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  1. My Tomy Pyuuta collection. I've barely played it though. Too many games and too little time.
  2. I'm not a collector, so perhaps I'm the wrong one to comment, but it seems to me that a scale of 1-10 is too wide a margin. What's the difference between a 7 and an 8? For coins, they use a system of Brilliant - Uncirulated, Mint, Very Fine, Fine, Very Good, Good, etc. (It's been a while, but this is the gist of it). Not only is this more descriptive and would lend to more accurate results for collectors, but there are less than 10 categories and it seems to have served the coin collecting community well for quite a while. ~G Coins are graded from 1-70 poor-gem uncirculated. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Coin_grading Most other collectibles are graded 1-10 or 1-100 but peoples interpretation of the grading rules always vary. If I am grading video games I use mint (only if it is new and flawless), near mint or like new, excellent, very good, and poor. y-bot
  3. A lot of good points in this thread but I think what spacecadet said really nails it. I work in an antique and collectibles store that has been in business for 40+ years and selling on ebay since 1998. I have to explain to people everyday why there wheat pennies, 80's-90's comics, 80's-90's sports cards, beanie babies, National Geographic magazines, etc. aren't worth much. In general I think there is a trend towards the rarest/best condition items being ultra valuable and common-uncommon or lesser condition items being valueless. Trading cards, comics and action figures now all have grading services to authenticate and grade the condition of your item. Coin collectors have been doing this for 20+ years and the market is very established. These newer collectibles not so much. I can't believe how ebay has changed the way we buy thing. I get the whole collectible thing but tickets, vacations, coupons, other new items, it's still weird to me. In my opinion comics and cards died before ebay got popular. y-bot
  4. I don't know what it sold for but I'm pretty sure it is an original Coleco display. Someone had one at World Of Atari '98. y-bot
  5. Also clean out the insides of the controllers. Small peices of the flex circuit can flake off and cause short circuits. y-bot
  6. Well I must retort my comments on the PCB as at least the board is real. Why do you have to besmirch the character of Best Electronics? Why are there so many cynical people on this site lately? This is somewhat of a bone of contention with the prototype community, and it goes way far back even before AA existed. In the 90's Best electronics sold many "prototypes" that were without cases and had no covers on the EPROMs. Our best guess (no pun intended) is that Best found a stash of EPROM boards (very likely considering they bought up most of Atari's inventory), found a few prototype games (also likely considering), and decided to burn new copies of these games onto eproms, slap them onto the boards, and call them prototypes. Now here's where the real issue comes in. Are they really prototypes? Physically they're identical to real prototypes (although most real prototypes have eprom labels, but not all). However since they didn't come out of Atari's labs and were never burned for the purpose of testing, I say they're not. Now some people say it's all just semantics, but to hard core proto collectors, there is a difference. There's also the rumor that Best was behind all those Quadrun lab loaners with the fake labels that are floating around out there. I've never been able to prove that, but if they were that would be a major issue to me. Best does great things for the Atari community, and their service is top notch. I have nothing against them in any way shape or form (I buy from them regularly), but the prototype issue is somewhat of a sore subject with me. Tempest Where does Dukes Of Hazzard fit in to this? I have one that I bought from them a World of Atari '98. This has nothing to do with Best but has to do with my general question before about EPROMs. So maybe this doesn't exist but what if there was a cart that was common PAL but rare NTSC, had identical labels and was made with an EPROM. What's stopping someone with the knowledge and equipment from burning an NTSC file onto the original PAL EPROM? y-bot
  7. I already put it back together and I had to remove a sticker covering the screw. I don't want to destroy the sticker. y-bot
  8. So you think even the circuit board is a reproduction. Best Electronics has 1000s of old Atari parts. I've been meaning to make a post about reproductions in general and what kind of parts are used. Do you usually use old EPROMs? These are marked AMD 1980. Is there such a thing as new EPROMs that people use to reproduce old games? So for instance say some has some rare game or prototype that used an EPROM and it was damaged and someone reprogrammed it can you tell? Or if someone programmed a rare game on it how could you tell besides the cart label? I had some more questions but I can't think of them right now and I should probably get back to work. Thanks, y-bot
  9. circuit board pics: http://www.hevanet.com/ccorner/ggggg939.jpg http://www.hevanet.com/ccorner/ggggg940.jpg
  10. I bought one from Best. Here's a pic: http://www.hevanet.com/ccorner/ggggg938.jpg It looks exactly the same as the one pictured on this site. Is that the only one there is? Is Best making copies of one that was obtained from an Atari employee? Are they all old and manufactured in the 80's? Someone must know. Where are my 5200 experts? Thanks, y-bot
