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  1. Tomy Pyuuta games Sega SG-1000 & SG-1000 II SG-1000 boxed carts SG-1000 loose carts SG-1000 boxed card games SG-1000 loose cards Gakken Compact Vision TV Boy
  2. Epoch Cassette Vision, Cassette Vision Jr. and gun for Big Sports 12 Cassette Vision Games Epoch Super Cassette Vision Epoch TV Vader (not working) Bandai Arcadia 2001 with all 4 Japan-only games Bandai Intellivision with Bandai game Tomy Pyuuta
  3. I took my Japanese games out of storage for a bit to play around with them and take some pics. Pretty much everything is from 1981-1986 besides some of the Disk System games. I haven't figured out where to draw the line on those. www.videogamecollectors.com doesn't seem to be working at the moment so I'll just post the pics here. Hope that's okay. square-button Famicom, Family BASIC keyboard, data recorder Twin Famicom, Famicom Disk System, card cleaner, Hudson holder thingy suitcase for carts, 3rd controller, what is this other thing? Super Mario Bros. 2 disk system carrying case, anyone seen this before? ovesized boxed games & pirate multicarts Nintendo brand carts third-party carts Disk System games
  4. Are there any Dig Dug commercials besides this one? http://www.gamespot.com/atari2600/puzzle/d...dXI1njSo5bgJuzY I have one on 16mm film that I bought years ago that I've never watched. I think the seller said it won a Clio award or maybe it was just nominated. Also I thought it had a military theme. I've always meant to have it transferred to some other format so I can watch it. I have a 16mm projector but I don't trust it enough to not ruin the film. Anyone here have equipment to transfer to dvd or digital video or whatever? Thanks, y-bot
  5. Nearly impossible to find with the hex disk. I've never seen one. I've had 20+ of the early style joysticks. Did they all have the hex duisk or was there a time when they still used that same joystick but left out the disk? Also I've found very few that work. y-bot I too have never owned a hex disk. I have had a several of the early joysticks but personally I don't care for them. Most of them have not worked. I know that Sirjesto doesn't have too many post. I personally have done a couple of deals with him and he is a great person to deal with. I'm really curious to find out what these sell for/have sold for. $20, $50, ??? I don't want to interfere with this sale but after it is sold I hope some people post what they think the value is. y-bot
  6. Nearly impossible to find with the hex disk. I've never seen one. I've had 20+ of the early style joysticks. Did they all have the hex duisk or was there a time when they still used that same joystick but left out the disk? Also I've found very few that work. y-bot
  7. If you have any in good condition from the early 70's they could be valuable. The year marked on the base does not mean it was produced then, just the first casting of that body-style. Any made before 1977 should have red lines on the wheels. Most cars made in the late 70's to now if they are out of tehe pacakge and in average condition are neary valueless. There are of course rare ones but they are about as hard to find as a rare Atari 2600 cart. If you want to post some pics I can take a look at what you have. y-bot
  8. y-bot


    The one that I have says Galaxian on the title screen. The label does not say Galaxian. Does it say "Galactic Invasion"? I'm pretty sure mine has a Galactic Invasion label and the title screen says Galaxian. I've never seen one with a Galaxian label. rick-if you have anything I want you are more than welcome to come and dig through my trade stuff at work anytime. It's real cold out there now. y-bot
  9. y-bot


    Rick-yes NTSC only Sean-is there a label that says "Galaxian"? I have a cart that the title screen says "Galaxian" I think. y-bot
  10. y-bot


    brand new want list! help me out please. y-bot
  11. I'm shipping from Portland, Oregon USA 97232 or 97027 if I'm at work. I usually ship USPS Priority Mail but I can send USPS Parcel Post or UPS. Thanks, y-bot
  12. Thanks for the praise guys! New stuff added. y-bot
  13. A2600 Albert atariman batari Bryan chadtower classics Coleco Kong Crazy Climber DarthCalvin diggs130 Dusk2600 FibroFreak78 FND joesmooth mrppv666 orrimarrko Phantom rustblackend seventh sage Shawn Sr. tempest TomBrazil usinoh whiskyriver
  14. Is this one the same one that Best Electronics sells for $49.95? http://www.atariage.com/software_page.html...wareLabelID=722 It's on the bottom of this page: http://www.best-electronics-ca.com/cx52_j.htm Was this manufactured by Atari or something Best makes now? Thanks, y-bot
  15. updated, all sold items removed, everything listed is still available. thanks! y-bot
  16. y-bot


