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  1. Hello @jenergy I just saw your YouTube video showing several Intellivision games playing on a Nintendo Switch, it looks fantastic. I assume you are using this GUI you created? Can you please explain how to get this running on the Switch? What kind of mod is is needed on the Switch to run this? Thank you.
  2. Hi mr_me, this is the github of the jzintv port: https://github.com/kerheol/dingux-int According to the readme file, it looks like a hackfile can be added. If I understand correctly, a hackfile can be made for each specific game, here is a copy/paste of the readme: Welcome to Dingux Int - 1.0.0 Original Author of Jzintv Joseph Zbiciak Author of the Dingux, Wiz and GP2X port versions Ludovic.Jacomme also known as Zx-81 ([email protected]) 1. INTRODUCTION ------------ Jzintv is an emulator of the Intellivision videogame system running on many systems such as Linux, Unix, Windows and MacOS. See http://spatula-city.org/~im14u2c/intv/ for further informations. Dingux-Int is a port on dingoo with Dingux os installed of the version 20051204 of Jzintv. This package is under GPL Copyright, read COPYING file for more information about it. 2. INSTALLATION ------------ Unzip the zip file, and copy the content of the directory game to your SD memory. For any comments or questions on this version, please visit http://zx81.zx81.free.fr or http://www.gp32x.com/ 3. CONTROL ------------ In the Intellivision emulator window Dingoo Intellivision A KP1 Y A-T X A-L B A-R Up D-N Down D-S Left D-W Right D-E LTrigger RESET RTrigger KPE Press Select to enter in emulator main menu. Press Start open/close the On-Screen keyboard In the main menu R Trigger Reset the Intellivision console Y Go Up directory X Valid B Valid A Go Back to the emulator window The On-Screen Keyboard of "Danzel" and "Jeff Chen" Use the stick to choose one of the 9 squares, and use A, B, X, Y to choose one of the 4 letters of the highlighted square. Use LTrigger and RTrigger to see other 9 squares figures. 4. LOADING INTELLIVISION ROM FILES ------------ If you want to load rom image in your emulator, you have to put your rom file (with .zip, .rom, .int, .itv or .bin file extension) on your GP2X SD memory in the 'rom' directory. Then, while inside Jzintv emulator, just press SELECT to enter in the emulator main menu, and then using the file selector choose one rom file to load in your emulator. Back to the emulator window, the rom should stard automatically. 5. LOADING KEY MAPPING FILES ------------ For given games, the default keyboard mapping between GP2X Keys and Intellivision keys, is not suitable, and the game can't be played on Jzintv. To overcome the issue, you can write your own mapping file. Using notepad for example you can edit a file with the .kbd extension and put it in the kbd directory. For the exact syntax of those mapping files, have a look on sample files already presents in the kbd directory (default.kbd etc ...). After writting such keyboard mapping file, you can load them using the main menu inside the emulator. If the keyboard filename is the same as the rom filename (.zip etc ...) then when you load this rom, the corresponding keyboard file is automatically loaded ! You can now use the Keyboard menu and edit, load and save your keyboard mapping files inside the emulator. The Save option save the .kbd file in the kbd directory using the "Game Name" as filename. The game name is displayed on the right corner in the emulator menu. 6. COMPILATION ------------ It has been developped under Linux using gcc with Dingux SDK. To rebuild the homebrew run the Makefile in the src archive.
  3. I found the way to play AD&D on the jzintv based RG350M. To move within the map you need to call the keypad and press the numbers. Once inside a mountain you use the dpad or left analog stick to move and you call the keypad when you want to shoot. Now that I recall, this is the exact way the game works with the Intellivision controller. Not great in a handheld device, though. By the time you call the keypad and press the number to shoot in the desired direction you are already dead. As mentioned in my previous post, using the right analog stick to shoot works great. AD&D is a joy to play this way in Freeintv. So the desired solution is to map the disc to the dpad and left analog stick, and map the numeric keypad to the right analog stick. Is this doable?
