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  1. I have sold my collection to a guy who is opening up a museum in a couple of years. We negotiated a few items out of the deal and I have listed them on Ebay. I don't have anything else left besides what is listed on Ebay. Complete 125 set (minus Spiker box), Keyboard Component, etc. have all been sold. What I DO have left is a Bandai Intellivision and games, Brazilian Shock Vision carts, Kool-Aid Man bagged promo comic, Night Stalker T-shirt, Flashback with signed BSR sleeve and a piece of Astrosmash original art from the book The Complete Guide To Conquering Video Games from 1982. Thanks for taking a look!





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  2. Our kitty is named Templeton Ichabod and hea A Scottish fold. Temmy for short. Nothing crazy going on in my life I just dont have the disposable income I once did and I cant keep up with all the new releases and cant afford the things that are missing from my collection. It bums me out to not actively collect. I still love old video games but I am ready to move this stuff on to a new home. Its been a big part of my life for the last 20-something years. Excited to pay off my commuter car loan and throw some money at my 1964 Ford Falcon. What wil I do with the other tens of thousands I will end up with? I dunno yet. Be responsible and put some money in a retirement fund? Maybe, but probably not.

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  3. I had evidently posted pics of this a long time ago but linked to my Photobucket so the links are broken now. Here they are again because someone asked me for them. I can't remember what is going on in these pics. Been a long time since I messed with it. A chip gets hot and it starts malfunctioning after a bit. Someday I will jump back in to this project but for now here are the pics. I get it from the family of Papa Intellvision and it appears to be different from the other pics I could find online at the time. Maybe modified or maybe pre-production? I have no idea.

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    I actually am stopping by your store tomorrow because I never got a chance to browse it fully. I could pick them up tomorrow. I hit a lot of the hipster hangouts across the city and everyone I tell seems surprised it is held here in Portland and interested in going. I'll have a brown Disney Fort Wilderness long sleeve shirt on tomorrow so someone can spot me. I would wear my Hello Kitty pants, but it might scare the locals.

    I'll be there all day tomorrow. Working Rose City Comic Con Fri-Sun though.


    Is there a way I can a bunch of of those flyers? They are nowhere to be found in many of the Portland districts and everyone I ask knows nothing about PRGE and they live in Portland.

    Yes, we were just emailing about this today. I thought Jake messaged you. I have a bunch and we are always looking to get them out to the public. I'll try and set a stack aside for you in case I'm not there. I don't know what you look like I just knew that nowhere else in Oregon City had flyers, lol.

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