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  1. Has this been discussed yet? I went to a shop called Beep in Akihabara today and was surprised to find this book.
  2. Not defending Mike here but over and over people keep saying that you could find out that Sean Robinson is a crook by "Googling" him. You can't. He has a common name and most of his fraud is hidden by user IDs on forums. Almighty arcade, seanhq,commodore whatever. Trust me I have spent way too much time Googling "Sean Robinson" and fraud, scam, Vancouver, Portland, etc.. You have to do some serious digging to find the dirt. Maybe this thread will come up in Google searches for his name now and save people some money and headaches.
  3. Again I have no connection to Mike Kennedy and I have no idea what he did or didn't know in this situation. Some people here are giving Sean Robinson way too much credit. He is not a hardware engineer at all. He is a con man. He knows what to tell people to convince them to give him money that's all. He is great at passing off other people's work as his own. I am very surprised he was able to snow Clay and Steve over several phone conversations in to thinking this was a project he could do. He has basic soldering skills at best. So believe whatever you want about Mike but please don't think that Mike is throwing a skilled engineer under the bus. Sean is neither skilled nor an engineer of any kind besides BS.
  4. Clay responded earlier in a post I didn't see until now saying basically that he doesn't know Sean.
  5. I highly doubt Sean Robinson knows Clay Cowgill more than casually. He also claimed to be a sniper in the Marines and in the band Lit before they were famous. HE may believe those things are true but that doesn't mean they are in the reality that most of us live in.
  6. i am one of the board members for Portland Retro Gaming Expo. PRGE is staying out of this as an organization. This is about my personal dealing with Sean Robinson. I have edited out the victims names. Here is a list that I presented to Sean before a meeting a group of us had with him: Video game store WEBSITE Took money from V for website and didn't finish the work. Recently took $500 more to get back their domain name. About $2000 total over several years. Quote from an email regarding Sean's banning from PRGE: "Sean just agreed if he was able to be a vendor he would pay V with a minimum percentage of 20% paid out on Sunday. Obviously the more I make, the more I can pay out." AGREED TO PAY THIS BACK AFTER PRGE, HAS NOT PAID TOBY WICKWIRE WEBSITE Took $150 trade merchandise from Toby for website that was never finished, missed deadline from written contract, many excuses over several months. NO REFUND RECEIVED COMMODORE FLYER CASE Commodore Flyer case project. Took pre-order money for project that was never finished. Refunded some money. Possibly the money from T. http://www.lemon64.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=40254&postdays=0&postorder=asc&start=375&sid=d46cc64946e8aedc613feaae5cc4a066 I believe Sean took money for a product that was never produced. He refunded to the people who complained the loudest but I have no doubt some people are still owed money. I didn't re-read the whole thread but if I remember correctly it sounded like he scammed the person to get a Commodore Flyer in the first place. Sent buyer(s) fake delivery confirmation numbers and an empty package. More info from K below. T NWC Took $2000 from T in March (the same time he was refunding money on Lemon64) for a 1990 Nintendo World Championship cartridge he was brokering for someone else. Offered an authentic Flintstones 2 NES cartridge as collateral and then asked C to make him a reproduction Flintstones 2 NES cartridge. Provided fake tracking numbers. PAID BACK ATARIAGE DEAL Owes $400 to some guy on AtariAge. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/150453-seanhq/page-4Sent him a fake delivery confirmation number. Toby has been in contact with nonner242 and has more details. More info below. STILL OWES MONEY AND A COMMODORE SX64 J Took $600 from J for an unfinished project 2 years ago. PAID BACK NEW PROBLEMS SINCE BANNING R Tried to pass off repro NES carts as original S V game - Seems like S was taking orders and money for the game and is stuck in the middle when Sean didn't deliver the game. He claims to have put "$$$ and his name" behind this and traded him games. Was supposed to be completed for PRGE 2013. Not completed as of 1/26/14. Sean used the fact that he "made" Jack and the Beanstalk for Atari 2600 to make this deal with S. http://atariage.com/forums/topic/194573-jack-and-the-beanstalk/ I don't know what exactly Sean had to do with this game but he did not program it. Delay on V game because Sean was copying another persons work. AS OF 1/31/14 SEAN OWES S $150. J Questioned Js non-profit status in a threatening way via email when he let Sean know that he is not welcome at J show. L friends/customers owed money MICROSOFT GARAGE SALE took $500 from someone, paid him back $100 at a show (not sure which) and claimed merchandise he was selling belonged to someone else. T and T know the details. B purchased non-working products at J 2012 and has not been resolved after several attempt by B to get his money back J owed money for a botched X-box repair J Bought a lot of non-working but complete Commodore