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  1. Hey all, picked up an APF MP1000 a few months ago (half of the Imagination Machine) without a power supply. Does anyone know the polarity for it? The supply requirements are on the unit itself, but I don't want to pick up a replacement with the wrong polarity and blow it out.


    I finally got an original power supply the other day but before that I used an NES AC adapter and had no problems.



  2. Just wondering is anyone else here has some Famicom games and consoles like the Twin Famicom and or Disk Drive games? Like to hear some one who already has some and see how they play out. :D

    I have many Famicom and Famicom Disk games. Sadly my Famicom Disk Drive died and I'm not sure if I'll get another one soon. They're so fragile ! I was in Japan few weeks ago (I really wanted to buy a Twin Famicom). But they weren't cheap, even there. I'm planning to review more and more Famicom Disk games on my site (I have about 80 disks) so keep looking :)

    I personnaly love those games, especially DiskCards. The FDS was slightly different than the Famicom. Sound is for instance nicer, some aliens in the FDS version of Metroid make really weird and spooky noises. The cartridge versions just has 'bips' instead.


    So far living in NYC I got over 120 Famicom carts but no Disk games untill this year and Im going to get as many as I can I even got the Japanese Guide book Family Computer 1983-1994 it show a full complety list of Famicom games in Carts & Disk Games both in English and Japanese tests. Cuase even its 20 some years late well better late then never :D


    I got that book on my recent trip to Tokyo and I really like it. The funny English is pretty good too. Today I got the first of 4 boxes I sent back from Japan and there are some Disk System games in it. I think the one in the top two rows are all complete, some in the bottom row are not or have the wring disk. Here's a pic:





  3. Howdy!


    I've got some interesting (to me anyway) C64 stuff on Ebay. Most games are complete or sealed and all are starting at $4.99. Thanks for looking.






    Avalon Hill ANDROMEDA CONQUEST Commodore 64/PET/CBM C64

    Avalon Hill SI COMPUTER FOOTBALL STRATEGY Commodore 64

    Avalon Hill DRAW POKER Commodore PET/Apple II/Atari/TRS

    Avalon Hill MIDWAY CAMPAIGN Commodore PET 2001/Apple II

    Avalon Hill MOON PATROL Commodore 64, Atari 400/800


    Avalon Hill PLANET MINERS Commodore PET/Apple II/Atari

    Infocom BALLYHOO Commodore 64/128 SEALED NEW MINT C64

    Infocom CUTTHROATS Commodore 64/PLUS 4 SEALED NEW MINT


    Infocom SEASTALKER Commodore 64 Disk Game COMPLETE C64

    Infocom STATIONFALL Commodore 64/128 SEALED Planetfall

    Infocom SUSPECT Commodore 64/Plus 4 SEALED NEW MINT C64

    SSI QUESTRON Commodore 64 Disk Game Fantasy RPG

    SSI QUESTRON II Commodore 64 Disk Game Fantasy RPG 2

    Datasoft/EA DARK LORD Commodore 64 Disk Game RPG NEW

    Datasoft THE DALLAS QUEST Commodore 64 Disk Game

    Muse Software CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN Commodore 64 Game

    Main Street BEYOND CASTLE WOLFENSTEIN Commodore 64

    Hayden Software CRIME STOPPER Commodore 64 Disk Game

    Polarware THE CRIMSON CROWN Commodore 64 Disk Game NEW

    Domark NOT A PENNY MORE, NOT A PENNY LESS Commodore 64


    Screenplay THE INSTITUTE Commodore 64 Disk Game C64

    Origin Systems MOEBIUS Commodore 64 Disk Game RPG C64

    Parker Brothers MONTEZUMA'S REVENGE Commodore 64/Atari

    Cosmi NAVCOM 6 Commodore 64/128 Disk Game C64



    Penguin SWORD OF KADASH Commodore 64 RPG Disk Game C64

    CRL TERROR Commodore 64 Frankenstein,Dracula,Wolfman

    Origin WINDWALKER Commodore 64 Disk Game C64

  4. That's a fair price for a tested and working Twin Famicom. You can find one cheaper or one that's already in the US but chances are it doesn't work. They've come down in price from a few years ago because there are more Japanese sellers on Ebay. They used to go for $200-$250 but now they are more like $75-$150. $100 is as cheap as you'll find one for in a traditional game store in Japan. You might find one for less at a flea market, recycle shop or Hard Off's junk section but most likely it won't work. Lots of games are only available on the Disk System so it's worth getting if you're in to obscure games or if you want Mario to teach you how to knit a sweater.



  5. I've gotta visit Japan someday.


    To give you an idea how its better getting the Famicom or any Japanes games there in Japan then say ebay.


    Super Mario 2 USA Box - ebay cost $199 first bid!

    Super Mario 2 USA Box - getting from Japan (by a friend or by your self) $12.40!!


    Are you talking about Super Mario USA that comes in a pink box? That game usually sells on Ebay or in shops in Japan for about $10-$20 complete. Did the one with the $199 starting bid have a bid on it? I have a nice loose Twin Famicom and a boxed regular Disk System in my collection (both working) and a few more Disk Systems (boxed and loose) in the mail coming from Japan right now. Here's the thing about them though, they almost never work! The belt disintegrates/melts and turns into a pile of goo. Changing the belt isn't a big deal but most of the time that still doesn't fix them. The head has to be aligned and the motor speed needs to be adjusted. It's a huge pain in the ass. There's a guy on Ebay who sells belts, JF Goods or something like that. Someone mentioned taking pictures in Super Potato and Hard Off, that's usually a big no-no in Japan. Mandarake has signs all over the place in many languages saying photos are not allowed. Good luck with your Disk System stuff. I think it's worth the trouble to get a system working and find some disks that still have the correct games on them.



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