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  1. Also looking for a Congo Bongo manual if that helps anyone who is trying to make a deal for a box.
  2. Numbers are always good too. 7/10 for the first one. When I'm selling something I always try to take lots of pics and always mention any damage not easily noticeable in the pics.
  3. I would call the first one excellent. Very good when related to coins, trading cards, comics and other collectibles usually means pretty worn.
  4. I'm looking for the overlays if you end up buying a complete one and have extras.
  5. Thanks! It's the Original Collector's Edition from the early 80's which is a reissue of the original set. The 70's sets came in woodgrain boxes and are worth $$$.
  6. I don't have a "retro room" because my collection is spread throughout the house. My job is buying & selling vintage toys and other retro stuff. A few of my favorite things:
  7. http://bionic.wikia.com/wiki/Six_Million_Dollar_Man_(Critical_Assignment_Arms)
  8. I only ever ordered Intellivision games and out of maybe 10 orders all but one came from Texas. can't remember if it said it came from Tele-Games or not. One box definitely shipped to me from TZD. I may have even saved the label or box.
  9. LOL! I have removed the shrinkwrap and stuck it inside the box. Weird that it came shrinkwrapped.
  10. Oh right, I think I knew that. Weird that one box came from TZD.
  11. It looks like there was wear to the box under the shrinkwrap, a scuff on the front near the top and on a crease along one side. I didn't know when I opened it that the cartridge was supposed to come out from the bottom of the box. The inside part of the box is torn in a way that the cart was loose anyway. I ordered a bunch of games from Radio Shack including Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling. They were out of Spiker by the time I tried to order it. The boxes always come from Texas except once it came from Turbo Zone Direct. They had a website selling TurboGrafx games but never Intellivision. I emailed them with no response in the early 2000s.
  12. I was going to reply to the post in Ozma Wrs thread but instead decided to make a new topic. I got my Dig Dug mail order from Radio Shack in 1998 or so and it was shrinkwrapped. Still is actually, I just cut the plastic on the top. "NEW" sticker is on the box under the shrinkwrap. Not sure where those Radio Shack games came from but someone shrinkwrapped this one. Got lots of other INTV games from Radio Shack but I don't remember them being shrinkwrapped. One box came from Turbo Zone Direct but I have never seen any other info about them selling Intellivision games. Anyone else get some of those rare games from Radio Shack?
  13. Cool! I was wondering when they were going to answer the questions people submitted. I had no idea it would be a video response.
  14. Small update. I used the freon from a can of compressed air to cool the chip and it did indeed make it work correctly. I used a heat gun to get the heat sink off and it is a CRT-5037, not exactly the same one I thought it would be. Ordered on off Ebay, fingers crossed that it fixes the problem.
  15. Oh, and thank you for posting the pics. That diagnostic stuff is way over my head.
  16. I see that is the Computer III logic board like my KC that only displays a blank screen. My semi-working one is marked Computer II and totally different. The repair documents on the Papa Intellivison website only mention the Computer II logic board, weird.
  17. I bought this in 2009 as partially working. The previous owner said it was flakey but would play Intellivision carts. I have never been able to get it to do that. Displays a blank black screen when powered on, blank green with cartridge inserted. Chips on the logic board have been reseated, all connectors have been unplugged and plugged back in. No other repairs have been attempted. In excellent cosmetic condition. Missing warning sticker and some rubber feet (they appear to be the same as an Intellivision Master Component.) One corner of the keyboard has some corrosion on the bottom. I paid $1500 + shipping for this and a ratty boxed BASIC missing the cassette. I'm looking for a quick, easy sale or I will just stick it on Ebay later. Asking $1000 + shipping & insurance. Partial trade is okay but I need to come up with some cash for a vacation soon. A non-Paypal transaction is greatly preferred. A money order or credit card through my work would be best for me. My feedback: http://myworld.ebay.com/y-bot http://myworld.ebay.com/coin-corner/ A few things I am looking for: Original boxes for Championship Tennis, Hover Force, Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey, Spiker Super Pro Volleyball, Stadium Mud Buggies, Super Pro Decathlon, Thin Ice, Tower Of Doom and World Series Baseball, overlays for Fathom, Manual for Congo Bongo, Sears Hockey box and manual. Here's my want list from 2007 (some of this I am no longer looking for): http://www.atariage....t/#entry1216995
  18. Good idea. I was searching the internet yesterday and couldn't find a single picture of the insides of a KC or any info about the Computer II and Computer III logic boards.
  19. Yeah, I wouldn't use a heat gun. I've reflowed solder on a few connectors before on my arcade games.
  20. That is true. If the chip isn't crazy expensive it might be worth just to get an extra.
  21. Had some more time tonight so I tok apart the other KC I have. I think I may have reseated the chips before but I did it again today. No change, that one still displays a blank screen. Interesting thing is that the logic board is completely different. One is computer II and the other is computer III. The CRT controller chip appeared to be the same (the heatsink is covering the markings) so I swapped them. No change in behavior but with either chip the working KC display is fine for 30 seconds ore more when the machine is cold and then slowly starts freaking out. I don't have any of that cold spray stuff but it seems like some chio is malfunctioning when it gets warm. I cleaned the connectors on the back and my BASIC cart and now it works, woohoo! More pics:
  22. Frank, I met you briefly at the last CGE. My name is Toby and I was helping to test out that KC my friend Rick was selling that the tape got stuck in. Thanks for the help guys! I have another dead Keyboard Component so I may swap that CRT controller chip. Unfortunately it displays only a blank screen like this one did. I don't think I've had the logic board out so I don't know if it has that auxiliary board or not. I guess my next step is to tear that one apart.
  23. I acquired Keyboard Component #400357 from the estate of David P. Chandler "Papa Intellivision" at PRGE last year. It only displayed a black screen even after cleaning all the connectors. Today I opened up logic board shielding, removed and reseated every socketed chip. I broke the leg off of one chip but repaired it and the small auxilary board has what looks like burns marks on one of the sockets. The chip is not burned though so maybe it has already been replaced. I checked the continuity on all the legs of that chip. I also checked the +5V, +12V and -5V and all seem to be within spec. After reseating all the chips it is alive! The screen is freaking out a bit although sometimes it stays solid for 30 seconds or more. The commands work and I am able to pop open the cassette door. When I go in to cartridge mode it works perfectly, no screen problems at all. I tried my BASIC cart but plugged in to either port in the back it on displays a black screen. Anyone have any ideas? I have the little RF adapter thing and I know itis grounded to the logic board enclosure. How critical are those connections? What is that auxilary board? Link to the service manual: http://papaintellivi...docKeyboard.php Anyone have Frank Palazzolo's contact info? Here are some pics and videos:
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