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  1. Loved Rick dangerous. The Schneider cpc 464 was my first home computer. But software for it was very difficult to get over where I lived. We bought the cpc464 because a friend of my had one. But his parents had a shop in Germany, so he had more access to titles, Since the 464 was more sold there then where I lived. Because of that, a lot of the games I had where type in games.
  2. The European homecomputer market was a very different thing. Even in a country you would have different dominant platforms. In the Netherland where i live the MSX was pretty dominant as was the c64. A friend of my lived near Amsterdam, in his region the zx-spectrum was more dominant, while i never did see a zx-spectrum anywhere near where i lived. Near Helmond where the Home Computer Museum is located, i heard from the owner that he grew up with the CoCo. A machine i also didn’t see where i live. And it is just a 30 minute drive from where i grew up. I had a cpc464, that was not a very popular system where i lived, but in Germany also a 30 min drive from my town it was a bigger system. So i think that because the home computer land was so diverse in Europe, ports where made with minimal efforts.
  3. Here is one of my cd-i players . It is the cd-i 470 model with dvc. Added it to my stereo set, at first to be used as a cd-player, since my set when i found it only came with the tuner, amplifier and dcc deck. Last week i added a dual cassette deck and cd player to replace the 470. As a cd player it is a bare bones player. On the player itself, you can only start and stop playing a cd. No track skipping since it only has 3 buttons. For track skipping you need a rc6 compatible remote control. I changed the cd pickup carrier since the player didn’t spin up the disc. And i already modded the timekeeper to accept a standard cr2032. The 470 is down at the bottom just above the dcc player.
  4. I like both controllers, but the genesis style is more comfortable in the hand. The joystick in the gravis style isn’t for me. Make controlling hard. love the mouse. Great for fmv games. I also have the trackbal, but that one is more for educational titles i think. Not so fast to control. I also have the roller controller but i haven’t tested it yet, and i do not know where i stored it. nice thing about the cd-i is due to the fact that Philips insisted that every title should be able to be controlled by whatever controller. So you can play racing games with the peacekeeper, and platform games with a mouse. Not that that will improve your gaming experience. It is also the downfall of the cd-i. Had Philips not insisted on the every controller has to work with every title, the gamepads could have been better implemented for tighter controls.
  5. I have a little tip. Maybe you could add a page to explain the items i circled in the picture. Or better the full layout of the page explained. Just to get people up to speed. In the front of the book just before the alphabet listing. Some i got after a few pages, like the green circle around the disc displaying the amount of space the game uses on the disc, and the logo’s in the bottom showing on what other systems the game is available. I know the logo’s but maybe for those not into logo’s it would be nice to add a list of logo’s and the system they represent. But i don’t know what the little icons mean that are shown at the trivia section. Found them in the back of the book. But it would be better to put this in front of the reviews. Other add-ons: make a list of peripherals one can expect. You mention cheats available, but you do not list them. Would be nice to included them, maybe as a addendum in the back of the book.
  6. The perks of living in the Netherlands near Eindhoven. A lot of Philips employees bought the cd-i pretty cheap. Every now or then they pop up in thrift stores for a few euro. But it is getting less common to find them.
  7. Just bought the book. Great looking. Going to be a nice read.
  8. The Dutch Homecomputer Museum in Helmond, should have nearly all official released games. From most released titles they kept one in Eindhoven. When they stopped, everything went to Dutch collector Jorg Kennis. He has now collaborated with the homecomputer museum to display it. Nice museum to visit when you are in the Netherlands. https://cdii.blogspot.com/2020/08/our-cd-i-exhibition-in-home-computer.html
  9. Love the CD-i. I own various Philips players, and most of the controllers. Nice thing about the lightgun, is the fact that it will work on modern lcd screens. It work like a wii-mote (or better said, the wiimote works the same as the cd-i lightgun).
  10. I also have a dom inside my 386.works great.
  11. Back in the day when the gus came out, i couldnt afford one but got two friends who did. One had a Gus classic the other one a Gus ace. Think he still has the Gus ace. I already told him not to get rid of the card because of its rarity. A few years ago I found 2 unknown green Gus clones. After years someone at vogons forum posted this about my card, (traded on for a sb awe32 with memory expanded and 2 voodoo2 12mb cards) User peklop wrote Little more info. I finaly found UltraWave specifications. In archived pages is not link from main product site, but still is hyperlink from different products, from ALS cards: page named 3D SOUND about True 3-D holographic sound with our RAM-BASED 16-bit multimedia wavetable synthesizer card http://web.archive.org/web/199701120501... -sound.htm Found older deleted Product page with only 3 ALS cards and 2 waveblasters but still with GUS: http://web.archive.org/web/199701120459... d&b-pd.htm d&b-pd.htm , d&b products Check new logo. J.J.L , again different company name? Image At main 1997 website is Ultra Wave deleted in prodct list. But when i go to any of six ALS based cards: http://web.archive.org/web/199706180654... 0wave.html Official specifications from website: ULTRA WAVE CARD True 3-D holographic sound with our RAM-BASED 16-bit multimedia wavetable synthesizer card * A Microsoft Windows Multimedia (MPC-II) sound card for music, multimedia and business applications. * RAM-based wavetable synthesis allows reproduction of an unlimited number of sounds with incredible accuracy. * It sounds far better than other low-priced cards; one of the easiest to install. * Support full-package drivers for Windows, DOS, utilities, lengthy demo programs, popular games and CD title. * A sound card for games, supporting Roland MT-32, Roland Sound Canvas, Adlib Sound Blaster and UltraSound games for the best. * A digital sound card capable of simultaneous recording and playback, with up to 32 simultaneous digital channels, full-mixing capabilities, and built-in interface IDE (ATAPI) CD-ROM drive. * Optional BIOS for LBA function to control IDE channel one (primary address) and channel two (secondary address), so even older mainboards can support HDD larger than 528MB. * Full 16-bit general MIDI patch set comprising 192 instruments and sound effect. * Full 16-bit CD quality sound and 16-bit DMA to transfer sound data for recording and playback. * 16-bit stereo playback and 8-bit recording up to 44.1 KHz. * 8/16-bit playback in all Windows 3.1 WAV formats (i.e., 8-bit, 16-bit, mono, stereo, 11025 Hz, 22050Hz, 44100 Hz, 48000Hz). * Software setup for DMA, IRQ and game ports; enhanced joystick speed and sensitivity. * Full MIDI IN/OUT capabilities. * Plays WAV, MID, RMI, MOD, SND, ULT, POP and other sound files. * True 3-D holographic sound.
  12. I hacked a a500 keyboard to use it as a keyboard for my cd32. It works great. I can connect it directly to the cd32. You need to recap some audio caps, since they come installed wrong at the factory. You could swap the floppy drive with a gotek drive for ease of use.
  13. Need to find me a cpc-464. We had a Schneider version as our first homecomputer. I did find a gx4000 a few years ago and bought a flash card for it. Love that system.
  14. I wouldnt turn down a system. I have a soft spot for the underdog/failed consoles. I really like my cd-I it has the biggest library of games after my 2600 collection. I love my gx4000, because our first home computer was the cpc464. Amiga cd32 love it. Videopac yes.
  15. I never got the ace, but i always wanted one. Had a friend that bought the ace to put it alongside his sb16. Like you said best of both worlds.
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