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  1. Just bought a new house with my gf and we're getting our collections set up. Mostly done with the video game stuff I think for now. Working on books and classic space Lego sets next then the basement arcade.
  2. http://www.ebay.com/itm/151344434091?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649
  3. PM sent. Lowest number in the $75 range please
  4. http://www.ebay.com/sch/m.html?_ipg=50&_ssn=y-bot&_sop=1 [ebayseller]y-bot[/ebayseller] Time to let these collections go. I can never figure out how to make that tag work, sorry.
  5. I believe it! On the Portland Retro Gaming Expo site we have an arcade game submission form and we get tons of spam even with the captcha too. How does that even work? The forms are just filled out with garbage. I don't get it.
  6. I want one, lowest number possible please.
  7. Indiana Jones too. I have another friend that is there who just posted on Facebook.
  8. I ordered games from Radio Shack in 1997 I think and Spiker was already gone. I got Body Slam and Dig Dug that way. I need to chill out on buying stuff for a bit so I won't be bidding up any Spikers for a little while. In the process of buying a bigger house to store all my junk!
  9. Won that Ebay auction for Dracula overpays still looking for Fathom. There's a loose cart with overlays on Ebay but the seller is convinced that they need at least one overlay to play the game and will only sell me one, lol.
  10. Anyone have any spares? I know I had the Dracula overlays and I must of accidentally "upgraded" to a nicer box and got rid of them. Already watching the Dracula set on Ebay but I'd rather give someone her the money. Happy to pay $10 for a pair of Dracula overlays and $20 for a pair of Fathom overlays in nice shape. Thanks!
  11. And Doraemon, Dr Slump (sp?), Macross I think. I have them all.
  12. I think Intellivision is a brand of Atari 2600 games in Brazil. Pretty sure I've seen others too.
  13. Cool, hope you can make it. Portland Retro Gaming Expo will have a booth at CGE and I'll be there.
  14. Haha, you guys are funny. I think they are pretty rare. I've seen them posted a couple of times on a horror VHS Facebook page I follow. Some of the people on there also collect "classic" pornography on VHS.
  15. Anyone seen those VHS porn boxes that copied Imagic before?
  16. A couple of things I was waiting on have arrived. Updated list: NEEDED TO COMPLETE THE 125: Spiker Super Pro Volleyball (have cart and manual, will buy box or complete) Dracula (overlays only) Fathom (overlays only) Checkers (need 1 USA overlay only) Super Pro Decathlon ON THE WAY Venture ON THE WAY SEARS Frog Bog Hockey Sea Battle (manual only) Snafu MATTEL EARLY STYLE Las Vegas Roulette NBA Basketball Math Fun (need USA no "insert to" line cart only) MATTEL Math Fun (monochrome version, have Hong Kong cart) Checkers (monochrome version) Sharp Shot (need box and manual) Space Armada (red) Pinball INTELLIVISION INC. Armor Battle Shark Shark Triple Action Auto Racing Bowling Boxing Hockey Skiing Soccer Las Vegas Roulette Astrosmash Space Battle Reversi Math Fun Bump N Jump Buzz Bombers Loco-Motion Masters Of The Universe Mind Strike Mr Basic Meets Bits N Bytes Super Series Big League Baseball DEMO 1982 international demo 1982/1983 demo
  17. Going to all of those except VRGE. Also going to the NW Pinball & Arcade show in June and Cowlitz Gamer's for Kids next weekend.
  18. I have Sea Battle but not the other two. Not sure where I got my list from.
  19. Sold 4 minutes after you posted it, lol. I wonder if someone who was looking for it bought it or one of the ever present lurking flippers.
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