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  1. Please give him and negative and help get him off of Ebay so he doesn't ever buy anything from me. I've still only received 1 neutral and 1 negative on my personal account both from people who never paid me. I can't believe you made it so long. y-bot
  2. Adam just from the boards here I think around 10 units exist; Rick Marco K? Lee K Nathan Trade-N-Games wonder007 ? CPUWIZ CGE Museum (Hardie's?) Mine (currently on ebay) Anyone else I'm missing? Curt? Marc O? Jerry G? This one is NTSC not sure if both PAL & NTSC versions exist? I had one that was missing the electronics that I traded to Ianoid a few years ago. It was damaged in shipping and I don't know what happened after that. y-bot
  3. Did they sell any other Colecovision stuff? I saw some rpg board game they were selling and I looked at some of their stuff but I didn't see anything. y-bot
  4. I can't remember what the model II buttons look like but a long time ago I had a model I that was missing some springs under the buttons and it didn't work correctly. Your problem is probably more complex. Good luck. y-bot
  5. Sly Spy JAMMA horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=9589 asking $25 Black Tiger JAMMA horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7138 asking $50 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles JAMMA horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=10052 asking $50 My want list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...c=99715&hl= I'd also be willing to trade for a new or like-new w/box Nintendo Wii. Shipping is not included. The Supernova weighs about 30 lbs. and my zip code is 97202 if you want to estimate shipping. Thanks for taking a look. y-bot
  6. MAS Supernova JAMMA Supergun system. Play JAMMA arcade boards on your tv. In excellent condition and works great! I've never had any issues with it at all. More info from the manufacturer's website: http://www.massystems.com/SuperNOVA.html What they sell them for on Ebay: http://cgi.ebay.com/Ultimate-Jamma-PCB-Arc...1QQcmdZViewItem Pics of mine: Info from when I bought it (the games I got with it are gone) http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread...light=supernova asking $250 for the system. Ghosts n Goblins non-JAMMA w/JAMMA adapter horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7938 asking $125 for the PCB and the adapter (I paid $45 + shipping for the adapter from Arcadeshop) Captain America and the Avengers JAMMA horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7275 asking $35 Break Thru JAMMA horizontal game http://www.klov.com/game_detail.php?game_id=7213 asking $25
  7. Only in the Atari 2600 world can something become harder to get and cheaper at the same time. At the time I got mine I paid $280 for it and it was easier to get and people said it was a bargain. Now it is harder to get and cheaper. The paradoxical nature of this would make any economist scratch their heads. The range over this last year has still been high, but with the trend going downward. The people who really, really, really wanted it paid a high premium at first, and thus it had a perceived value attached to it. Now the perception is somewhat different and the market reflects that. The number of what might be considered serious Atari collectors is a rather finite pool after all. Rescue Terra I has still retained enough value that it isn't going for super cheap, or even got low enough to be attractive for flipping, and for that segment of Atari collectors it still has significant rarity and value. My sense is that Atari 2600 collectors don't bid on things they already have to keep the value artificially inflated (unlike a certain eBay bidder who disturbs the Atari Jaguar market by bidding on things he already has...come to think of it, there are a couple of Colecovision collectors like that, too). My only real concern with what some game is worth in terms of monetary value is for insurance purposes. I buy games to play first and foremost and then to collect one as a way of a part of history I find interesting and two as a way to live my dream of having a big Atari library. To tell you the truth if I had a relatively stable income I probably would not worry about it as well. They say everything is cyclical. At the moment almost every Atari 2600 collectible is on a downward turn as of late. Even super rare boxed games has gone down something which personally I never ever thought could happen has happened. I personally wish I had more money at the moment. It is a great time to buy games I don't have. It is just surprising though in 2007 where video games rank as a collectible. From what I have seen it ranks behind Baseball cards, Comics, Coins, Pez Despensers, Hot Wheels, Typewriters, Glass Bottles, Toys, Paintings, Sport Cars, Barbie Dolls, G.I. Joe Dolls, books, wines, pens, guns, Toasters, Radio Tubes, Vinyl Albums, Shoes, Purses, Watches, Cameras, Sports Cards. Freak the only thing that seems