    My reasonably up to date want list. My collection is in storage so I can't check right now but I think I picked up a few of things and forgot to delete them from the list. APF MP1000 game boxes and a few manuals ARCADIA 2001 Star Chess (1 overlay only) BALLY/ASTROCADE Bally BASIC Demo Blue Ram BASIC Galaxian w/Galaxian label (may not exist) ICBM Attack & controller Machine Language Manager ATARI 2600 Assault Asterix Bachelor Party Backgammon (Sears) Bogey Blaster Boing Bump N Jump (Telegames) Bumper Bash Cakewalk Cannon Man Cathouse/Philly Flasher Chase The Chuckwagon Chess (Sears) Chuck Norris Superkicks Chuck Norris Superkicks/Spike's Peak Color Bar Generator Condor Attack Custer's Revenge Death Trap Demolition Herby Dice Puzzle Escape From The Mindmaster (cassette) Espial Fatal Run The Official Frogger (cassette) Fun With Numbers Gas Hog Glacier Patrol Great Escape Halloween Ikari Warriors International Soccer (Telegames) Jungle Fever/Knight On The Town Klax Lockjaw Miner 2049er II Motocross Racer/Tomarc The Barbarian Motorodeo Mr. Do's Castle Music Machine Out Of Control Quadrun Quest For Quintana Roo (both) Rabbit Transit (cassette) River Patrol Road Runner Sea Hawk (Panda) Shuttle Orbiter Sir Lancelot Space Canyon Spacemaster X-7 Spike's Peak Springer Spy Hunter Stargunner Super Challenge Baseball (Telegames) Super Challenge Football (Telegames) Survival Island (cassette) Swords Of Saros (cassette) Tank Brigade Universal Chaos Video Jogger Video Reflex Wall Defender Xenophobe X-Man Z-Tack and all the $500+ carts everyone needs EPOCH CASSETTTE VISION Grand Champion Elevator Panic EPOCH SUPER CASSETTE VISION 15 Lune Van Darl no Hoshiuranai Milky Princess 16 Pop N Chase 18 Star Speeder 24 Dragon Slayer 25 Ranto Pro-Wres(tling) 26 Wai Wai Monster Land 27 Dragonball: Dragon Daihikkyou 28 Mappy 29 Sky Kid 30 Pole Position COLECOVISION Alcazar: Forgotten Fortress Alphabet Zoo Amazing Bumpman Aqquattack Artillery Duel Artillery Duel/Spike's Peak Boulder Dash Campaign '84 Cosmic Crisis (both) Dance Fantasy Evolution Fathom Flipper Slipper Frantic Freddy Gyruss H.E.R.O. Jukebox Jungle Hunt Kung Fu Superkicks Learning With Leeper Logic Levels Make-A-Face Memory Manor Motocross Racer (both) Motocross Racer/Tomarc The Barbarian Oil's Well One On One Basketball Q*Bert's Qubes Quest For Quintana Roo Robin Hood/Sir Lancelot Rolloverture Sammy Lightfoot Sector Alpha Sir Lancelot Skiing Slurpy Strike It Super Action Soccer Super Crossforce Super Sketch Tank Wars (both) Threshold Tomarc The Barbarian Tournament Tennis The Wizard Of Id's Math INTELLIVISION MATTEL Space Armada (red) World Series Major League Baseball INTELLIVISION INC. Armor Battle Shark Shark Triple Action Bowling Boxing Hockey Soccer Las Vegas Roulette Astrosmash Space Battle Reversi Math Fun Bump N Jump Buzz Bombers Loco-Motion Masters Of The Universe Mind Strike Mr Basic Meets Bits N Bytes Super Series Big League Baseball INTV Spiker Super Pro Volleyball (box only) DEMO 1982 international demo 1982/1983 demo ODYSSEY (1972) blue double-ender card ODYSSEY 2 Attack of the Timelord (box & manual only) Atlantis (box & manual only) Keyboard Creations (box & manual only) Killer Bees (box & manual only) Matchmaker/Buzzword/Logix (box & manual only) PT Barnums Acrobats (box & manual only) Turtles (box & manual only) RCA STUDIO II Bingo Demo cart Tester cart non-US stuff SEGA SG-1000 3 Nin Mahjong Ayoko Okamoto's Match Play Golf Bank Panic Bomb Jack Borderline C So Chack'n Pop Challenge Derby Champion Billiards Champion Boxing (card) Champion Golf (card) Champion Ski Champion Tennis Champion Kendou Flicky Girl's garden Golgo 13 Guzzler Hyper Sports James Bond 007 Mahjong N-Sub Orguss Othello Pachinko Pop Flamer Portrait of Roletta Safari Hunting Sega Galaga Shinnyushain TooruKun Space Armor Space Mountain Space Slalom Star Force (card) Star Jacker Suoer Tank The Black Onyx The Castle Tsumeshogi Wonder Boy Yamato VECTREX Animaction(box only) Art Master w/Light Pen (box only) Bedlam (box, overlay & manual only) Hyperchase (box, overlay & manual only) Melody Master (box only) Rip Off (box, overlay & manual only) Solarquest (box, overlay & manual only) Space War (box, overlay & manual only) Spinball (box only) Web Wars (box only)
  17. Looks like TI-99 and TRS-80 CoCo y-bot
  18. Atari 7800 All are complete and in excellent condition unless noted. $3 each unless noted. Ballblazer Choplifter(box worn, sticker tear) Fatal Run $25 Hat Trick Motor Psycho (missing manual) $20 Pole Position II (loose w/manual) $1 Winter Games (sealed) Xenophobe (empty box only, a few creases) $5 Xevious Colecovision Expansion Module #1 2600 adapter untested $10 Famicom w/original box, manual, ac adapter, rf switch (system is near mint, box is worn, tested & working) $45 HOLD Famicom Disk System w/RAM adapter (needs a new belt) $35 Shipping is NOT included. Thanks for looking. pics available here: http://www.atariage.com/forums/index.php?a...=0#entry1208387 y-bot Ebay feedback: http://feedback.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?...mp;userid=y-bot DP feedback: http://www.digitpress.com/forum/showthread.php?t=48004
  19. I bought it. I didn't know there was a problem with this seller until after I had already bid. I think what he did is totally shady and if I were in stlouisrams2004's shoes I'd be pissed. Sorry if I stepped on anyones shoes. I wouldn't have bid if I knew the whole story. y-bot
  20. PM sent about O2 Frogger. Thanks, y-bot
  21. I think I have an Asteroids book & record but that stuff is in storage right now. y-bot
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