computers from Sean off Craigslist. They were missing most of the valuable chips even though Sean assured him most were complete. Response from K: This is from "K" on the Lemon 64 forum. He gave me permission to share this story about his experience with Sean. I think that it is an example of a pattern of behavior that we have seen with other situations. I believe the cases never existed and Sean is simply a scammer. I found out far too late that many people in the CBM scene in Australia have also been ripped off by him over a long period of time with other non related sales. It took much effort to get the money back. He constantly made demands for information week after week, month after month, year after year. I provided this constantly. Eventually I researched his contact details and home address and published it on Lemon 64. He finally refunded my money in exchange for removing the post containing his contact details. The last straw was when he actually posted a box full of rubbish in the mail with the address deliberately miss labeled in the hopes it would get lost and then he could claim it wasn't his fault. However the mail system was good here and they delivered it to me eventually. I opened it and this is what was inside. http://shazam.zapto.org/igal/scammers-1/sean/ I had a bad feeling about it at the time and I now wish I had of videoed the opening of it. However weeks later he admitted via some screwed up story that it was a box of items his brother posted by mistake. (Most likely yet another lie). This whole experience was very disturbing for me. I wanted to experience the full retro fun of playing with a new modern item but in the old school style case. Almost as if CBM still existed and I had bought a new product from them. For this reason I waited over a year before trying the flyer for the first time as I wanted to do it right. Seeing it in it's case for the very first experience. After this I gave up on CBM for many months and concentrated on other platforms from my collection. Only recently was I convinced to return to CBM and finally tried the Flyer and set up a c128, 1571, & MPS-802 printer with the flyer. Sean is a terrible person and after talking with him on the phone many times I really question if he is even a sane person. I found his stories and lies could vary as often as two to three times in the same sentence. Dealing with this person to get your refund is going to be a big problem I am afraid. The best thing you could do is start a class action against him for the outstanding money plus expenses. Have a court order served on him and make him pay back those he has scammed for so long now. I wish you the best of luck with this and if I can be of any further assistance, just ask. Regards, K Here's my correspondence from n from AtariAge. I asked if Sean still owed him money: Lol...sure does. Money and a commodore sx. my cry fell on deaf ears when it happened. Kinda made me not want to do business with anyone since then. and what pisses me off more is that the only thing I got from him was non functional..my c128. And that was not cheap either. No what pisses me off more than that is going to his site for c64 user meetings and seeing all the money he spend for then and stuff and seeing my c64sx sitting on a table. Much hate for him..almost drove up there to meet him..lol didnt know he screwd others too.
  7. I am having trouble posting the long list I have. It may have to wait until this evening. Sean Robinson is "seanhq" on AA.
  8. Yes! I finally have a good reason to jump in on this train wreck. I don't know Mike K. besides briefly meeting him at some shows but boy do I know Sean Robinson! After reading Mike's story I would not be surprised if that is exactly how everything went down. Sean is a geuine old school con man. He scammed me and many of my friends. I have spent countless hours dealing with this bozo's nonsense. It will take some digging but I have a huge list of people he has scammed.
  9. 5 of us drove an RV to CGE from Portland a few years ago. You're not wrong about the smell.
  10. Looks like only Mission X has a different title screen. I think this is actually the first time I have plugged these in. Took some cleaning to get them going.
  11. If you want to stay at the few hotels that are within walking distance of the show I would book soon. If you don't mind being a few miles away you can probably book whenever. There have been big events going on at the same time as our show the past two years that have eaten up a lot of hotel rooms.
  12. Definitely October 22-23 and the arcade will be open on Friday the 21st.
  13. I'm one of the organizers of the show. We have that weekend saved just waiting to sign the contract and pay the deposit. It's not public knowledge yet, I'm just giving you guys a heads up.
  14. 90% sure it will be the weekend of October 22nd and the arcade will be open the second half of the day on Friday but not the vendor hall.
  15. I saw one and someone I know accidentally ran over one.
  16. My booth is next to AtariAge right when you walk in the door. http://retrogamingexpo.com/expo_floorplan.php
  17. Please introduce yourself if you see me (y-bot booth right at the front entrance.) I'm trying to work out a deal for a blue 1-player Computer Space and I have questions.
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