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  1. true yet I noticed Zimag games always had on point shading and detail but keeping the cartoon feel...
  2. This one looks like it could actually fit.. I might make a draft soon.
  3. That was the idea. Every other Zimag game used a designers sketch. Just compare Dishasters box with the catalog.
  4. UPDATE: This is an idea... I'm probably not going to go through with it though. Too simple and yeah no.
  5. Yes true. But Zimag always had a certain style. It was cartoony yet detailed at the same time.
  6. Are you going to scan the art and dump the roms?
  7. Fast Food by Telesys Frostbite by Activision and Haunted House by Atari Total gems in my opinion.
  8. A couple years ago I came across a Atari 2600 prototype game by Zimag named Pizza Chef. I rather enjoy this game even if the sound effects are annoying. I'm currently now working on reproduction box art and need suggestions on what needs to be put in the illustration box. My current idea is just a chef spinning pizza dough yet I don't think that would fit well with Zimag's theme. This is what I have so far, work still needs to be done on the logo and clearing up text.
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