  11. I never knew the word for jealous, thanks for teaching me. What part of this (Watashi wa suki desu.) is "it" watashi=I and suki=like, correct? y-bot
  12. I think the ones that came from the Nintendo Disk Writer are all Nintendo Disks. Some games Like Super Mario Bros. 2 & Volleyball only take up one side of the disk so they almost always have something recorded on the other side. I think when you brought your games in to be re-recorded they gave you new stickers and a manual. There were probably unnoficial disk writing machines and I know some Disk Systems can be made to write disks. I've got some original disks for sale in the Marketplace Forum. y-bot
  13. Nope. If I remember right, the disks I have say "Super Dick" on them while the others don't have any printed words on them. They're all yellow disks. Really, Super Dick? That's funny. Here is some info about pirate Disk System games: http://www.atarihq.com/tsr/fds/disk.html y-bot
  14. There are a ton of bootleg disks. Some don't look legit at all and some look just like the Nintendo ones but they say "NJINTENDO" or something like that. Do your disks say "NINTENDO"? y-bot
  15. Honestly I've barely played it. I got it in May and I played it for 20 minutes or so just checking out what the games looked like and it's been in storage ever since. Someday I'll have time to play my games. y-bot
  16. Hey look! Just like everyone who visits Harajuku we took exactly the same picture. Here's a link to my Japan pics: http://blog.myspace.com/y_bot y-bot
  17. Hey! Yep I can finally play them all. I had some stuff that didn't work and I thought there was a compatibility issue but the consoles were just broken. Everything works on Channel 95/96. Now I just need some sort of PAL tv and 220v convertors so I can play my Creativision and Interton games. y-bot
  18. NES carts-all excellent: Darkman w/box-no manual, sleeve or foam $5 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Tournament Fighters-$30 SNES carts-mixed condition, ask if you're picky: Claymates $10 Hole In One Golf $2 Hurricanes $10 John Madden Football '93 $2 NBA Live 95 $2 NHL 95 $2 Starfox $7 Super Caesars Palace $2Super Star Wars $2 Swatkats $10 Tecmo Super NBA Basketball $2 Uniracers $7 Super Gameboy $5 1 SOLD Chrono Trigger-w/box & manual, no maps, box very good $70 The Legend Of Zelda A Link To The Past-w/box & manual (worn) $20 Magic Boy-w/box & manual, no maps, former rental $5 Nintendo 64 carts-all excellent: California Speed $4 FIFA Soccer 64 $5 NASCAR 99 $3 NFL Quarterback Club 98 $3 Triple Play 2000 $3 Gameboy/Color/Advance/DS carts-all excellent: Pokemon blue $10 Pokemon red $10 Sports Illustrated Championship Football & Baseball $2 Wave Race $3 WWF King Of The Ring $3 Gameshark Pro $3 Knockout Kings (GBC)-worn label $3 NBA Jam (GBC) $5 Metroid Prime Hunters First Hunt (DS) $8 Super Mario Bros. stamp collection-came out last year in Japan, mail-order only I believe, 2 sets are pictured and I think I have some of the brochures from when I ordered them somewhere. I have no idea what these are going for. I only found this Ebay auction: http://cgi.ebay.com/SUPER-MARIO-BROS-STAMP...1QQcmdZViewItem If you know if somewhere else they are for sale please let me know.
  19. NES Action Set-excellent+/near mint $100 Nintendo 64 w/memory expansion-excellent+/near mint, box very good, no documents $40 Nintendo 64-excellent, box very good, no styrofoam insert, no documents $30 Gameboy w/box-excellent+, box very good+, no Zelda game $20 Gameboy-excellent with battery cover $10 1 SOLD Octopus game & watch-excellent+ w/battery cover $45
  20. NEW STUFF IN THE NEXT FEW POSTS DOWN!!!! EVERYTHING IS TESTED AND WORKING UNLESS NOTED. Howdy ya'll! Thanks for talking a look at my for sale list. Shipping is not included. Quantity discounts are a possibility. My want list: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=99715 DP Feedback: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48004 Ebay feedback: http://stores.ebay.com/Y-BOT-CLASSIC-VIDEO-GAMES FAMICOM CARTS $2 EACH Shin Moero!! Pro Yakyuu (Baseball Loaded III) w/box & manual x2 1 SOLD NAMCOT Family Stadium x2 1 SOLD NINTENDO Baseball Tennis Famicom & Disk System boxes, manuals, inserts, etc. $1 each
  21. Isn't that cheaper than you could get a pc clone for in 1987? My parents bought some Radio Shack piece of crap around then and I'm sure it was way more than $500. y-bot Yeah but I don't think the $500 included the PC. I think it was only for the switch box thing. Tempest Well I don't know anything about that device besides what I read in the ad and it is confusing but it seems like it turns your TI-99 into a pc clone. Maybe there is more to it than what is pictured. I'm sure someone else knows the answer. Where are the TI-99 experts? y-bot
  22. Isn't that cheaper than you could get a pc clone for in 1987? My parents bought some Radio Shack piece of crap around then and I'm sure it was way more than $500. y-bot
  23. They've been coming down on ebay recently so it's not too bad of a place to buy them right now. There are services that bid for you an Yahoo Japan auctions but I've never used them. I've got friends in Japan for that. I got most of my stuff in Tokyo. I've been lucky enough to got there twice in the last two years. This guy is super nice and has some really great prices: http://www.japan-games.com/ I've got a bunch of Famicom stuff I'll be selling soon. Keep checking the Marketplace forum. y-bot
  24. They are great and it seems that some of the crazy-priced stuff has been lowered. y-bot
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