worst parts of it. Here's where I need your help: I need a game to sacrifice for the "trophy". I don't really want to dismantle a working game, so I'm looking to see if anybody here has a broken (or empty) Atari 2600 game that they are just looking to get rid of. I'd take it off of your hands for ya and turn it into something. I need just a "regular" style case, and by that I mean not an Activision one or anything other than what most 2600 games came packed in. It doesn't even have to be E.T. either, because it will be painted gold and a new label applied to it. It could be any game, I just mostly need the case. And as for the label, I could probably do this on my own but I just don't have suitable access to a printer right now. I know there are folks here who design and print labels for homebrew games, and really all I'd need is just the standard existing E.T. label just in a yellow/gold hue. Like this: http://img.photobuck...2/Golden_ET.jpg So, I need the following: (1) Atari 2600 game cartridge (1) E.T. game label, rendered in gold hue I can pay via PayPal, if you'd like to help out shoot me a PM and we can work from there. Thanks.
  6. Via trial and error I've been mapping the colors and graphics for my own records (and making the non-obvious hex locations noted in my first post). If anyone has anything interesting or helpful hex-wise about this game feel free to chime in and I'll edit it into the first post. I have not been able to pinpoint the hex value that changes the elusive "death flash" the sky does while being hit. Yay check first post! I believe that's all of the colors in the game accounted for with the possible exception of text and lives colors.
  7. Thanks Nukey, I found the addresses you mentioned and fooled around a bit but seemed to have completely destroyed the intro tune. Looks like there's 4-bits that govern each note (Frequency, Tone, etc). I've been using Random Terrain's website utilities for batari to experiment with notes and sounds but I'm not sure how to convert the values on the keyboard images into something I can use. http://www.randomterrain.com/atari-2600-memories-batari-basic-music-toy.html This game seems to be coded really strangely, especially in dealing with the colors. The colors that define the indian's graphics are all over the place as is the cactus, the teepee, etc. Haven't found Custer's hat yet, but I've found the rest of his colors. I also have yet to find the colors for the smoke billows, the arrows, and everything in the background. The sky (both shades of it from the play and mode select screens) do not match any colors on the TIA color chart either. edit: Nevermind 06D4 seems to be the sky in mode select (83 is the hex value even though it is slightly off).
  8. Are there any programming/hacking/composition tools that can either directly edit or support changes to the sound effects or noise of 2600 games? I mean, I know that's a stupid question of course there ARE otherwise they'd all be silent but what I mean is, much like how HOM3 caters to being able to edit graphics well, is there another editor (or normal hex editor with documentation) that aids with modifying sound? I've looked into a few tools like the Sound Kit and such, but it doesn't seem like the right thing that I could use to code something and drop it into an existing game.
  9. Haw, I wasn't anywhere close playing with the top two rows. Your code just Chris Brown'd the routine - Thanks! :3 As part of my gratitude here is a hellacious abomination I managed to make by turning a few things on and off. Since I can get cracking on graphics, if anyone knows some pointers on what governs the colors I'd like to check it out. Once I get the colors down all will be well. :3 Seems I've found what part of the code deals with General Custer's sprites (and the overlay "hump" sprite I think). edit: And I need to shut up the cowboy song that plays at the beginning or otherwise change sound effects. I can't find any documentation on this at all. I understand the concepts of tone, pitch, and frequency -- I just cannot find the places in the cartridge that control this or a decompiler/program that specializes in sound editing. hellCOLONthegame.bin
  10. hasn't been here in forever and doesn't know how anything works.

  11. hasn't been here in forever and doesn't know how anything works.