to be cheaper now adays is pogs. To tell you the truth I really can't fathom why this is the case. Rationally old video games like the Atari 2600 should get more respect. But the fact of the matter is they don't. It seems to me as this hobby gets older and older things become cheaper and cheaper. Many adults spent hours and hours as kids playing the Atari 2600 . From all perspectives the nostolgia factor should be huge. But the simple fact is that it is not. From what I can gather old video games especially the Atari 2600 is the most disrespected hobby that you can come across. There were over 26 million Atari 2600 systems that were sold. Yet we have less than 500 hard core collectors nationwide. No matter how many times I think about I just don't get it. I sell most of the kinds of collectibles you mentioned above for a living and I can tell that the trends are the same as video games. The rare or mint stuff is going up or staying the same and the medium rarity/average condition and below stuff is tanking. It's been pretty steady over the past couple of years. y-bot
  8. My box has a "win $5000 contest" sticker and offer sheet. I see that Atarimania has a picture of it but the scan on Atarige does not. I knew there was a find of these a few years ago. I'm curious how many have the sticker and if the ones from "the find" don't have it. Thanks again for pointing out the auction. This was never even on my want list until recently because it was out of my price range. y-bot
  9. It came today. What percentage of Rescue Terra I's have this contest offer? http://www.hevanet.com/ccorner/eeeee186.jpg y-bot
  10. Thanks for the tip homerwannabee, I'm crossing my fingers that it's nice. y-bot
  11. Wow, I almost bought that, but was never too into boxes. Did you try peeling the stickers off? I drove up to their store in Antioch Ca a few times in the past, it's a fun trip. Yeah, I got the sticker off without damaging the poster but it pissed me off that he misrepresented it. I think he had several of them at CGE. y-bot
  12. I've had a few bad experiences with them. I was buying several items from them and asked for a discount. When they sent me a price it sounded good so I said okay. I didn't realize until later they had edited my list of games and it wasn't a deal at all. "Boxed" means the cart, the box and nothing else. I bought a Vectrex 3D game and it had no color wheel or manual. At CGE I bought what was supposed to be an empty Atari 5200 Bounty Bob Strikes Back box & manual. Turns out it was for Commodore 64 'cus the disk was still in there! Well the box is the same but the manual/poster had a sticker on it with the C64 instructions. If you are going to buy from them just be really careful and don't expect more than exactly what is stated. y-bot
  13. Those will be mailed out Saturday. Sorry it took so long to get them finished No problem, I just wanted to make sure ours didn't get lost. y-bot
  14. Have you sent out the manuals to people who already bought it? My girlfriend bought 2 from you at NWCGE and we haven't received anything yet. Thanks, y-bot
  15. Here's the official website: http://www.burovormkrijgers.nl/ It's under misc. and the cost was 199 euro. That thing is really cool and will probably be selling for $$$ on the secondary market. y-bot
  16. I haven't seen any on Ebay but I paid $100 for one at CGE this summer and another sold here or on DP for $45 instantly. I think that was way to cheap. y-bot
  17. That sucks. Someone tried to do that to me the other day with a Space Invaders arcade game from Craigslist. It was $50 but when I contacted him he said he would hold it for anyone that offered more than $50 or trade for $150 worth of firewood. I ended up getting it for $50 cash but it was a hassle. y-bot
  18. I'm thinning down my VHS collection so I thought I'd offer these here. All of these are original, lots are former rentals, mixed condition so please ask if you are picky. Most of this top section are not available on DVD. Shipping is not included, I'm willing to send them via Media Mail or whatever you want. My slightly out of date video game want list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?s...c=99715&hl= MOVIES Band Of The Hand $3 Dudes $3 Hanger 18 $3 Pandemonium (big box) $20 War Party $3 TV Max Headroom: The Original Story $7 MTV: The Best Of Liquid Television $3 MUSIC Quiet Riot: Bang Thy Head (sealed) $10 SKATE Skateboard: The Movie That Defies Gravity! (clamshell) $5 Summer Session (clamshell) $15 CARTOON B.C. A Special Christmas $20 Beetlesjuice volume 2 $10 The Charmkins (big box w/clamshell inside) $5 The Flintstone Kids, Captain Caveman and Dino Too! $10 How The Flintstones Saved Christmas/A Jetsons Christmas Carol Jabberjaw $10 Jack O' Lantern/Tankee Doodle Lazer Tag Academy The Movie $5 Madballs: Gross Jokes volume 2 (cut up box) $5 Mighty Heroes (The Shrinker) (sealed) $5 Mister Magoo's Christmas Carol $3 Poochie Punky Brewster (Little Orphan Punky) $3 Punky Brewster (Punky Power) $3 The Raccoons