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  1. Lot of loose NES carts which were tested years ago and have been sitting since. Each is in great condition unless noted. Sold as Lot. 50$ shipped to the lower 48. Postal Money order only please. It's been a few years but I do have refs. Yoshi Mad Max WF Wrestle: Mania Steel Cage Challenge Star Wars Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back Top Gun Mega Man 4 Kid Icarus Iron Tank (Name wrote in marker on back) Jackal Punchout Pro Wrestling Rush'n Attack Guerrilla War Excitebike Kung Fu Commando Operation Wolf Gun Smoke Target Renegade 1942 MT's Punch-Out Hogan's Alley Tiger-Heli P.O.W. Ikari Warriors Rad Racer TMNT Legend of Zelda (Gold) Good Label, Cart Condition 8 Adventure of Link (Gold) Good Label, Cart Condition 8 Game Genie Thanks Chris
  2. I only accept money orders. I only ship to the lower 48 states. Everything is tested and works. Thanks Atari 7800 Includes two 7800 joysticks, hook-ups, and the following games(carts only) Good condition unless noted. Winter Games Touchdown Football (Small label corner is torn) Tower Toppler Dark Chambers Mario Bros. Tomcat Carck'ed Food Fight (black +white label) Galaga (black + white label) Robotron:2084 (black + white label) Sold as Lot: 45$ Shipped Thanks Chris
  3. Bump......................................
  4. I only accept postal money orders and price does not include shipping. PM me your zip code and I can figure shipping costs. Games are mint in original box and sealed in plastic unless noted. All are in mint or near mint comdition: Donkey Kong Junior (Box has been opened but much of plastic wrap is still intact) Tower Toppler( Box has been opened but much of plastic wrap is still intact) Xevious (Box has been opened but much of plastic wrap is still intact) Following are Sealed in orignal plastic: Ms. Pac-Man Ballblazer Pole Position 2 BaseBall Asteroids Hat Trick One-On-One $25 for the whole lot! PM if you are interested Thanks Chris
  5. I am trying to sell several of my classic systems. Everything has been tested and works unless noted. Prices do not include shipping. You can PM me your zip code and I can let you know shipping cost. I only accept postal money orders. I can also e-mail pics. I will take 100$ for the whole lot...not including shipping. Items For Sale: NES Console (good condition), One Controller (decent), and One NES Advantage Controller (faded color) No wires or hook-ups 20$ Atari 2600 Woody Console (great condition), One JoyStick (orange paint faded away), All Hook-Ups with RF Switch 20$ Odyssey 2 Console with attached Controllers (good condition), All Hook-ups with RF Switch, Box (poor condition) Games inclcuded: Cart Only: (Good/Great Condition) BaseBall Pocket Billiards Alien Invaders-Plus Bowling/Basketball Cart, Box, and Manual (Boxes have clear tape on some of them, but otherwise good conditon and manuals are good too) Speedway/Spin-Out/Crypto-Logic Armored Encounter/Sub Chase Match-Maker/Logix/Buzzword Freedom Fighters K.C. Munchkin 35$ Atari 2600 Sears Video Arcade Console (great condition), Two Joysticks (one great, other has orange paint wear) Paddles (one doesn't work) Hook-Ups except no RF switch 30$ Atari 5200 2-Port Console (decent condition, scuffs n scrapes, small crack on compartment door in back not very noticeable), Two Controllers (Ones in good condition others rubber around joystick is torn and neither of them work correctly... for example on Pole Positon you can do everything except actually move forward...) All Hook-Ups except no RF Switch Games Inlcuded: Carts Only: Qix DigDug Pole Positon Super Breakout 20$ NES Carts Life Force (great conditon) 4$ Legend of Zelde (gold cart and in great condition) 8$ PM me if you have any questions or are interested in any of the items. Thanks, Chris
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