  12. Years and years ago back when I made that Pineapple 2K space invaders hack I started working on this tongue-in-cheek mod of Custer's Revenge for my friends to replace characters and hazards with other stuff. I bowed out of modding 2600 games at the time just because I couldn't figure it out, but I've taken it up again and I realize that editing certain graphics seems to break the game? Namely I began with the smaller things like editing the "MYSTIQUE" text and icons, backdrop, etc - editing any of them breaks the game and it will not emulate. If I undo whatever it is I do and recompile it, it works. I've duplicated the same modifications using 2600gfx and HOM3, 2600gfx will not recompile the edited version(s) and HOM3 will recompile but when I test it with the Stella and Z26 emulators neither one works. In both cases undoing whatever mods I do and restoring it to its original 100% intact version will let the game run. I have also attempted to modify PlayAround's "Westward Ho" version and messing with the graphics yields the same lock-out. I've seen 1 hack of CR (it's posted here on AA) so I know a mod is possible, I'm just having problems getting started. Is there some kind of special bit of code I should know about when editing this game? Something to remove or edit to allow graphical mods? I searched and couldn't find a topic on this. Thanks! :3 (Also I can't seem to find the place in my profile to change my display name. I no longer go by this name and was looking to change it to what I go by now.) edit: The original thread from 2006 where another user reported the same problems - http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/83876-problem-using-bit-hacker/ and also ATARI TROLL's thread for his hack of CR - http://www.atariage.com/forums/topic/22227-custers-viagra-small-hack-will-take-suggestions/ Update: I have done a bunch of trial-and-error edits against the seemingly random blocks of code (in the image editor at least) at the beginning of the ROM information, and scrambling up the data has an adverse effect on the game upon start-up, but when I scrambled the beginning and then edited out "MYSTIQUE" into a black bar it SAVED the changes and ran the game "normally", albeit with a broken color palette from whatever it was I did. So it looks like somewhere in the beginning of the ROM is either an anti-piracy or string of code to protect intellectual rights or something. If anybody who knows more about Atari 2600 production wants to take a look at it maybe we could figure it out. The top two rows of code seem to govern this block. edit2: guys what is this i dont even --------------------------- For the sake of leaving something possibly worthwhile to future generations of hackers/coders/programmers here's some notations on the Custer's Revenge programming: GRAPHICS 03FD: Calls for the location of the teepee smoke plume. (Value 48 by default) 0429: Color of the teepee. 046E: Color of the indian girl's headband feather. 0472: Color of the cacti hazards and cacti post. 0145: Color of Indian leg overlay. 046A: Color of Custer's hat. 03EC: Color of Mountain formation background 0667: Color of Sky (play) 0071: Color of Sky (startup demo) 06D4: Color of Sky (mode select) 0353: Color of Sky (game over) 0870 & 0874: Color of sky (2 tone death blink, tone 1 is usually the same as "Sky (demo)" and "sky (play)", tone 2 was orange) 0209: Color of clouds 0663: Color of ground (play) 006D: Color of Ground (startup demo) 06D8: Color of Ground (mode select) 0357: Color of Ground (game over) 0205: Color of Arrow hazard 0201: Color of Teepee smoke plume. 0C48 - 0C4F: Teepee smoke plume (it is upside down) 0C40 - 0C47: Teepee (it is upside down) 0C80 - 0C86: "Extra Life" symbol (it is upside down) 0CE1 - 0CE7: BG clouds (note this pattern is mirrored once, then duplicated a second time) 0CE8 - 0CEF: BG mountain formation (note, the display is the same as the clouds) SOUNDS 0E00: "Start up" cowboy jingle with indian drums afterward. 0EC0: Background "drum beat" during play. 0EE4: Taps (the "Death" music). 0F08: "Humping" fanfare. ETC 00DA: Inverting this hex value makes you invincible to arrows. 066B: Changes Custer's starting position
  13. My mother recently won an auction for a Nintendo 64 for my younger (6) brother. The seller tested it and warned that one of the games didn't have sound. This was information that normally would have thrown up a red flag to me, but I was not told this. Actually, the game (MRC) does appear to not have sound but nether does the system after we tested it with the games it came with, and some I brought over from my personal collection. For the time being I am letting my brother borrow my Nintendo 64 that works while I take a look at his. I have some Gamebits screwdrivers in the mail right now so I have not been able to open the system up to take a look yet, but if the sound is broken what should I be looking for? The seller knows this problem and is very apologetic (and is offering a full refund, etc) but I'd like to at least see if we can save on shipping and just see if this is fixable, and I've been meaning to purchase those special screwdrivers for a while anyways so now is as good of a time as any. We have to connect the system to the television using the RF modulator because his TV does not have the RCA composite cables. Any help is appreciated!
  14. The person who offered 5 6 and 8 has backed out, so once again my missing collection is up to 4 5 6 and 8.
  15. Got three transactions so far and I am expecting all of them except #4 Zelda II. If anyone has this remaining issue left my offer of $4 + S/H (Media Mail) still stands.
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