  4. So I did a bit more testing of jzintv on the RG350M. Here is a photo of the control settings that came pre-configured. In the case of some games like Astrosmash and Night Stalker the dpad and the left analog stick do work as the directional disk. The right analog stick is not used at all in any game. In AD&D for some reason both the dpad and the analog sticks dont work at all, so the game is unplayable. On the other hand, on the RG351M which runs on Freeintv, the dpad and left analog stick are mapped to the directional disk, while the right analog stick is mapped to the numeric keypad. This configuration works fantastic in games that use the keypad for shooting, like AD&D and Night Stalker. Freeintv also maps the X button to the last selected keypad button. So for example in Astrosmash if you call the keypad once and press button 3 (hyperspace), every time you press X hyperspace works. This also works well in AD&D to pick up arrows and tools without having to call the keypad. I think this is very smart and greatly improves the gaming experience. Would it be possible to create a hackfile for jzintv in the RG350M that mimics the behavior of the Freeintv configuration described above? I have no clue on how to do this, I am not tech savvy. Anyone care to help and I buy you a drink?
  5. Thank you for clarifying. The functionality of the right analog stick came as a surprise because I was previously using an RG350M which runs on jzintv and the analog sticks dont work at all, so games like AD&D are unplayable. Also, the Freeintv GitHub does not mention anything about the usability of the right analog stick. This is a very big deal for many Inty games, I think it is worth mentioning in GitHub.
  6. @nanochess do I understand correctly that you are the Freeintv developer that accomplished making playing Advanced D&D so enjoyable? Man, thank you very much for your work. I have long wished for an Inty emulator that would work with Retroarch. I recently purchased a handheld (Abernic RG351M) that came loaded with Freeintv and I am surprised of how great it works and how I never heard of it before. The experience of playing Advanced Dungeons and Dragons being able to use the 2 analog sticks to control movement and arrow shooting is just fantastic. I discovered this functionality by mere chance. If this type of experience with the dual analog sticks working in substitution of the disc and the numeric keypad could be translated to other Inty games it would be a dream come true. I just tried Night Stalker and found it also works with the 2 analog sticks similar to AD&D. Can you tell us of other games you have fixed? I will be happy to help in any way I can to support Freeintv. I am not a tech savvy guy but I can certainly help you test games for bugs and I also will be happy to contribute financially.
  7. So I took the plunge and purchased the PowKiddy V90 and also the Anbernic RG351M and installed custom firmware on both (Miyoo on the PK and 351Elec on the RG351M). The PK uses Jzintv for the Intellivision emulator, while the RG351M uses Freeintv. I like them both, but the RG351M blows away the PK. The bigger screen plus having the analog sticks on top of the dpad is great. I never imagined I could play a complex game like Advanced D&D on a handheld and I have to say that the experience playing it with the RG351M is pretty awesome. I was also able to load and play some home brews like Super Chef BT, D2K, Ms Night Stalker and they all play fine. The only one that I couldnt make work is Ms Pac-Man. I really recommend the Abernic RG351M for Inty fans.
  8. Thank you @mthompson and @Intellinate this looks awesome, I will definitely try it out. I am thinking of buying one of the larger screen gadgets though. The Pk v90 screen looks too small for this old man’s eyes.
  9. Very cool @intellinate do you have any instructions on where to get the custom firmware and how to install it?
  10. I preordered 2 units. Was never really interested in the new games, my sole desire was to play the old games in a modern tv using wireless Intellivision like controllers. I lost the enthusiasm with all the delays and also when I learned that the original games would not be available at launch. I cancelled one unit after the first delay and now am thinking of cancelling the other one too. I really love my Ultimate Intellivision, it allows me to play my beloved childhood games in a modern tv, albeit with wired flashback controllers.
  11. Got it to work. I simply opened the rom in a hex editor and modified the first bite from 41 to A8 and now it runs perfectly. Thank you @mr_me
  12. Libretro (freeintv). I am trying this because I would like to be able to play SCBT with my wireless 8bitdo controller. I am able to do this running SCBT on Argon, but cant get it to work on my pi4 with libretro.
  13. Thank you @mr_me, I just noticed that when I try to launch SCBT I get this message on the bottom left of the screen: “Configuration Override Loaded”. Could this be the problem?
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