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  1. Got mine today and it looks awesome. Yesterday I got my 5200 collection out of storage so I'll be checking it out soon. y-bot
  2. I use that paper tape all the time to repair old cardboard boxes. It works great but some kinds are stickier than others. y-bot
  3. Wow, that's awesome. I'm pretty sure all the Arcadian's are on ballyalley.com. Are you on the Yahoo group/email list? y-bot
  4. $2550 for a loose Adventurevision system with 3 loose carts y-bot
  5. I bought what was supposed to be the 5200 version at CGE but it was the Commodore 64 version and it had a sticker on the lower left corner of the instruction poster. I heated it up and took it off. I guess it's identical to the 5200 version now. y-bot
  6. Hard Off rules for cheap common stuff. Super Potato is a nice place to look around and there are some deals but most of their prices are high. I like Traders in Akihabara and Mandarake is Shibuya & Nakano. There's another store I don't the name of in Akihabara that is good too. They have the original boxes for cases of Game & Watches above their displays and it's on two floors several floors above street level. Last time I was there they had a bunch of rare stuff that wasn't for sale because the boss wasn't in but the time before I got a boxed Bandai Intellivision for $30. I mostly look for 1985 and older stuff for myself and cheap 80's/90's stuff to resell. Old stuff is hard to find in Tokyo. I thin most of it ends up on Yahoo. y-bot
  7. I have 0 Mustangs now but in the past I've had the following: 1992 GT dark green (bought new) 1989 LX hatchback black 1985 GT Convertible black 1985 1/2 SVO (400 something made) 1987 Saleen (200 something made, owned for less then 2 days before it was stolen and stripped) 1994 GT silver (bought new) Nothing since 1995 or so but if I ever get another it will probably be an '85 or '86 GT. y-bot
  8. Complete, it would probably sell for $500+. There's one in an Ebay Store now for $800. I passed up a loose one for $225 and I keep kicking myself. I have the box & manual already. y-bot
  9. That was a great price. We just sold one at my work in slightly better condition with the box inserts for $305. We had a Stop Thief from the same collection too. http://cgi.ebay.com/1981-Milton-Bradley-DA...1QQcmdZViewItem y-bot
  10. y-bot

    Box Protection?

    I've seen some for SNES and NES boxes. There probably manufactured for something else though. I'd like to find something like that for all my boxed games as well. Any place that makes things out of plastic could probably make some nice acrylic boxes but I'm sure they would be $5+. I'm looking for something like the ones decypher has pictured for around $1 or less. They must be out there somewhere. y-bot
  11. Frogger II shows up quite a bit and sells for pretty cheap actually! No ones grabbing McGrails because people don't want to pay that much for a game that goes for Aorund $40 I've seen some sealed Frogger II's around. Somebody must have found some. I had a hard time finding Death Star Battle and I can't remember what boxes I need at the moment. Not too many. I just need a nice loose Bounty Bob Strikes Back to go in the mint box I have. y-bot
  12. Here's a link to the $400 one: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=79050 I think that's a really good deal. I paid alot more for mine. y-bot
  13. The case is a Xonox double-ender for Atari 2600. The game is a custom or repro probably made by someone on these boards. y-bot
  14. It's not white - it is metal that my camera flash made appear like something white. If you look closely, you'll see some minor scratching on the metal in the lower left-hand corner. I can post a larger picture, or take another, if it is absolutely necessary for validation. It's a shield over the rom or prom or eprom or whatever's under there. y-bot
  15. From what I've read the label is no different from a production Atlantis cart so you should have no problem finding a donor cart with the correct variation label and removing it the way homerwannabee described if you want to replace it. In my opinion the condition of the label shouldn't matter on this particular cart at all. I think you were smart to take it apart. I have no opinion on the authenticity because I know nothing about what it should look like. y-bot
  16. I think I had Front Line with a Gemini label on the back once too. y-bot
  17. Isn't that Ultima games he pulls out the box ridiculously expensive? y-bot
  18. Do you think some people know more about where this game came from but are not saying because they don't want to lower the value? Doesn't someone claim to have lost the box? y-bot
  19. Umm, I'm the high bidder and I'm not really much of a dealer. I pretty much never buy stuff on Ebay to resell. It's totally not worth my time. I mostly bid on it to make it harder for someone to make a side deal. If I win (not likely), I'll be keeping Chase The Chuckwagon. The shipping charge is totally ridiculous. y-bot
  20. Why is the label such a big deal on this one? Are Imagic labels impossible to remove without damaging them? The label is the same as a reasonably common version of Atlantis, correct? y-bot
  21. I emailed the guy again and he responded this time. He's holding them until Monday for someone and he has a list of 20 or so other people who want them. Not sure where I am on that list. y-bot
  22. I never had any intention of collecting TI-99 stuff but somehow I have amassed quite a large accidental collection. I made this list for one person in particular so they get first shot but as soon as they get back to me the rest will be available. Some of the carts I have in quantity. my want list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99715 DP Feedback: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48004 Ebay feedback: http://stores.ebay.com/Y-BOT-CLASSIC-VIDEO-GAMES HARDWARE TI-99/4A computer w/box & docs or loose TI monitor Home Computer Remote Controller (joysticks) Speech Synthesizer Texas Instruments Program Recorder dust cover cassette cable dual cassette cable monitor cable CARTS Addition Addition and Subtraction 1 Addition and Subtraction 2 Adventure Alligator Mix Alpiner A-Maze-Ing The Attack Beginning Grammar Blackjack & Poker Blasto Burgertime Car Wars Chisholm Trail Decimals Disk Manager 2 Early Learning Fun Early Reading Editor/Assembler Football Hangman Household Budget Management Hunt The Wumpus Hustle Indoor Soccer Jawbreaker II Meteor Multiplication Mind Challenges Mini Memory Multiplication Multiplication 1 Munch Man Music Maker Number Magic Number Readiness Numeration 1 Numeration 2 Parsec Personal Record Keeping Reading Flight Reading Fun Securities Analysis Speech Editor Terminal Emulator II TI Extended BASIC TI Invaders Tombstone City Touch Typing Tutor Tunnels Of Doom Video Games 1 CASSETTES Sams TI-99/4A: 24 BASIC Programs w/book & folder Academy on Computers TI 99/4A Self-Tests Teach Yourself BASIC part one Teach Yourself BASIC part two MANUALS Alligator Mix Car Wars Dual Cassette Cable Early Learning Fun Football Fractional Numbers Hands-On TI-99/4A A Beginner's Manual (Academy On Computers) Hangman Household Budget Management Number Magic Parsec Personal Record Keeping Reading Fun Teach Yourself BASIC Tombstone City Video Modulator OTHER DOCUMENTS TI Home Cumputer Newsletter (not sure if this is the newsletter or an ad) TI Home Computer Program Library 1982 (28 pages, magazine size) CL738 catalog CL758 catalog CL716 catalog
  23. I haven't heard back from the guy which is what always happens to me when there are good deals on Craigslist. Why can't people delete the post when the stuff is gone? y-bot
  24. They aren't mine. Thanks or the tip. I emailed him but I'm sure they're gone already. Do you live near Portland? y-bot
  25. I think 3 different companies released it in S.A., Polyvox, JVP and one that escapes me right now. So are Dumbo and Snow White worth more? Is it the general consensus that those carts look legit? y-bot
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