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  1. Hi! I received mine today - lightning fast shipment!! ....and top-quality mylars - perfect! Greetings from germany, Jens.
  2. Hi! I´ve done this with 3 600XL cases and some 1064 cases maybe a year ago - it works perfect! One or two days in the sun on the roof and the cases look like new! Greetings from germany, Jens
  3. Hi! is there a similar product for the 600XL Keyboard somwhere? Greetings from germany, Jens.
  4. Hi, everybody! ....thats a long list of games - thank you all for your suggestions! So now i have a lot to play.... Greetings from germany, Jens.
  5. Hi everybody! Since I finally have a 576K ram extension built into my 600XL, I´m now looking for the best games that need more than 64K ram. Which games would you recommend? Greetings from germany, Jens.
  6. Hi! This is the only picture that i´ve found....must be ´84 Greetings from germany, Jens.
  7. Yes, it says "OK". I can`t remember if it was a privat person or a proper company, who did this. I just remember that i had to send my 600XL to them and it came back with the expansion built in. ....and it was not cheap. :-)
  8. Hi! I recived the 576K sram extension for the 600XL from Jürgen and installed it - it´s perfect! I had to take out the old 64K extension which I bought back in the days...maybe ´84 or 85´. Because I have not seen this kind of extension anywhere else yet, i will post some pictures of it. I hope, you like it.....oldschool. Greetings from germany, Jens.
  9. Hi! Did you use the right jumper settings? (Rev. D)....when I installed my first one into an 600XL i had the wrong settings and the colors were faded. Greetings, Jens.
  10. Hi! Great work! Thank you! ....and yes: I´m interested in the german versions :-) Greetings, Jens
  11. Hi everybody! I found this in lot of cartridges. Is it something special or just an common cartridge with a missing shell/cover? Greetings, Jens.
  12. Hi! Thank you for your answer! Could you please explain that to me in more detail? Maybe with some marks on the photo...Thank you!!! Greetings, Jens.
  13. Hi! I need some help installing the UAV into an 2600 AP / Rev.6. I can´t find anything in this thread - has anyone a good idea on this? Greetings, Jens.
  14. Hallo Jürgen! Ich nehme auch 2 ! Viele Grüße, Jens.
  15. Thank you - that´s it! Greetings, Jens.
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