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  1. I was curious if it was technically possible, but I understand it maybe hard for most people to do,
  2. Hi all, after watching a Atari visual programming tutorial, I had a thought, if it possible to use a joystick controller, and paddle controller while playing a game? I was thinking about making an overhead shooter, kind of game, and use the paddle to aim the gun, and the joystick to move the player, any info would be good, Thanks
  3. well, the prvious post you made, amde it sound like there was some code written for it, an algarthim (typo) written, wouldn't that be considered as code? I still say it's too bad the game was never finished
  4. sorry i have been gone for so long... well, all i am saying it's a shame that the gaunlet concept was canned, i wonder how close it was to being finished when atari said no?
  5. Hi, I am new here, but picked up on the rumor that Xybots was orginally going to be Gaunlet 3, and i wondered if there was ever a proto of the gaunlet version of Xybots? thanks for any info
  6. it's too bad it was changed, i wonder how far the game was completed before it was changed to Xybots? was there any pics? or roms, i woner, i would loved to have seen this, but i guess it's a long gone by now huh?
  7. i didn;t want to build one from the ground up, jus get a cab, an modify it, with trackballs an' such
  8. gaulet 3-d woulda looked cool, i thought, weird that the idea would be dropped, but oh well...
  9. Jeffshaw


    so i'll take that as a yes? has any1 every seen pics from when it was in the guanlet stages, i jus wondering...
  10. I was hoping to make a mame cab, one day I would like it to have trackballs possibly beside the joysticks (is there a way to wire the buttons to work with both the trackball, and the sticks?) I am guessing i will need a 4 player cab, is there any1 in here that can suggest a 4 player cab, I was thinking the size of a cab that the TMNT games were on, not that i would tear one up to get the cab, looking for a size idea
  11. I saw a neo geo candy go for likke 82 bucks, but no monitor, or jamma, would have made a good mame cab
  12. Jeffshaw


    dose any1 know if it was true that Xybots was supposed to be the 3rd in the gaunlet series? but atari changed their minds and scrapped the entire game, and Xybots was the result? I was cusrious of any1 else has heard this rumor, thanks for any info...
  13. I heard a rumor, not all too sure how true it is/isn't, that Xybots was meant to be gauntlet 3, but atari left that they didn't need a 3rd gaunlet title so far after the orginals, has any1 else heard this rumor? was there any pics of the gauntlet/Xybots engine, i think i would have been a great idea... but that's jus me , oh by the way, I AM new here, hi to all
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