On Ice/The Christmas Raccoons $3 Rainbow Brite (Peril In The Pits) $10 Rainbow Brite (Invasion of Rainbow Land) $10 Rainbox Brite (The Beginning Of Rainbow Land) $10 Rainbow Brite (The Beginning Of Rainbow Land Part 2) $10 Sabrina vols I-III $3 The Smurfs and the Magic Flute $10 Strawberry Shortcake (Pets On Parade) (big box with clamshell inside) Teen Wolf: All American Wolf $3 Thunderbirds 2086 (clamshell) $20 Tijuana Toads (Go For Croak) (clamshell) $10 Voltus 5 (cut up box) $10 The New Adventures Of Zorro (big box w/clamshell inside) $5 THESE ARE $1 EACH MOVIES After Hours Arachnophobia Being John Malkovich The Believers Blue Crush Bob Roberts The Brady Bunch Movie The Buddy Holly Story Dead Man Walking Def-Con 4 Delicatessen (no box) Dumb & Dumber Easy Money Election Eliminators Eversmile New Jersey Firefox (clamshell) First Blood Flash Gordon Conquers The Universe Friday The 13th Part V The Handmaids Tale Heartbeeps I'm Gonna Get You Sucka Krull SOLD Monty Python's And Now For Something Completely Different Monty Python's The Meaning Of Life My Cousin Vinny My Left Foot Nightmare On Elm Street Ninja Wars/Ninja Terminator 2-pack O.C. and Stiggs Philadelphia The Player The Pope Of Greenwich Village (big box) The Saint Of Fort Washington Sex, Lies, and Videotape Shag The Movie Shark Short Cuts Small Time Crooks Something Wild (cut up box) State Of Grace Stroker Ace (clamshell) Survival Zone (clamshell) Teachers Teen Wolf Too The Thin Red Line Tollbooth The 39 Steps Top Gun Track 29 Wayne's World Where Eagles Dare (big box) White Fire (clamshell) Wild Strawberries (big box) TV The Adventures of the Wilderness Family Beverly Hills 90210 (pilot) Buck Rogers (pilot I think) Buck Rogers (Space Rockers) Classic TV Toy Commercials TRADED Flash Gordon (tv episode starring Steve Holland) I Want My MTV Kolchak: The Night Stalker (The Spanish Moss Murders/Demon In Lace)(clamshell) The Outer Limits (The Galaxy Being) The Outer Limits (The Man WIth The Power) The Outer Limits (Nightmare) The Outer Limits (Specimen: Unknown) Saved By The Bell (vol. 6) Space: 1999 (vol. 1) Space: 1999 (vol. 3) Space: 1999 (vol. 4) The Twilight Zone (The Invaders/One For The Angels/The Eye Of The Beholder/The Lonely)(big box) MUSIC Duran Duran: Dancing On The Valentine CARTOONS The Adventures of Captain Future (big box w/clamshell inside) Alvin and the Chipmunks (School's Out For Summer) Archie (Children's Matinee Cassette #1)(clamshell) Astronut (Brother From Outer Space) Astronut (Oscar's Birthday Present) Astronut (Weather Magic) Beaky Buzzard and Friends Beauty and the Beast (The Classics) (clamshell box) Blackstar (big box w/clamshell inside) Davy Crockett on the Mississippi (clamshell) Deputy Dawg (The Fragrant Vagrant) Dungeons & Dragons (In Search Of The Dungeon Master) Fat Albert Easter Special The Flintstone Kids (Flintstone Fake Ache) Foghorn Leghorn The Gift of Winter (big box) Gumby's Fun Fling Hammerman (Winnie's Winner) He-Man and the MOTU vol. V TRADED He-Man and the MOTU vol. VI TRADED He-Man and the MOTU vol. VIII TRADED He-Man and the MOTU vol. X TRADED He-Man and the MOTU (Island Of Fear) TRADED Mad Scientist Mr. Magoo vol. 6 Muppet Babies SOLD Quick Draw McGraw She-Ra Princess Of Power volume 3 (clamshell) TRADED Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage Star Blazers volume 1 Star Blazers volume 3 Star Blazers volume 4 Star Blazers volume 5 Star Blazers volume 6 Star Blazers volume 7 Star Blazers volume 8 Star Blazers volume 9 Star Blazers volume 10 Star Blazers volume 11 Star Blazers volume 12 Star Blazers volume 18 Star Blazers volume 19 Star Blazers volume 20 Superman Super Mario Bros. Super Show (The Great BMX Race) SOLD Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (Cowabunga, Shredhead) Thunderbirds Ultraman II (clamshell) Wacky and Packy (clamshell) The Walt Disney Story (clamshell) Wizard Of Oz (animated, no box)
  19. I also ordered 100-200 games years ago when they were $.80 each and had no problems. y-bot
  20. I came across some pictures of Reebok Voltron shoes the other day. There's a set that comes with the Lions. y-bot
  21. It's 16mm and mine! The person who put it on youtube stole it from the Digital Press website I think. y-bot
  22. Here's a Dig Dug commercial that was shown in theaters: I own the original 16mm film this video was made from. y-bot
  23. I think in the future people are going to care more whether Atari 2600 games are sealed or not. Like homerwannabee said, sealed NES & SNES games can sell for several times what a mint unsealed copy sells for. I used to open everything I had including 2600 Berenstein Bears, Intellivision Body Slam Super Pro Wrestling, etc. but now I wish I hadn't. All of my games might at well be sealed anyway, I never have time to play them. y-bot
  24. So is #42 available at Barnes & Noble now? I think my girlfriend's in the CGE section. y-bot Got it today and we're both in it. Thanks for putting us in your article Mat! y-bot
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