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  1. I have been collecting things since I was a kid. My family is in the antique and collectibles business. It's all I know. I love the hunt, the feeling of having "them all", having things nobody else has.
  2. Interested in a manual and whatever else gets printed please.
  3. I think I saw it on the I Am A Classic Gamer Facebook page. I still can't believe I won it with that kind of exposure.
  4. It's the comic and a packet of Kool-Aid in a zip loc bag with a sticker on it. Given out at some sort of electronics convention like CES back in the 80's.
  5. Got this off Ebay the other day for $29, I think ya'll are slippin'.
  6. Yes, I'll be there. I'm the vice president of PRGE so I kinda have to be there, lol. Also a vendor and I will be right inside the main entrance this year. PRGE craziness starts tomorrow for me. I have 9 arcade games in my dining room which will be picked up plus 6 pallets full of merchandise and PRGE freeplay stuff in the garage at my work. I'll be at the convention center 6:00 am to midnight Thursday-Sunday with a few breaks and most of Monday. Then on Tuesday I'm going to Disneyland!
  7. Please add me to the list of random people who may received a chance to buy one of these pre-production units. Thank you!
  8. If you have something on a cart that you want to show off at PRGE I can make room on one of my tables for a demo.
  9. Pre-Famicom stuff is pretty hard to find in Japan. I spent a lot of time looking in Tokyo and found very little. Mandarake, Super Potato and Friends (or something like that) were the best I found.
  10. Cmart I saved you a bunch of money. I would have bid you up on all that stuff but I needed to spend some time doing touristy stuff with my fiancé. You're welcome!
  11. A friend and I got this in a lot this weekend. Freaks out when you move quickly between selections otherwise seems the same as pics online. Thanks!
  12. Just skimmed through this whole post. Did you find somewhere to distribute the badges? If not, I can do it at my tiny section of the Portland Retro Gaming Expo booth.
  13. I'll be there Thursday night to Sunday I believe.
  14. My collection has mostly been in boxes/tubs in the past. First time it's been out like this in quite a few years.
  15. Japanese Tomy Pyuuta. Sold as the Tomy Tutor in the US, not sure about Europe. I got it at a flea market near Tokyo Disneyland in 2005 or 2006 with a bunch of boxed games for about $50. I had to carry it around all day and on an hour or so train ride but it was totally worth it.
  16. BBWW wanna feel even worse? That Keyboard Component came from the estate of David P Chandler and it's different inside from all the others I know about.
  17. Definetely more of a collector than a player but I may have room in the basement once I get things set up. I've got several Commodore 1702 monitors and two Samsung GXTVs I'd like to do something with. I had an idea to put 3-4 commodore monitors between the Ikea cube shelves but no time to do it right now.
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