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  1. I know a few people have posted saying they are having a hard time finding a working console. I have a nice spare console with a beat up box, tested and working, plus every cart boxed (missing two manuals.). I was asking $300 for the but I'm willing to separate or negotiate on the lot.
  2. Obviously $5 is a no brainer but it is very difficult to find the game cards for sale separately. You could probably sell the system for $50 or more if it is working depending on what it comes with. I don't think many of the people who have posted in this thread even know what you are talking about. They may be thinking of the Odyssey 2. I do have some spare parts myself but no extra game cards.
  3. Wow! A few years ago I got some help from a guy fixing a Space Invaders monitor and he still had a Commodore 64 on his workbench. I wanna say he used it for burning EPROMs or something like that.
  4. So it's the console that is PAL or NTSC not the cartridges? That's the way it is for Intellivision anyway.
  5. Yeah, I got that book for Christmas last year. I need about 1/3 of series 1 to have a complete, near mint set 1-15. Lots of rare variations that I still need though. Not collecting the new series. My only Transformer is a G1 Sunstreaker.
  6. My dad played softball against him once when I was a kid. I thought that was sooo cool. 10 years ago when I was looking for records by The Rats I got on their email list but never found the two records I don't have. I think they are expensive anyway so I probably wouldn't have bought them even if they did get them.
  7. Do you know about this place? http://www.discouragerecords.com/ I'm not sure how they do business now but they used to send out an email list weeklt or monthly with all their new stuff. I think they are the best source for Portland punk records. I saw The Cleavers play at a reuinion for the 10-29-79 record a few years back but I've never seen their record(s) in person.
  8. Someone else is going to know better than I. It's the newest version I think. Bought at CGE 2012 and I think only the ones sold there and after are shrinkwrapped.
  9. I've got most of them from 1-70 or so. I only like the original style ones, they changed at some point and made the spines colorful.
  10. It's mine FYI and I have one more. Got anything to trade? Garbage Pail Kids, Lego Classic Space sets, M.U.S.C.L.E. toys, Choose Your Own Adventure books, vintage .32 semi-auto pistols or ammo, punk records or of corse old video games.
  11. I just listed a sealed Space Patrol starting at a penny if anyone is interested in possibly getting one for less than the $150-$180 those others went for. Just to be clear I'm not "that guy" who buys a bunch of homebrew games to resell. I was given the opportunity to be a "distributer" at CGE and bought several of them. I tried to sell them at the last PRGE and I have two left.
  12. Wow, thanks for all the great info. Very interested if a multicart gets made. I have all the commercially produced Studio II carts plus some newsletters and a programming cart.
  13. I have no idea what's going on in this thread but I love Intellivision and Tron. I've had a Tron arcade game in my collection since the mid-90's.
  14. It's just silly keyword spamming like rare, oop, or [email protected]@k. In the early days of ebay lots more people used reserves so maybe it made sense back then.
  15. As a kid I had Safecracker and played it quite a bit. Pretty sure it was $1 brand new.
  16. The common Fisher-Price record player sells for $20 or so but the one with the external speakers is pretty rare. I've only seen it twice in 15 years of thrifting.
  17. I sold that F-P record player with speakers for $100 a few months ago.
  18. Please add me to the pre-order list. Thanks!
  19. I found 2 sealed early version consoles in the late 90's. I still have one of them and I traded the other to a friend. His got water damaged so he sold it. It turned up again later on ebay and the box had been thrown away but the console was shrink wrapped somehow. I haven't seen another like that.
  20. It says in the auction that they made a new account just for this auction to protect their privacy.
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