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  1. What's happen with the homepage of the emulator Atari800Win? http://atariarea.histeria.pl/PLus/index_us.htm
  2. I made a PDF formatted version of an old text file i have called "assembly in one step". This text helps me too much too understand the basis of the assembly programming, i think it's very breaf, intuitive and easy to understand, even to the people who don't speak english, like me. Has an intuitve explaination about command, addressing modes, a few examples, etc. Download it, and give me your comment assembly.pdf
  3. Try to shorten the cables, electrical induction appears in very long cables, and if these cables aren't isolated (with an internal shield), another interferences will take place. Try to do the cable with the lenght of a mouse cable Thanks for the tip classic , here in Chile te most common model is the 75c189, but i do the cable using all the resistors and diodes suggested in http://www.geocities.com/atarimods and i get no problems.
  4. I don't thinks so, i always load the games in the 3x mode in an old P II 400, with the "cubemenu" or the Ape Loader, this software also supports the HD-Mirror feature. I think your problem is the lenght or quality of your cable, when i use my cable with a large DB9 cord, the high speed modes don't work and disturbing noises comes from the Atari, like a sio error...
  5. What about share it as torrents? Many users here have the cd's... By the way, check out ftp.atari.art.pl is a server with several GB of Atari, software,demos, games, mirrors, magazines, etc.
  6. save it as a .PRO image using the APE software
  7. Somebody has this software in atr or another format? I have the "chilean" hacked version called "Max y el Alfabeto", and i want to check out some translations....
  8. Get +5v with a multimeter, and, and.... just ask the uncle google http://images.google.com/images?q=led%20po...f-8&sa=N&tab=wi
  9. Check out www.atariware.cl for your links also!
  10. l'm building an bass guitar amplifier and l dont know wether to use a normal loudspeaker or a woofer (not subwoofer), l thougth l had to use a woofer, but some people said to me that is better to use a normal loudspeaker. l know the frequency range a bass speaker needs, but in my country speaker sellers doesnt have the specifications of their speakers even in the best electronic shops. what type of speaker do you recommend ?
  11. Uaaaahahahaha. You're right, you're right! One can finish this great game in solo mode as well! I've just done it for the very first time in my life (with two lives left) and I'm sooooo happy!!! :) My final score: 172,600. F. 993794[/snapback] Wow, that's insane! Congratulations... and emkay, maybe zybex is crap but is very funny crap
  12. you upgrade it to 64 kb? I have a 65XE with 4464 memories, and i upgrade it recently up to 256kb, but using the EMMU of a dead 130XE and a LS138.
  13. Check the MMU of the 600XL versus the 800XL, maybe it's a different chip or some connections are missed in the 600. Check the schematics http://jsobola.republika.pl/schematy.htm Good luck upgrading your machine
  14. Not all the 65XE sucks! Are models made in taiwan, hong kong and the latest was made in china (same case with the 130xe) Chinese models has the mobo of a 130XE but without a MMU and two ram chips... The better ataris 800xl are the made in sunnyvale... But if you want to play (nobody programs in an atari today, all people use pc compilers like x-asm, atasm, omc, etc), all the models are the same thing...
  15. Too bad... ige t my better score today but i can't uplaod it, damn ISP
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