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  1. Ended at $10,100 with a shill bid to bump it up from $6000.
  2. The interference is probably from the RF switch. Try one of those coax to RF adapters instead of the old tv/game switch. Nice find! I'm still looking for 25 Casino Poker.
  3. http://www.gamegavel.com/item.cgi?show_item=0000751624
  4. Yeah, it is strange. I have no idea why that tape would exist unless it was something that was used often.
  5. Still kicking myself for getting rid of an early Intellivision console that didn't have the little bump on the top edge of the controllers to hold the overlays in.
  6. I think they are quite hard to find and all but the Visicom one are PAL output. I'd love to find a Toshiba Visicom.
  7. Ah, I see what you mean. Must be a weird reflection. I had the color wheel out to compare it to the one I already have so I am certain it is not damaged.
  8. There is definitely NOT a chunk of the color wheel missing. The 3D Imager, color wheel and cartridge are all in excellent condition and work correctly. I also forgot to mention that both of these items were bought by Tektronix when they were developing some sort of 3D glasses of their own. No documentation to prove that though.
  9. Everything tested, working and in fantastic condition. Obviously the 3D Imager box is beat but the contents are excellent. Asking $550 + shipping for the 3D Imager, $100 + shipping for the Light Pen and cart. Shipping from Portland, Oregon.
  10. I acquired this from someone who worked for Tektronix, they bought it to help develop their own 3D glasses. I've never seen this GCE Q/A tape.
  11. Yes, the vast majority of them are worth less than $10 each. Some are worth hundreds though.
  12. I did end up finding that Studio II manual, I really need to update that list. Thank you for the info on the Cassette Vision carts.
  13. Wow, my kind of stuff! Nothing I need right now but great stuff and fair prices. Good luck. This list is kinda out of date but if you come across any of these things plese let me know. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/99715-y-bot-want-list/page__hl__+y#8208bot#entry1216995
  14. I agree with you. 4 of the ones on Ebay since October were mine. Not sure who else had/has extras.
  15. I'll try and get some pics tonight. From what I've read you need a system with upgraded memory to use it. The newsletters have plans for this I believe. Way over my head though.
  16. Lol, I had no intention of selling these Space Patrol games on Ebay when I became a "distributor" but when I had no luck selling them at PRGE and they were selling for over $100 on Ebay what am I supposed to do? I tried to work a few trades here but no dice.
  17. Have any been released since CGE last year? Every mention of this game since then has said more are coming soon and I haven't noticed any for sale at original retail. I had them for sale for $50 at PRGE in September and sold 0.
  18. eBay Auction -- Item Number: 161000962793 Ends tody and it's only at $76. I know a bunch of you are looking for a cheap copy to play so here you go.
  19. I have it and I think I mentioned it somewhere earlier in this epic thread!
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