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  1. I have that document as well. No idea where. I got it though.
  2. Haha, small world. I figured you guys were on AtariAge. Glad you were able to add my spare Body Slam to your collection.
  3. Too Many Games is still happening right? NAVL meetings at the Digital Press store in NJ. Probably other stuff I don't know about or I am forgetting.
  4. I'll be there pretty much all day Thursday to Monday setting up, running my booth and tearing down. See you guys there!
  5. Thanks guys! Yes, I should be down to one keyboard component in a week and I should have a bunch of new stuff for my collection.
  6. I figured out the pinout myself. Here it is for future reference: looking at the power supply connector female end clockwise. First number is my number, last number is the number marked on the back of the plug where ther wires are connected. I think the power supply is functioning correctly but the plug may be worn or there is a wire broken. 1 white wire +5V marked "1" 2 red +12V marked "4" 3 black 12V ground marked "2" 4 not used marked "5" 5 blue 5V ground marked "3"
  7. I don't know what that upgrade thing is but that is in an Atari 520STfm that I was going to rob parts from. The one I fixed is a 520ST without an internal floppy. Now trying to figure out what's going on with this external floppy. I think the power supply is dead. Searching for the pinout now. Anyone have that? Atari part no. C0700091-014 power supply model 1103.
  8. There was already a clip on one of the chips. I had a 520STfm apart to start swapping stuff and it has a large PCB plugged in to one of those square sockets. That's when I realized they were socketed. Never seen anything like those before. I pulled the two, one clipped and one not, reseated and it worked. Not sure which one was the problem.
  9. Ha, I didn't realize the square chips were socketed. Pulled the both, reseated and now it works! I need a mouse and I need to figure out what's up with the disk drive power supply.
  10. Even without a disk drive hooked up it should display something different than this, correct? Any suggestions? I have a disk drive but I believe the power supply is dead. I don't want to put any time/money in to it if the computer has issues. Thanks!
  11. Mmmm, Pastini! Maybe I'll go there tonight.
  12. Is this Paul from Bally Alley? Same address that I sent you stuff to scan before?
  13. I have Tempests newsletters. One or two originals and the rest are photocopies and I also have the programming cartridge. I suck at scanning. I can send them to someone if they want to tackle it.
  14. Pretty sure every bit of info about Bingo is from Tempest's story. I have no doubt other people saw it but every mention of it ever points to this story. I think it was some sort of sample myself.
  15. A weird Intellivison thing from Brazil that is like the Aladdin Deck Enhancer for NES. You bought the adapter and then the games were cheaper I guess. Super rare.
  16. I think they are fine. There isn't really a bulge at the bottom like someone else was saying. They stand up about the same as an Intellivision box with no protector.
  17. http://videogameprotectors.com/store.html#!/~/category/id=4044163&offset=0&sort=normal
  18. Interesting joysticks they have paired with the Astrocade, never seen those before. I'd be happy to pay $200 for that lot if I could test the Astrocade and it was local to me. Seller seems like they would be hard to deal with.
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