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  1. And a hard time not getting the pics to show up sideways, lol.
  2. Here are a few pics. Had a really hard time getting this cart to work.
  3. Having trouble finding any info in this. Is it rare?
  4. For people looking for hotels I would recommend something on the MAX train line that is a bit away from the Oregon Convention Center. Everything there is pretty booked up and/or expensive. See you all in 2.5 weeks!
  5. Ahaha! I didn't think you were calling it a dick move. Totally serious about the sales/demo space. I have 10+ tables.
  6. If you have anything you want to demo or sell at PRGE I can make room on one of my tables for it. If you are worried about breaking some rule at PRGE I'm the one to ask. Signed, Toby PRGE organizer PRGE vendor The dick who sold Blix for $500
  7. Made you a few extra bucks anyway. Let me know if he high bidder doesn't come through.
  8. Thanks for the link I think I totally missed that thread.
  9. I don't think I knew that one sold. I don't watch eBay as hard as most of you guys.
  10. How much do you think my Blix will sell for? I honestly have no idea. Has one changed hands publicly?
  11. http://pages.ebay.com/link/?nav=item.view&alt=web&id=151796728398&globalID=EBAY-US
  12. Christmas Carol #2. I was at the PRGE booth diagonally across from DZ-Jay. I was at World of Atari '98, missed the next couple of CGE shows and then I've been to every one since the mid 2000s.
  13. I think I have #2 of Christmas Carol. I had a booth set up right across from them and got it whenever they first started selling them. It's the bug version, still sealed.
  14. Will trade Blix for an empty Spiker box, lol.
  15. I will of course be there helping run the show and with a massive booth.
  16. Very clever. Funny that so many others had the same experience. I asked for Atari and got Intellivision as well.
  17. Very cool. My family has owned a hobby and collectibles store since the 60s so we sold a lot of those soldiers when they were new.
  18. What kind of toy soldiers? I collected Star Wars stuff in the mid-90's but sold it all to buy video games. I have a nice boxed Death Star playset and an R2-D2 bop bag because those were childhood faves.
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