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  1. Next week I'm dropping acid before I play. Either my scores will improve or - oh wow, man, have you ever really looked at your joystick before? Frontline: 3600
  2. One day I'm hoping we play a game I'm good at. Until then... Kaboom!: 296 Bowling: 151
  3. Yeah, I just don't get this game and I don't think I'm "Commandoing" right. I have a medal, but that's the medal you start with? I'm confused. Commando: 1 medal (?) / 6800
  4. The scores some of you are getting on Pressure Cooker are amazing. Listen, if you're looking for a job, I know a guy who would be very interested in putting your skills to use... RAY KROC WANTS YOU (to flip burgers for minimum wage)! I'm hoping to improve my scores before the deadline. Pressure Cooker: 32960 Oink!: 21564 Blueprint: 1475
  5. This is a great game, but my Solar Fox skills have badly deteriorated with age. If the Earth truly were counting on me to save it, we would all be doomed. Solar Fox: 26400 Old Man Solar Fox
  6. Gorf: 4200 No matter how infuriating Gorf is, I'm still fond of it after all these years and will play it any chance I have. I could write a book on the subject. In fact, I did write a book on the subject:
  7. To be more specific, it works for a while, then for some unknown reason stops moving to the right side of the screen. Sometimes you can't even move past the center of the screen. It might be a problem with the emulator, or with my mouse, or who knows what, but I've given up trying to make it work.
  8. I couldn't get this to work right in emulation. I set it up to use the mouse, but it keeps becoming unresponsive. Here's a score just for the sake of posting something. Super Breakout: 38 The only Breakout here is my stress rash from trying to play this in kat5200!
  9. I love this game, but I couldn't figure out how to get the controls working in emulation (I can't move UP or LEFT). So this round my score is Z.E.R.O..
  10. Tough track, but I'm hoping to improve. Maybe if I get myself some racing gloves and a crash helmet... Pole Position (qualifying lap): 59"47 Pole Position: 32700
  11. Oh well, there's always next week (vroom vroom)!
  12. I hope this is in before the deadline because I made a massive (for me, at least) improvement! You know what my secret was? I finally figured out what button to press to enable rapid fire (insert sound of palm smacking forehead here). Vanguard: 31640
  13. The Great Gond can rest easy for now; I couldn't even make it out of the Rainbow Zone. Vanguard: 6070
  14. Congratulations OldManG! Well played everybody, and thanks Vocelli! Favorite Game from Season 8: 1. Demon Attack 2. Robot Tank Most Surprising Game from Season 8: 1. Tac-Scan 2. Toyshop Trouble Worst Game from Season 8: 1. Roc 'N Rope 2. Gingerbread Man
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